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Shore sans Snooky and The Situation capitalism segregation Puritanism racial issues religion Stephen Crane literature Asbury Park urban renewal municipal government political corruption Bruce Springsteen or the tragedy and vacuousness of American values and hope I d highly recommend this book Asbury Park was my main haunt while I lived in New Jersey The first time I drove through Asbury Park it was just surreal The rusted unfinished skeleton of a highrise condo loomed out of an erie fog rolling in off the ocean The place was a mess the decaying remains of a Victorian ra amusement park and resort townI loved it It was full of broken dreams and bad deals It reminded me of Cleveland. Murder trials; the birth of Mob control; and a devastating mid century race riot merges a universal story of one small town's fortunes Told with grace and full of fascinating detail Daniel Wolff's tour across thirteen decades of the Fourth of July in Asbury Park captures all the allure and heartbreak of the American dream reduced to blight and decay with gentrification as the one hope for a return to its glory days.

Elouent and depressing about a city that has captured my imagination Slightly dry than I would prefer but overall fascinating and thoroughly researched Fascinating info on a place I visited often Adds a different perspective on Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard events I saw from way outside Very insightful Growing up in an area inconomic physical and social decline you gotta get out while you re young I loved this book great weaving of local Jersey shore history music history and social history This is an interesting read about the history of Asbury Park how it came to be and it s slow and steady collapse There are some definite oddities to the town yet it also sounds like many other boomtowns across the USA. The story of the boardwalk town Bruce Springsteen made famous and a uintessential portrait of small town American democracyWhen Bruce Springsteen called his first album Greetings from Asbury Park he introduced a generation of fans to a fallen seaside resort town that came to represent working class American life But behind this archetypal small town landscape lies a complicated pastStarting with the town's founding

Excellent book by historian Daniel Wolff which uses the 4th of July date to frame several points in the civic and musical history of this famous city by the shore Two minor shortcomings parts of the book are a little dense with detail and the history The Matriarchs (The Family ends at 2005 the book was written in 2009 I would like to see an updated paperback version that takes in Asbury Park s current revival Solid history of the former and returning Resort town Covers a lot of its beginnings the racial tensions and the hope that wouldventually bring a new life to the town Also clearly written by a fan of Bruce Springsteen s Check out my review at If you have an interest in history music the New Jersey. S a religious promised land music journalist and poet Daniel Wolff plots a course through 130 years of ntwined social and musical history touching on John Philip Sousa Count Basie Frank Sinatra and Frankie Lymon on the way to the town Bruce was born to run from Out of the details of local history the boardwalk in the Gilded Age; the celebrities who passed through from Stephen Crane to Martin Luther King; sensational.

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