Izolda Trakhtenberg: The Fiddlers Talisman Fairy Godmother Diaries #1 Fairy Godmother Diaries #1 first edition

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S getting assigned to do airy godmother like things goes with the territory This tale involves Songbottom s trials and tribulations as she tries to smooth things out with the very pissed off violin prodigy Joanna Brennan It s an age old tale Joanna caught her boyfriend with her ro. Of Jameson and a bad attitude to handleJoanna Brennan a violin prodigy with a magical edge Joanna caught her boyfriend playing hide the salami with her Juilliard roommate Now her heartbrea.

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Hated to see it end Can t wait or the next in the series Izolda Trakhtenberg can make anything sound so gosh darn reasonable Modern day Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, fairy godmother Eva Songbottom s idea of a great evening is to throw back aew whiskies and hit the late show at the multiplex But she s alway. Evie Songbottom isn't your childhood Fairy Godmother She prefers whiskey to glitter causing trouble to behaving appropriately and movies to just about anything But she'll need than a bottle.

Ommate But Joanna has her own magical edge and unless Eva You Are Not A Gadget figures out what to do and uick Joanna s college heartbreak might just be end of the world No really Trakhtenberg clearly hasun playing with the contrast between the everyday and the magical and her enjoyment is infectious. K is spilling over into the world of magic with possibly deadly resultsCan Evie save Joanna and the world and still Sanctuary find time to win a big piano competition and explore aorbidden new love.

Born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union Izolda grew up steeped in the rich musical and magical heritage of Eastern Europe After her family immigrated to the USA they settled in Michigan where she graduated from the University of Michigan with an English degreeShe worked for the National Geographic Society's Educational Media division and as an environmental educator at NASA She still somet