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Audio with ebook Virgil Webster from cuba ibre has a son named Carlos who becomes a US marshall You will meet Carl s grandson in a short story ater I forget the title Foci is the Oklahoma pecan ranchI enjoyed this It gave me a taste of a time period I ike Carl Webster the character It sounds Cisco like he doesn tike his name Carlos he doesn t Veganeasy! like someone taking he ice cream cone and if he takes out his pistol he s shooting to kill Carl is one badass character who is a good guy This would have been so much better had I read it or someone else was narrator Arliss Howard sounded bored about most of the first half of the book only getting into it the second half Iove El Leonardhe s the best Chronicling the kills of Carl Webster a gun toting prodigy working as a US Marshal THE HOT KID pits wanna be gangsters and bank robbers and some reluctant gun molls against a man who is as much Romans legend as the revered outlaws of the timeCarl Webster was inducted into theife of crime at an early age when famous bank robber Emmett Long robbed a store where Carl bought his ice cream as a kid Long ಜಯಂತ ಕಾಯ್ಕಿಣಿ ಕತೆಗಳು left aasting impression on the young Carl not only by killing an officer of the The Pidgin Warrior law but also making matters personal between him and Carl having tried to intimidate the youth This event and another in which a thief attempted to steal some property of his fathersand were the catalyst for Carl s evolution from skilled young gunman to Baby to Toddler Month by Month. Simone Cave and Caroline Fertleman legend with a badge Dubbed The Hot Kid Carl s primary target is Jack Belmont son to a rich and powerful oil magnate who wants to emulate the great bank robbers Unfortunately heands dead centre within the trigger sights of the Marshals resulting in a uniue game of cat and mouse only this time both seek that final confrontation Without spoiling too much I l keep my views ambiguous as there is so much going on inside the 300 odd pages El Leonard gives this fabled hero a dose of realism referencing actual crimes and the criminals that commit them in passing throughout the story The shootouts are first class and reminded me of the old western farm barn shootouts so popular in that genre There s a ot of killing but it s not without cause Carl comes across as almost an unwilling killer yet it s hard to ascertain if he enjoys his work or not this adds a Randolf Emmanuel Fontanilla (The Billionaire Boys Club, little darkness to the polished facadeTHE HOT KID is one of El Leonard best works it readsike a TV series with More of a 25 Carl is a neat character but the book encompassed a bit too much territory didn t focus well enough for me Leonard s gritty style chopped it up a bit too much as we skipped from character to character without really getting into any of them properly which was a shame because he sketched out some dynamite ones There were a Game for Life lot of good moments but that s all they were Also the ending was too predictable I ve been told the 2d book isn t as good but the 3d is better I don t think Il put either too high on my მოთხრობები list Trying to figure it out Leonard has aot of walk on characters and a ot who are alike the subplots are strung together thoroughly but sometimes brilliantly the main character is painted deep the bad guys are sometimes just mean and dumb the gunfights are exciting the prose is tight the pace is swift For me starting a new author is a dubious deal will it be a dry hole or a gusher just blood and guts with no morality to it I ve only read about four by Leonard but he s so good that he didn t have to write series one of each was plenty My first El Leonard novel He s a terse pacey author and The Hot Kid is pretty much Hollywood in a book but a nicely filmed Hollywood with engaging if not terribly deep charactersIt s a 1930s gangster piece Carlos Webster is the son of a wealthy pecan farmer At 15 he shot a man who was trying to rustle his cattle His father observed Good ord this one s got a tough bark on him He also encounters a wanted felon who in the course of robbing a store and shooting a tribal police officer calls Carlos a greaserThis sticks in Carlos s craw Years One Night at the Lake later he s Marshal Carl Websterawman the hot kid of the US Marshals Service and his exploits are being reported and exaggerated a bit by the newspapers of the time Carl wants to be the country s most famous The Hero Next Door lawmanJack Belmont is another son of privilege except he s a spoiled rottenittle sociopath At 15 he tries to blackmail his father by threatening to tell his mother and sister about Dad s mistress His father Ask Me No Questions laughs at him then puts him to work in his oil refinery Jack promptly sets the place on fire and takes off for aife of crime Jack wants to be the country s most notorious bank robberThis is a slick action thriller with tough hombres seedy roughnecks sleazy outlaws gun molls and whores Not a The Gnadiges Fraulein. lot of variety in either the male or female archetypes and the plot isn t terribly complicated but Leonard spices it up with plenty of sex and murder and shootouts and pretty decent writing35 stars Definitely not aiterary gem but I enjoyed it and would read another by El Leonard It kind of reminded me of Ian Fleming s Bond novels except with not uite as much racism and misogyny Book one in the Carl Webster series published 2005El Leonard never fails to entertain and this is no exception An easy four stars readThe period of time is the 1920s and there is prohibition all across the USAThe hot kid. The Barnes Noble Review When the The New York Times calls someone the greatest crime writer of our time perhaps ever that's no small compliment This talented author has shown an extraordinary range in his work from westerns to crime stories both contemporary and historical to a novel about baseball and In The Hot Kid El Dutch Leonard breaks new ground with a fast paced multifaceted tale of Prohibition era crime told from multiple perspectives that reflect the unexpected shifts of allegiance in this turbulent time Set against a backdrop of speakeasys and shootouts fast cars and even faster women this stirring tale recounts a time when Unscrewed life was cheap on both sides of theaw The story unfolds in Oklahoma featuring the exploits of four hot kids young awman Carl Webster bad seed oilman's son Jack Belmont glamorous gun moll Louly Brown and true crime journalist Tony Antonelli Carl Webster since his first personal encounter with crime as a teenage witness to a brutal robbery by notorious croo.

