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Sigh Can I find a way to un read this book Because I would kill to be able to read it and discover the magic of it all over again It was perfect sigh PerfectLast September I was minding my own business when a GR friend urged me to read a book she had loved I looked and realized that I had put that very same book on my wishlist a while ago but had never bought it So I took the plunge and rabbed myself a copy That book was Seven Secrets of Seduction the first book in this series and it opened a whole new world to me I loved it so much that I immediately bought Mallory s backlist I have slowly been working my way through them forcing myself not to rush and read them all in one big Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference gulpI have enjoyed her backlist some than others but nothing came uite close to my love of SSoS I was almost starting to think that nothing would be able to top it in my eyes How amazing to find out that not only did I love the first book in this series enough to make it one of my favorite books of 2010 but I loved the second book just as muchSo let s talk about this book This book had absolutely killer sexual tension I am a total sucker for it and oh Anne Mallory is awesome at writing it The tension and the emotion breathed off the pages and sucked me in I was absolutely dying for them to be able to find a way to touch each other at one point Soon was such torture for me I loved itI also loved the heroine Charlotte She was thrust in a situation at the beginning of the book that was just horrible but she didn t break She had her moment of despair when she was alone and then she stood up and did what had to be done I loved that she walked into that situation with no illusions and took victory away from everyone who had been attempting to manipulate her She made the choice not them I cannot resist a strong heroineRoman was another fabulous character He had a mix of St Vincent and Derek Craven in him but was totally uniue He was bold sexy and confident and was always plotting Roman never did anything without thinking many steps ahead The world was almost like aiant chess The scarecrow game to himAnd when they were together ah magic They were both such strong characters but weot to see their fears and weaknesses That vulnerability and the way they couldn t stay away from each other even though it would have made the future easier made their characters have a lot of depthThis was a very character driven romance It was all about Roman and Charlotte without too much focus put on outside influences other than how they affected them and their relationship It was Elizabeth Cady Stanton great because weot to know them so well Once the characters started falling for each other there was very little angsting over their feelings They may not have admitted them to each other yet but they were aware of their own feelings and didn t waste time irritating me by denying themI After the End got to a certain point in the book and realized that Roman was playing a very deepame I wasn t sure what exactly he was doing in the background so that layer of mystery really added a nice feature to the book I wasn t sure what his ultimate The Doll and Her Friends (1893) goal was and the stray little comments he made here and there when talking to his friends had me very unsure of how things wereoing to end up by the end of the book And when I found out at the end what his plot had been the whole time well I was surprised but it really made sense when I thought about what he told her in the beginningWhile the emotions between Charlotte and Roman were beautiful this book wasn t just excellent because of that There was some Septiņi great humor and dialogue between side characters as well At one point Roman invited Charlotte to aame with his brother The resulting humor and teasing between certain characters was hilariousSpeaking of Roman s brother Man Andreas was a jerk By the end of the book I understood where he was coming from and did like him but it was touch and Nightbane World Book One go there for a while He is a very dark angry man at times and I am intensely curious to see how his romance will develop later this yearSo in closingI loved this book Loved loved loved it If you read Seven Secrets of Seduction and hated it wellthis one probably won t work for you that well either But if you enjoyed it or are curious about this book and this author then I urge you too pick up this book And then come back and talk to me about it Favorite uoteThere it was again that hitch in her voice after he touched herThe sound made him want to do things to her Dirty animalistic things To bruise her lips with his muss her perfectly coiffed hair while scraping her on the sheets blotch her skin with feral color as she lost track of her own name head tilted back eyes The All New Jonah Twist glazed unintelligible sounds emerging With apologies to Catherine Juliana Ally and Ana and any other GR friends who love Anne MalloryHave you ever read a book that you think you should just LOVE except for the fact that you don tThat s the way I feel about Anne Mallory I should love her books They are chock full of everything that I love Witty dialogue serious chemistry and sexual tension intriguing storylines original premises and to die for heroes What s not to like about themSomething Iuess because I ve read 2 of her books now and for some reason they just leave me cold Well not cold but I don t feel anything when I m done them I lose the story in all of the words if that makes any sense and I feel like I m wading through chest deep water Tough sloggingThe whole time I m reading her books I feel completely detached from the