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Excellent collection of essays written by Orson Scott Card the Science Fiction writer Two essays in particular I found to be very excellent one about his perspective as a Fiction Writer on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the other an essay about his views on portraying evil in fictionBefore I read this book I wasn t sure how devout a Mormon he was It s obvious from these essays that he is uite devout I found myself again again agreeing with his positions that he put forth in the essays He s uite persuasive He I think alike on many issuesI highly recommend this collection of essays It really helps you understand where he s coming from helped me understand his fictional works better Lots of great insights on art and faith but some essays were certainly better or relevant than others I particularly enjoyed Card s treatment of the Book of Mormon from the perspective of a science fiction writer he shared many ideas there that I had never considered but which lend the scriptures an added level of depth for me Award winning science fiction writer Orson Scott Card candidly admits that he is no scholar and that his role in the Church gives him no special claim to inspiration for the body of the Saints And yet in A Storyteller in Zion Card uses his uniue perspective as a storyteller to provide readers with a priceless collection of insights and wisdom defining and strengthening the community of Saints as they seek to build ZionBroad in scope and deeply relevant to all Latter day Saints this volume includes speeches and essays on such topics as the complexity and internal integrity of the Book of Mormon as a story the importance of moral storytelling the role of th.

Really liked this book for several reasons I wish I had time tonight to go into detail about this book but I am just too tired I found this author s ideas fascinating and his viewpoint refreshing I don t always agree with his statements but love to think about them and decide how I do feel He makes me think I agree with a lot of his thinking but I probably am inclined to be to the right and mainstream as far as church teachings are concerned However I think he calls us on the carpet so to speak on all the things we may do as a group I liked his thinking enough to want to read some of his novels especially the series beginning with Ender s Game Read this during my I just read the Ender uartet and so will read everything Mr Card ever writes or has written because he s a hell of an author and obviously a hell of a guy otherwise how could he voice an infinitely compassionate and wise character like Ender phase Shortly followed by my Hey wait a minute his political views and stances on issues in the real world are totally E artist in Mormon society and the importance of creating Zion first in the hearts of the Latter day Saints and then in their communities Fundamental to all his writings is Card's belief that LDS storytellers artists and other members must learn to put the Lord first and avoid the temptation to become assimilationists who long to reconcile the world and the Church by changing the Church to fit the world Instead Card argues as the Saints begin to establish Zion among themselves the good people of the world will be drawn to assimilate with them and accept the laws of the LordThere's a chance writes Card regarding his hopes for this book that when I speak th.

N opposition to what comes across in his fiction my god how could this be oh it s almost certainly because he was raised in a loving family and welcoming community that also happened to be batshit crazy when it comes to sexual orientation among other things and as a closeted and highly intelligent gay man growing up recognizing the benefits of maintaining his place in his family and community and the conseuences of not doing so got all screwed up in the head but sanity leaks out into the best of his literature and defending himself against accusations from within that community screwed him up even further too bad the poor guy except it s hard to be too sympathetic when he eeps coming up with essays like many in this book phase Almost immediately transformed into my But how can he live with himself phase which continues to this day in a larger scope of How can Kevin live with Kevin s self when to paraphrase Douglas Adams Kevin is any given entity who don t now nothing about nothing so to speakI have complicated phases. E truth I've learned in my limited experience there will be readers who have been waiting to hear it in the way I've learned to say it All such readers will find a wealth of important edifying insights in A Storyteller in ZionThe coming of the nonmembers The Book of Mormon artifact or artifice Sunday meetings a preparation for work Family art The problem of evil in fiction On art morals and morality Art as an act of charity Sermons in critical form Walking the tightrope Prophets and assimilationists Science fiction and the Mormon religion Consecration a law we can live with Eugene England and the lighted lamp The hypocrites of homosexuality Living in Zion.

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