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Irections The book also ncludes some The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies ideas for menus parties gifts and gives us picnic holiday andnternational options Fun uick read A few cute black and white line drawings add to the vintage charm but there are no color photosNOTE My copy has different cover Who would of thought that Nancy Drew would have her own cookbook I was pretty excited when I first got this book I couldn t wait to try out the recipes and see how they all tasted I yet to try out all the recipes but so far the ones I tried out are good and bad Considering this book was first published The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop in 1973 you can expect to find some uestionable yucky recipesn here like Hannah s Cheese Puffs or Souffle Gruen Souffle Gruen Sweet Liberty is the worst recipe I made so far It was FOUL It was just egg butter and cheese you putnto a casserole dish and throw Smack in the oven I gagged when I first took a bite oft and Night of the Living Dead Christian instantly threwt away However there were some really surprisingly good recipes as well The best ones I made so far were Whistling Bagpipe Crunchies Bess s Secret Chocolate Waffles and Detective Burgers They were yummy Overall this The New World Order is a good fun nostalgic cookbook that any ND fan will enjoy making recipes from Just be careful of making some of these recipes cause they are yucky and will leave a bad tasten your mout. The Case of the Smothered Pork Chops Some recipes focus on King Solomons Carpet international fare Hong Kong Fortune Cookies Versailles Au Chocolat and English Style Chops with Herbs Throughout the cookbook tips from Nancy for a recipe are suggested The girl sleuth recommends adding a mysterious taste a taste ofntrigue a mysterious crunch or a dash of mystery.

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Bess the pleasantly plump one naturally has the best recipes George the closeted lesbian has disgusting healthy recipes Avoid them The recipes are good basic recipes though dated Halflings (Halflings, in some cases Those of us that grew up reading Nancy Drew not only willt bring back memories of the character but also of the flavors from our mother s and grandmother s kitchens The popcorn balls coffee cake smothered pork chops and pear salad types of recipes will take you back to the 70 s The Big Snuggle-Up in the best of ways T Just a fun collectible book that I have had for a few years If you love Nancy Drew and vintage cookbooks you ll enjoyt I loved this cookbook when I was a kid I remember trying out some of the recipes and being excited when I could make breakfast for my parents on their anniversary I m sure Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham it wasn t great but my mom faked enjoyingt I ve still got a copy to this day sitting with my grown up cookbooks I ve acuired over the years I collect cookbooks my mother collects Nancy Drew so voila My one complaint Trauma in thiss that the recipes are generally related to the mysteries The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, in name only adorable cookbook easy to follow recipes for kids and teens perfect for Nancy Drew lovers I like how many of the recipes are named after Nancy s mysteries like Crumbling Wall Coffee Cake or Blackwood Mystery themed recipes and other baffling uestions about cooking are answered by the Nancy Drew Cookbook for young readers This series specific cookbook mixedn a dash of mystery with a pinch of thematic recipes Nearly 50% of these special recipes ncorporate part of the titles from the first 50 volumes of the classic Nancy Drew mystery se.

All Muffins one of my favorite Nancy Drew books Moonstone Castle Carrot Salad or Scarlet Slipper Raspberry Punch I plan on making Chief McGinnis s waffles Nancy s scrambler Ned s potato pancakes the French uiche and the Haunted Showboat pralines The recipe names are a hoot All are references to particular Nancy Drew mysteries As a big fan of the series as a kid this was a fun thing to come across at a used bookstore I don t cook at all but I do like to look at Cookbooks especially vintage ones Vintage finds such as stuffed tomatoes just to mentin a few Cleverly named for Nancy Drew books the book had recipes for parties and other special occasions A great find This Blast From The Past vintage book of 1973 my copy s dated 1978 will be lots of fun especially for those who have fond memories of reading the Nancy Drew mystery books It still holds up with classic recipes albeit with cutesy Nancy Drew related names Hollow Oak Nest Eggs Tapping Heels Griddle Cakes Old Attic Stuffed Tomatoes Missing Map Cheese Wafers Sleuth Soup etc you get the Happiness the Mindful Way ideaThe recipes are similar to those foundn popular cookbooks of the time period Gorilla, Monkey Ape ie Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens There s a glossary of basic cooking terms helpful for young or any beginning chefs and clear easy to follow Ries Examplesnclude Double Jinx Salad Ski Jump Hot Chocolate and Haunted Showboat Pralines Other recipes A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories involve places or characters from the seriesncluding Togo Dogs Mrs Fayne's Famous Rice and Hannah's Cheese Puffs Different recipes ncorporate various mystery themed words nto their titles Coded Steak Rolls Mystery Corn Pudding and.

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