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I really enjoyed this Harleuin It was my first Medical Harleuin and I had no roblem with the medical roblems shown unlike the Presents I read by this author that had too many details of needles and medicinesI liked the heroine a lot she was a doctor who spent her time helping women in need Gemma had created a medical station for refugees from Somalia in her home country of Austrailia she tried to help the women give birth safely while still respecting their beliefs and customs The hero wants her to come to his country and help women from nomad tribes by creating a medical system that worked for them Gemma accepts his offer because she is eager for a new challenge and wants to see of the worldGemma and Yusef have an instant attraction to each other but know that. Sheikh Surgeon Royal BrideAs a owerful ruler Sheikh Yusef Akkedi is certain his kingdom will benefit from Doctor Gemma Murray's renowned approach to medicine As a single father he's amazed by th.

Nothing can come of it because Yusef is new to his ruling Rant postition and an affair with a foreign woman would causeroblems However the chemistry between the two is very hot and they have trouble staying away from each other I enjoyed this Harleuin because both the main characters were good Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM people who were actually nice to each other I admired the way the heroine was respectful of othereople s beliefs and didn t think her way was the best way as we see to often in some of these stories The story was interesting and the romance was satifying and sweet This was uick read and a little rushed because of that A few assages were a bit clunky Overall though I enjoyed this one and thought the romance was sweet The characters are given just enough background to flesh th. E immediate connection between Gemma and his tiny daughter And as a red blooded man he can't resist her deliciously tempting beautyGemma has fallen head over heels for the desert King and his lit.

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Em out and to understand their motives and choices There is nothing articularly uniue to this story and no great surprises if you have read other sheikhmedical romances What I like is that both the H and h are kind compassionate eople doing the best they can to help others through their medical knowledge and openness to other ways of life It is that drive in them both that causes the minor conflicts in their relationship and not silly miscommunications or rash immaturity that gets so old in many romance novels There is a conflict scene caused by cultural difference which is to be expected I can see this book becoming a comfort reread late one night when I don t want to start something new I don t think it is one of Webber s best books but it was still a good read. Tle girl But Yusef isn't offering marriage and Gemma has no desire to be simply his royal bed mate Can this guarded Sheikh ever open his heart enough to ask the one uestion Gemma most wants to he.

Meredith Webber is the author of over 50 contemporary romance novels Many of her novels have been published as part of Mills and Boon's Medical Romance line of category romances Her novels have been translated into dozens of languages including IcelandicBefore becoming a writer Webber worked as a teacher a travel agent a pig farmer and the coordinator of a respite care service In 1992 sh