Alison Richardson: Naughty Bits 3 An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction

St straight erotica though I try it every now and then I really like great sex with my great story not a little story along with erotic sex know what I mean Probably good stories but not my cup f tea Naughty Bits 1 2 which I have read and recomend to those who like steamy romantic stories Each Naughty Book has several short stories by different authors I purchased this because f Megan Hart who is an excellent writer that I really enjoy the stories she writes The Story called The Countress Client by Alison Richard you will need a dictionary for a few f the. He series RT Book Reviews calls extremely hot decadent and delicious features nine salacious stories crafted by some f the most stimulating new voi.

35 stars I love how wickedly delicious these short stories are but it nly gets 4 stars due to the happy but somewhat cheesy endings Very hit and miss Some were awesome Just Joking others not so much Alison Richardson s was my favorite this had a mixturef excellent good and kay stories My Favourite was Her Lord and Master This was better than Naughty Bits 2 But definitely ranked second to Naughty Bits the first anthology The stories here had a better slow build and weren t erotic just for the sake f being erotic I uite enjoyed this collection Not a big fan Times of Trouble (A Time Travel Anthology) of ju. The saucy editors at Spice Briefs have assembled their latest volumef combustible short erotic fiction with Naughty Bits 3The newest addition to

Words I have an expanded literary knowledge BENAAMI of words but a fewf them stumped me It was nice that my Ereader the nook has a built in dictionary that I was able to highlite look up the word The rest f the stories were really enjoyable Even better than the previous anthology Finding that perfect ne and realizing without them she can t rgasm Rich detail I really wanted to read at the end There are nine spicy short stories in here Some were enjoyable than thers but a steamy way to pass the time You can read them all The Real Bluebeard: The Life of Gilles de Rais or just pick at random whichnes to rea. Ces in the business among them Kate Austin Megan Hart Alison Richardson Grace D'Otare and Jennifer DaleSo look inside and see if you can take the he.

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