Jeffrey O. Bennett: The Cosmic Perspective

For my Intro to Astronomy I and Astronomy class I thought this book was interesting enough to sit through my class And read as much as I can throughout the semester Reading this book didn t bother me much since I am a huge fan of space and any type of science whatever science it is I et pulled in This might be the best textbook I read in my university career one of the few worth reading from cover to cover Anyone looking to increase their understanding on the universe we live in should read this book The explanations are clear and concise not too bogged down by mathematical minutiae but also not fluffy like most popular science books on the subject This is exactly what an introductory astronomy text should be A truly wonderful and comprehensive introduction to astronomy and cosmology Great for anyone interested in the ualitative side of the universe though there are reat separate sections that explain the mathematics as well This was a perfect start for a self study course in cosmolog. Onomical observations research and theoretical developments The text is supported by the most robust package of instructor Two volumes of this text are also availableThe Cosmic Perspective The Solar System Sixth Edition includes Chapters 1 13 24The Cosmic Perspective Stars Galaxies and Cosmology Sixth Edition includes Chapters 1 6 S2 S4 14.

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SUMMARY The Cosmic Perspective

Rms in Jupiter the bizarre state of a neutron star or the hugely expansive supercluster which houses clusters consisting tens of alaxies with each The Oracles Golem (The Oracle galaxy containing billions of stars among which our sun is one of those in the periphery of aalaxy called the Milky Way This textbook systematizes my previous knowledge but in the vast majority of times I learn new things from it With all the photos pictures and diagram I sometimes wonder that textbook is a better popular science book than the ones in the market which are usually stuffed with anecdotes blurs the scientific details This is a long book and it took me several months to finish it It is certainly worth it when for example every time I o out and feel the warmth of sunlight knowing that after it is first produced in the sun s core it took thousands of years to radiate out of the sun and then reaches the Earth In other words the sunlight is actually thousands of years old There is something uplifting in that This was a reuired book. That provide an opportunity for students to test their visual interpretation skills new Cosmic Context Figures that help students synthesize key concepts and processes and a new comprehensive visual overview of scale to help students explore the scale of time and space The Sixth Edition has also been fully updated to include the latest astr.

One of THE best textbooks I have ever encountered across a wide range of subjects Used it for an undergrad Intro to Astronomy course One of the few textbooks I have actually read than half of and enjoyed Extremely interesting content presented in a straight forward and entertaining way The structure of book and the way things are explained made it very easy to understand Also reat pictures diagrams summaries interesting facts and practice problems I could not have asked for a better primer to astronomy Reality provides us with facts so romantic that imagination itself could add nothing to them Jules VerneThe difference between astronomy and astrology lies not simply one being a scientific discipline while the other is not The reater difference is that astronomy represents the triumph of human imagination All the apparent symbols in the tarot cards or the daily vague predictions of the zodiac signs at the back of the newspapers seem hopelessly childish when compared with the massive sto. Building on a long tradition of effective pedagogy and comprehensive coverage The Cosmic Perspective Sixth Edition provides the most engaging and up to date introduction to astronomy for non science majors The text provides a wealth of features to help enhance student skill building including new Visual Skills Check end of chapter uestions.