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Therapy to resolve It does the characters and the underlying point of all the books about the damage that exists in society a fundamental disservice to pretend that everything can be resolved by just not being bitter and focusing on the happy Grim and gritty Glasgow hard drinking down and outers ind of the opposite of Scott s Scotland Denise Mina s books concern sexual abuse and gender politics and avoid the usual formulas of the police procedural instead they re told from the point of view of women and victims In this trilogy the central character Maureen O Donnell reuires effort sometimes to like but is hard to resist she s an alky she makes crap decisions and she s no romantic yet she s brave loyal and pissed off at injustice Start with Garnet Hill then Exile though since there is a dramatic arc to the trilogy Whether reading this novel was enhanced by being in Glasgow at the time or whether being better able to picture places described in the book that I was in helped my enjoyment of my visit to the city I m not completely sure but it was welcome synergy I have read enjoyed and. O the seamier precincts of Glasgow and the untidy world of the hapless but resolute Maureen O'Donnell Maureen's abusive father has shown up again in Glasgow; and Angus Farrell the psychologist who so gruesomely murdered her therapist boyfriend is going on trial with Maureen as the star witness Meanwhile she's embroiled in another hard bitten family's feud when.

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Admired many of Denise Mina s books including the preceding two in this trilogy so I guess there was a high bar set to me however this fell very slightly below the level which others of the author s have reachedI suspect this was a conseuence of wantingneeding to tie up loose ends from the preceding two books All the powerful characterisation the evocative description the wit and intelligence was there as usual but for me I found the denouement slightly inconceivable It was if four fifths of the book was the taught tense building chaotic and dour slightly stumbling narrative I have come to enjoy from this author and the final few chapters saw everything work out in a manner which seemed a little at odds with how messy the lives of the characters had appeared for the majority of the bookNevertheless still one of my favourite authors and still a high uality and compelling read An excellent conclusion to the Garnethill trilogy Some of the best writing I have come across in crime fiction The plots were believable the characters almost too real and the Glasgow setting endlessly fascinating. Ella McGee an elderly stallholder at the flea market where Maureen sells illegally imported cigarettes decides to take her son to small claims court over unpaid wages and then turns up beaten brutally in Albert Hospital Violence hovers in the most familiar precincts of Maureen's Garnethill and Denise Mina once again proves herself to be an award winning write.

A superb series full of strong believable women all of whom are survivors and not victims Mina was not joking around when she entitled this one Resolution Want Mauri to address and resolve her personal issues Done Want her to take on an only tangentially related murder mystery and thereby aid all sorts of anonymous but oppressed women No problem Think her family needs to get its act together Sure thing Been worrying about justice for Pauline Don t worry no How about Siobhan Solved It s a wonder what a few support groups the love of a good man and gardening can do for the psycheIn all seriousness I think this was the best written book of the trilogy the plot moved along uickly and Mina covered the material of the previous two books a bit skillfully than she had introduced it in the last one Even all the resolutions felt really great at first It wasn t until about half an hour after I closed the book that I started to feel a little cheapened by it all these are some seriously disturbed characters and they are disturbed for many good reasons that imho would reuire extensive and prolonged. Blending suspense compassion raw instinct and grim wit Denise Mina's Resolution completes her compelling Garnethill trilogy which includes two New York Times Book Review Notable Books of the Year that Val McDermid author of A Place of Execution calls head and shoulders above much of contemporary crime fiction In her gripping new crime novel Mina returns once

Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in 1966 Because of her father's job as an Engineer the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs including working in a meat factory as a bar maid kitchen porter and cookEventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patientsAt twenty one sh