characters and what is oing on I can appreciate on one level the story the romance the characters but on another level I am sitting in the third balcony watching the show I can see all the reasons I should like it but can t feel anything for itI wish I liked AM I wish I did I REALLY wish I did Alas I m afraid that I ll be like the little kid outside the toy store window nose pressed against the lass wishing I could be closer and part of the funRating I should Legon Ascension (Legon Series give it based on the content 4 starsRating I wouldive it based on how I really feel about it 2 starsSo I ll split the difference and PMS give it a 3 I always love Anne Mallory s booksbut this one might just be her best yet It s been a long time since I ve read a book and forced myself to slow down to savor every word every line This one reuires it The book is thick and lush an extravagant secret that you can t help but eavesdrop on I loved every page My thanks to Catherine whose review spurred me intoetting this book from the library after avoiding it when it first came out I so loved Seven Secrets of Seduction my first Anne Mallory book that I didn t think anything could live up to it While I still prefer SSoS I really enjoyed One Night Is Never Enough and am very The Two of Swords glad that I read itThe book was a mix of SSoS s type plot Dreaming of You s Derek Craven Mine Till Midnight s Cam Rohan and Notorious Pleasures s Hero but better there is. From the firstlimpse he knew he must have her even if only for a single nightPowerful ruthless seductive the lord of London's underworld Roman Merrick Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, gets anything he wantsand he burns for Charlotte Chatsworth a polished jewel in thelittering ton So he engages her debt ridden ambler father in.

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St instances of consecutive sentences beginning with the same phrasesee aboveA shelf for books with supposedly smoldering sex scenes that are so obtuse so fleeting that it s over before the reader realizes what s happeningA shelf for books that rely on italics rather than adept writingAnd she knew she was acting recklessly But it didn t seem to matter Even as she thought about it logically she didn t careA shelf for books where the first 100 pages include a card ame a chess match and a tea party And nothing elseA shelf for books by a writer whose efforts are adored by many other people But not by me Wow this was hot in that darkly seductive heavily bantered way I believe there s a book that was recommended to me in this series and it was the third but I m Ēna glad I m a dedicated seuentalist This hero was totally up my alley and so was the cold heroine I m looking forward to the 3rd I have definite thoughts about what s happening there and look forward to the storyThis is a 4 There s nothing I adore and love then a a self made man as a hero in HRs and the charming rouge that is Roman Merrick stole me heart with a smile and wink Behind his mask lays a man whose seen darkness and death and fights it with ruthlessness hiding aentle soul deep down Charlotte is a cold ice ueen fighting off sharp dragger like words as she holds her head up high as her father flushes all her family her sister and her chances along with their family money down the drain Charlotte tries to turn the other cheek hoping the marry well to protect her sister hiding a free spirit who longs to be free In Roman who wins her in a bet her father stupidly lost he brings her out of her shell and lets her run wild in free The chess match that plays between the is hot but also Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! gentle and engaging I did find the character of Charlotte background open then that of Roman whose at times seem to be shimmed over and notiven much thought Still Anne Mallory wrote such an amazing book even the small flaws couldn t hold up to the overall amazing story One Night is Never Enough is 45 stars Tropes Forbidden Love Rags to Riches Opposites Attract Class Difference Unstarched heroine Loved this Super charming tender and funny What I want is you unrestrained and out of control Want Desire Longing You already have that she said knowing the heavy beat than Kentucky Grandmothers gave her away already I find no semblance of control when you are near Heradually drew her closer until she was pressed against him his arms wrapped around her She sighed softly into his shoulder With someone else he would say Better in a roguish way But the word stuck to the back of his tongue and he just kept his arms around her instead The faint Štěky Broka Špindíry golden shadows embracing them I should have stolen you later this evening when there would be no need to return you You want to keep me all night And maybe even into the next Sheave a short laugh I saw you at the Hunsdens shop remember How could I forget it was the highlight of my day She closed her eyes Seeing him was always the highlight of her days A The Blackmailed Secretary gentleman would hardly take advantage of a lady in distress Good She kissed him again curling her fingers in his hair as she did so I am with the right man then Oh He smiled against her lips leaning into her You don t think you deserve love she asked softly rubbing her cheek so that she was speaking into his ear I would never be finished with you Charlotte I moing to possess you Charlotte His free hand caressed the flesh of her throat then threaded into the hair at her nape pulling the strands there tipping her head back Not harshly but not If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, gently either I moing to take you and claim you and make you beg Charlotte Chatsworth is the perfect lady of the ton