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When Killian meets PoppyPoppy s young sister Daisy and her best friends Emma and Madison find a spell in a fiction book to summon and demand a wish from a demon They wished a demon who could find a boyfriend for Poppy who has dedicated her life to aise Daisy and who deserves happiness Well their wish is granted they got their demon straight from The First Circle of Hell Killian who happens to be the nicest demon I ever Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read about He is handsome kind understanding charming and a true gentleman What follows is a niceomance between Poppy and Killian Who is forbidden to become the needed boyfriend he has to find someone perfect for Poppy Of course during his matchmaking adventure he falls for PoppyIf you have been eading heavy emotional books and you need a laughter this is the book which would come to the escue I enjoy it very much During the first chapters I have to stop a few times to laugh However this is not a paranormal I mean the hero might be a demon and there are a few extrasensory elements in it but don t expect your usual paranormal Is a omantic comedy with young adult and woman s fiction elements The sex scenes might be too erotic for young adults but are not as explicit as in erotic omance Anyway I love the book I wish it would have had a complex plot line but maybe wouldn t have been as funny It s the kind of book I would give away to friends or even ead twice I don t e ead many books but this one is a keeper hmmmm this would have made a good short story but just too drawn out Setting Boston condo places around town eputed to have ghosts erotic art gallery fairy art gallery Theme Demon finding his soul with a perfect woman the perfect woman seeing herself in a new way falling in love fantastic sex CharactersKillion O Brien demon from the First Circle of Hell his job is to escort souls into hell a job he does efficiently without thought of the individuals with charm to get them to go where they need to be with a minimum of fuss has great digs has women whenever he wants Poppy Reed has been aising her sister since their parents death she is 8 years older than her her fianc left her when her parents died not willing to take on the esponsibility artistic dreamed of being a Hot Hell YeahIf you ask Killian O'Brien Hell gets a bad ap True he's a demon so he's bound to be a little biased But he's got great job security all the women he can handle a body to die for literally and free eign to do as he likes.

Hildren s book authorillustrator became a technical editor where can work from home and support self and sister average boring Daisy Reed 16 year old sister wants her sister to find her soul mate and be happy with 2 best friends and based on conjuring spell in a teen demon book they summon a demon to grant them a wish set up some silly stories to explain Killion s presence to her sister and to get her to cooperate with him he s from Sweden he is ghost hunter hostshow his fianc left him at the altar with the minister Madison Emma Daisy s friends and part of the Killion conspiracy Vepar fellow demon that wants Killion s job so is sabotaging him and tattling on him to Satan SummaryWhat happens when you match innocent sexy goodness with a sexy demon bit by bit Killion gives in to him impulses to please Poppy to seduce Poppy to fall in love with PoppyWhen both finally admit to being in love he is zapped back to hell and Poppy has figured things out confirming them with Daisy and Daisy and friends find a new spell in new book call Killion back and he can stay if he sacrifices something big which in a moment he does he would die for her giving up his immortality ahhh I liked it It was cute I m eally glad I got it from the library though I did find myself skimming some parts throughout The first half was great with some hilarious scenes I couldn t stop eading But then it went downhill some sexual scenes were thrown in which didn t keep my interest so I skimmed them I was still curious of how the big eveal to h that H was a demon would pass off but was disappointed The end felt ushed and a little boring I liked the H but wished he would have had demonical characteristics I mean he came from hell by a spell but apart from that he could have been any ordinary human man he looked and acted like one he had nothing demonical about him at all 35 StarsOne minute Killian O Brien was enjoying his expensive scotch and about to elax after a day of escorting souls into hell when he suddenly finds himself in a strange living oom Killian has been summed by Daisy and her teenage friends to find her older sister a boyfriend He s not happy being at the mercy of teenage girls but if finding Poppy a boyfriend is Or he did until teenager Daisy Reed and her two friends got hold of a book of spells and summoned him to do their biddingTheir demand; find Daisy's older sister Poppy a boyfriend Can't be that difficult ight It's not like the woman is.

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Hat Killian must do then let the search begin But things start to get complicated when Killian begins to fall for the smart pretty t shirt and jeans loving Poppy Suddenly being a demon and all the perks that come with it sounds unappealing and very lonelyKillian is a demon and proud of it He enjoys having expensive things power and he doesn t even mind his job of escorting souls to hell It s all he s even known eally When Daisy and her friends summon him he s not pleased Hell may be well Hell but it s nothing compared to being forced to do what 3 teenage girls tell him to I laughed a few time just at this image alone Killian s first attempts to find Poppy a boyfriend fail because he is ude and doesn t eally think that what he says is offensive Seeing how this is getting him no closer to eturning home Killian decides getting to know Poppy is the best way to figure out what man would be best for her The he gets to know Poppy the he wants to keep her for himself and for the est of the book he goes back and forth on how he feels about her Nothing I haven t ead beforeYou pretty much know what s going to happen between them but I still thought the story was cute Poppy is a little dorky and is cute than gorgeous She gave up the career she eally wanted for something that provided a dependable pay check in order to take care of her sister after their parents died She is the type of character I d love to know in eal life I did have two issues with her though One her sister and friends kept coming up with idiculous stories as to who Killian is and Poppy knew something was off but that was about it The second thing is how insecure Poppy was at times I understand that Killian is model handsome but one minute she would be confident and the next she would have herself believing she wasn t good enough to even be near him It got a little oldTruth and Demon was an entertaining ead There is a lot of humor with a few slightly dramatic and emotional scenes woven into the story and a few steamy moments to top it all off It also has one of my favorite kind of scenes in it where a character gets back at your ex and the cheap floozy he left her for I m not the only one who enjoys those moments ight Stephanie. Unattractive Truth be told Poppy is irresistible and mind blowingly sexy Which is exactly why finishing this simple little assignment so he can be sent back where he came from is turning out to be the hardest thing Killian's ever done.

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