Tim Stafford: Teaching Visual Literacy in the Primary Classroom

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Des both theory and practical suggesti. Take into account the renewed Framework for Literacy each chapter offers a complete guide to teaching this reuired area of literacy Aimed at those who want to deliver high ality and stimulating literacy sessions each chapter contains a range of detailed practical activities and resources which can be easily implemented into existing literacy teaching with minimal preparation In addition each chapter gives clear informative yet accessible insight.

Excellent introductory resource inclu. Teaching Visual Literacy in the Primary Classroom shows how everyday literacy sessions can be made exciting dynamic and effective by sing a wide range of media and visual texts in the primary classroom In addition to a wealth of practical teaching ideas the book outlines the vital importance of visual texts and shows how children can enjoy developing essential literacy skills through studying picture books film television and comic booksDesigned to.

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Ons for lessons with specific material. S into the theory behind visual literacyContaining a wealth of activities ideas and resources for teachers of both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 this book discusses how children's literacy skills can be developed and enhanced through exploring a range of innovative texts Six chapters provide comprehensive guides to the teaching of the following media and literacy skillspicture books film and television comic books visual literacy skills genre adaptati.