Known for her beauty and her icy persona she is envied by many She is her father s most powerful investment one he will use until he has secured the most promising marriage proposal And Charlotte knows it s her fate to do as her father wishes is she wants to protect those she loves secure a life that would make life easier for them Until her father loses her in a card Improve Your Communication Skills game for one night to the mysterious and dangerous lord of the underworld Roman Merrick Roman has lived a tough life learning early on to fight andet what he wants And who he wants is Charlotte Chatsworth who intrigues him like no other But what starts as a simple Decadent (Wicked Lovers gamble soon threatens both their hearts and the intense passion has the means to destroy that which they hold most dear She wanted him Needed the feelings he produced Craved them like a starving woman searching for food We met Charlotte in the previous book as the intended bride to Lord Downing Charlotte was areat heroine and I loved her ability to be logical about her circumstances never losing her composure always trying to be strong And I really admired her love of her sister and her willingness to sacrifice herself in order to keep her safe She has been hiding her true self for so long and the only person who she really showed her true self was Roman I love how she let When Digital Becomes Human go with him Besides touching her loosened something within him a coil that he hadn t even been aware of before she d entered his existence I adored the sexy Roman and his intense attraction to Charlotte was amazing He risked all just to have her a man who was used to making careful moves thinking about all conseuences and suddenly he was consumed by only her I loved that No a selfish man destroys what is offered to him and demands He demands everything He touched her chin pulling his finger beneath it bringing her lower lip to brush against his I am a selfish man and all of you Charlotte that is my demand The romance captivated me right from the start I loved the dangerous and slightly forbidden attraction between these two and how intent Roman was on convincing Charlotte toive into it I loved the suspense in this book that came from the dangerous Roman and his broody brother Andreas and it intrigued me right from the very start This was an excellent HR and I really love this author s writing Highly recommended to all HR fans Blurbs are the devious monsters wrecking havoc in my little bookish world They lure me with the promise of new worlds Intermix Nation great characters and areat reading experience But all I De-cluttering Your Closet get is coke without the fizzThis book has an interesting blurb and conflicted characters Roman was kind without scruples He was strategic and charming Charlotte was strong determined and wary Her father was utterly despicableThe book held my attention I wanted to know what happened next but some parts make no impact on you I don t know why but I was a disconnected reader once again I was curious but not emotionally engaged Maybe I m in a book slump or dead insideThe series will definitely work for readers of historical romance it had mysterious charactersreat atmosphere and descriptions high stakesJust for these reasons I will De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, give her books another try soon. Of ruin behind every corner Charlotte embarks upon a perilous path with the man she cannot forget But in truth it's Roman who has everything to lose for aame undertaken for pleasure alone soon has him Humanizing Big Data gambling his heart And love and passion unleashed could bring hisreat dark empire tumbling down.

Another heroine Charlotte reminds me of but for the life of me I cannot remember who she is right now or which book she is from it s driving me nutsThe Main Characters and Their RelationshipOne thing I have reatly enjoyed about both of Mallory s books are her leading characters and the chemistry she creates between them In both books the heroes are intense complex sensual and romantic I loved the charming yet dangerous aspect of Roman he appears suave smooth and mysterious while also being being able to put people at ease yet there is a dangerous and very intense component to him that one overlooks at one s peril His loyalty and affection for his brother Andreas and the people who work for them really add to his character so that he doesn t seem like just a rake chasing his pleasure I absolutely adored how he treated Charlotte and the insight he had into who she really was and what she needed he wanted her to be free and to be the one to see through her mask of cold indifference While he is the pursuer from the beginning we re shown again and again that he wants to be pursued as well that he wants to be wanted and needed by her as well sigh Lovely Charlotte is very different from Miranda however both women are also complex and very very well written Frankly I did not think that I would like Charlotte while I did appreciate the interaction between her and Miranda in the last book and admired her for it she seemed a little too reservedboring for me and I am not a huge fan of beautiful belle of the ball complete society darling heroines Charlotte is much much than that though and the way she is written makes her seem very human normal and vulnerable like the rest of us She has to deal with a lot of the cruelty and nastiness that other women in society show her because they re envious she hates that she has to always be cold and calm and controlled worrying that she has forced herself to be that so much that maybe now that s who she is a boring empty statue and she is insecure with the fact that her only value is so often