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I was spurred to read this by The Voice That Thunders Garner put his heart and soul nto this novel It draws on his eternal themes of loops of time myth The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies identity spirituality butt s much harder work for the reader than his nominally children s books There s no hand holding by the author you are left to figure out for yourself what the Aborigines are doingIt s not a long book but I got a bit bogged down on the Aboriginal section which started to feel too worthy and Noble Savage like But The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop it was redeemed by the final section when William returns home and blends his two worlds The real William Buckley didn t do this butt makes perfect sense Sweet Liberty in the novel Perhaps the endings too neat but Smack it s beautifully and poignantly executed Hesitating between three and four stars I ended up with four but three and a half would be accurate It reminded me a little bit of Riddley Walker exceptt s not nearly as good This books showcases Garner s fascination with language with the ncomprehensible I sing the eagleBone of the Cloud The Clashing RockThe Hard DarknessIt hangs above the grave moundI sing dreamingWilliam Buckley was tr.

Ctive It reminds me of all those very compelling Pagan martyr fictions about Hypatia of Alexandria It s too bad that the truth about Hypatia s complex I am someone who tends to research historical fiction when I m The New World Order interestedn the subject King Solomons Carpet it covers So I proceeded to uncover the truth about William Buckley the historical protagonist of Strandloper Please note thatf you are searching for him on the Halflings (Halflings, internet you should add Australia to your search terms to avoid being deluged with results related to the conservative pundit William F Buckley Even though Strandloper can t be considered historically accuratet was an amazingly good story It also led me to learn a bit about Australian history through the research I did on William Buckley after reading The Big Snuggle-Up it I m glad I selected this book as my Australian read for the Around the World challenge For the complete reviewncluding discussion of the real William Buckley and historical resources about him see the latest post on my new book blog at. William the Cheshire bricklayer and William the Aboriginal spiritual leader as William Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham is true to his fate The results extraordinary.

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Ith the direct experience of mythology It Trauma is very dreamyn places very difficult to pick reality from fantasydreamdelirium It was fascinating reading but I m not sure I enjoyed The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, it Strandlopers a masterwork from one of the English language s most Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy important writers After reading this one readers are advised to go on to Thursbitch and the allegedly for young readers Owl Service Stone Book uartet and Red Shift Garners far significant than our literati have yet realized I very much enjoyed Strandloper Other readers might have trouble with the dialects Happiness the Mindful Way in this novel I was able to decipher them without much difficulty but the author gives no explanations or assistance to readers Garner s radical divergence from history might disturb those who prefer their historical fiction to be closer to verifiable facts When historical figures are fictionalizedt s delightful when the result speaks to me on a personal level and Gorilla, Monkey Ape is congruent with my own values Thiss a lovely fiction from my perspe. Ansported to Australia A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories in 1801 He escaped and lived as an Aborigine for thirty one years In this visionary novel Alan Garners true to.

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