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I enjoyed meeting Roger aka Gill at the Festival of Romance and I enjoyed the setting of this book Unfortunately I spent a ot of time getting cross with the medical details The main premise of the hero s re. A single mum's happy ever after Moving to the Derbyshire countryside is the new start midwife Zoe Hilton has The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife longed for She can finally put her past behind her and create a cosy home with her preciousittle son Ja.

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In this one again I read this on the KindleThis was a nice romance while it a Medical one you didn t get much medical but mentions in the storyif you Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback like a nice easy read this is one that comes under that. S enforced new role as a country GP She and her adorable son uickly break down this pensive doctor's defences and open Connor's heart toove once But he'll need to go down on one knee to make Zoe's dreams come tru.

Luctance to form a relationship doesn t fit with the diagnostic background Plus some of the other minor details of medical procedures were oversimplified in my opinion On the other hand there is rock climbing. Mie But Zoe's enigmatic and sexy new boss Dr Connor Maitland throws her plans into disarray Ex surgeon Connor thinks he is an expert at hiding his emotions but compassionate Zoe can see that he's struggling with hi.

Gill Sanderson is really Roger Sanderson an ex college lecturer who used to teach English Literature on weekdays and mountaineering at weekends He was a Committee member of the RNA for many years and still helps with the organisation of the annual Conference He wrote the scripts for over eighty Commando Comics before starting to write Medical Romance for Harleuin Mills & Boon Background mater