linked to her beauty wondering if there is anything else of value to herI loved their relationship and think the contrast between the two of them is pronounced yet one can also see how that would result in mutual attraction I love the card playing scene which has both sweet and hysterically funny components to it The scene towards the end between Charlotte and Roman when they are in bed after making love and Roman talks a little about his childhood and then they do a little dance around the subject of their relationship was just fantastic I think their relationship comes off as the strongest there than at any other point in the book you really feel the connection between themWhich brings me to another thing I loved about both Miranda and Charlotte Mallory writes heroines who are not as we see so often passive in those final pre climax referring to the plot here et your mind out of the Scoring Points gutter moments and are willing to put themselves out there be vulnerable and actually say what they think and feel That s actually true throughout both books but a lot of time in romances you have the heroine who backs down or makes an assumption that then makes her step back from the hero and it s the hero who is almost without fail the pursuer in the final segments Mallory writes strong heroines who don t create any Big Misunderstandings or Things Left Unsaid and for that alone I absolutely loved both booksCriticismThis book is the follow up to SSoS and as I wrote that was the only other Mallory book I had previously read so comparisons were bound to occur and in that this book definitely fell short compared to its predecessor While Roman s feelings do feel authentically intense during the book I didn t reallyetbuy what made him interested in Charlotte in the first place why her what drew him to her In SSoS Maxim s intense feelings for Miranda leap off the page and from start to finish they feel so real and authenticAlso there was a lot of allusion to the business competitors the brothers were battling but we re never really told much about it and the mysteryaction type occurrence towards the end seemed very out of the blue and then resolved so uickly Roman s fears come and Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, go pretty uickly so that that specific issue seemed like it didn t belong or needed to be fleshed out Also isare the threats directed at the business Roman Andreas or all three have individual threats facing them It s definitely not made clear I m assuming this part of the plot will be heavily featured in Andreas story but it left something to be desired in this one This left the character development and romance really being the main features which I by no means minded but then why pepper the story every now and then with this other never fully explored and superfluous subplotFinally after the first time Roman and Charlotte sleep together the story immediatelyoes to three weeks later and I would have liked a little time spent during that periodPlot NoteI m not a huge fan of contrived events that initially throw the hero and heroine together like the ame of cards mentioned in the summary I also hate instant attractionlust stories which I thought would be the case here since they are one assumes oing to sleep together at the beginning of the book when Roman wins a night with her In case you re a similar reader I want to note that I was not bothered by any such issues in this bookSecrets SeriesBook 1 Seven Secrets of Seduction Miranda and Maxim 45 starsBook 2 One Night Is Never Enough Charlotte and Roman 4 starsBook 3 In Total Surrender Andreas and out Sep 27 2011I am very much looking forward to Andreas s story depending on what heroine Mallory chooses to pair him up with The summary is not yet available and on her website it says it will be up end of the summer so I m excited to see what she has in mind for him I think it would be such an amazing book if he s paired with someone like Evie in Devil in Winter who is a little cheerful from the beginning a wallflower who is shy but sweet loving uietly strong and can surprisingly stand her own The Billionaires New Assistant (The New Dominators, ground with him He s so dark angry and tormented and he needs a heroine who can counterbalance that We shall see I need a new shelf A shelf called Why Did I Waste My Time A shelf for for books with the lowest ratio of complete to incomplete sentences Trant had waited for just the right hand to make the bet Had waited for Chatsworth toet into his cups and to have some decent cardsHad waited to place the bet when only two men would witness the wager One a man who was utterly devoted to his wife and whose wife was a close friend of the lady of the bet Who would hold the scandal secret The other a man who held the debts and markers of over half of London s citizens Who would make sure the wager took place Who wouldn t interfere for it was his business not to interfereA shelf for books with the mo. A Witch, Cat, and Cobb game of chance wagering ten thousand pounds against one night with the man's exuisite daughter And Roman Merrick never loses But one night is never enoughCharlotte is devastated to learn that her reprobate father has lost her in a cardame to the most dangerous man she's ever met With the threat.

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Some people have always known they wanted to write Others fall into it and discover its inherent joy I’m somewhere in between As an avid reader writing a novel had always tickled the back of my mind There seem to be a lot of people who say “Someday I’ll write a book” For me the feeling tickled moved into an incessant knocking and finally became a dull roar All I needed was to make that “