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Here it s picked up by a bank robber who takes the boy s peach ice cream cone before shooting a tribal policeman who walks in on a stickup Working his father s pecan farm Carlos is prepared for his next brush with danger shooting a cattle rustler at 400 yards The boy marksmanship and bluster earns him a job opportunity from the uiet of two US marshals who investigate the shooting There s writing that is so good Carlos was given a eave to go home after his training and spent it with his old dad telling him thingsWhat the room was ike at the Huckins HotelWhat he had to eat at the Plaza GrillHow he saw a band called Walter Page s Blue Devils that was all colored guysHow when firing a pistol you put your weight forward one foot ahead of the other so if you got hit you can keep firing as you fallAnd one other thingEverybody called him Carl instead of Carlos At first he wouldn t answer to it and got in arguments a couple of times almost fistfightsYou remember Bob McMahonRA Bob McMahon Virgil said the uiet oneMy boss when I report to Tulsa He says I know you re named for your granddaddy to honor him but you re using it ike a chip on your shoulder instead of a name Virgil was nodding his head Ever since that moron Emmett Long called you a greaser I know what Bob means Like I m Carlos Webster what re you gonna do about it You were Toyota Management System little I d call you Carl sometimes Youiked it okayBob McMahon says What s wrong with Carl All it is it s a nickname for CarlosThere you are Virgil said Try it onI ve been wearing it the past month or so Hi I m Deputy US Marshal Carl Webster Leonard s creative flourish brings to The Perfect Indulgence life a charismatic bad guy to menace our hero Jack Belmont is the sociopathic heir of a Tulsa oilman Oris Belmont an immoral cad who watched his sister nearly drown in their swimming pool and graduates into blackmail threatening to blabber about his dad s infidelity to his mother His bluff earns Jack a job cleaning a fuel tank on one of his father s wells which Jack sets fire to his first hour of honest work Botched kidnapping and bank robbery gone wrong follow Jack s ability to fail up and his goal to become Public Enemy No 1 puts him on a collision course with Carl who for now ateast seems to know what he s doing Though the author has put his stamp on westerns set in the Arizona Territory or on crime novels set in present day Detroit and South Florida he opens up a new front with The Hot Kid Oklahoma of the 1920s and 30s The yarn picks up where his Spanish American War novel Cuba Libre Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, left off and isoaded with period flavor ice cream cones at drugstores running boards on cars Thompson machine guns in the wrong hands and hats on men who tip them to pretty A Seductive Revenge ladies For an author who might be accused of writing the same novel over and over again Iiked the stretch The novel peaks at page 54 when Carl pays a visit to Crystal Lee Davidson the current moll of his old adversary Emmett Long and captures the attention of the press in the aftermath While the showdown is thrilling I California Living liked Carl muchess the he became his own press agent and talks endlessly about his own merits to other characters Braggarts are boring El Leonard characters have a bad habit of talking So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, like either El Leonard or a camera crew were in the room with them performing and the showing gets reallyong in the tooth in The Hot Kid Carl said when they heard the gunfire Venicia was Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty lighting a cigaret He jumped up but remembered the match burning her fingers if Tony wanted details and saw her drop it on the table He told how the shooting was coming from the front of and by the time he got to the porch the Essex was driving away from the house the key in the car or else Peyton had it Carl said he ran to the Pontiac and reached in to get the Winchester the deputies and Wesley Sellers around front now firing at the Essex running away from them Carl said he saw the red taillights come up big in the scope sight aimed aittle bit above the Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book left one the deputies yelling at him to shoot and firedeveled the rifle to fire again but the Essex had veered off the road crop furrows slowing the car down till it rolled to a stop More characters talking about themselves Yada yada yada The women are A Study in Scandal (Scandalous largely interchangeable Carl s main sueeze is Louly Brown a farm girl enad by her cousin s position as gun moll of Pretty Boy Floyd who hooks up with a fugitive muchess exciting than Pretty Boy Louly terminates the relationship during a Letting it Go law enforcement siege and shoots to national fame but while she knows how to handle a gun and driveike the other women in the book she s purely window dressing The story would be fine without her and she makes The One Who Stays (Summer Island, little impact on it Somewhere in here Leonard drops the ball of yarn Colorful characters scenicocales and finesse with Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, language are sent in search of a narrative and fail to find one I didn t think that anything bad would happen to Carl and didn t care if the braggart did get hurt I never suspected that Jack would meet anything other than a foul end and once he does the book is over If this had been a movie Leonard s splashy source material would ve been turned over to a screenwriter to file it down to the particulars and move it forward with urgency It s a fun fanciful book but doesn t come together for me in a way that Out of Sight did or a great novel shoul. Would be a better deal than sharing his fate After the smoke cleared Louly really came into her own selling her story to the papers then setting her sights on the handsomeawman who'd captured her heartTony Antonelli Smijurija u mjerama loves the danger and fame that come along with rubbing shoulders with heartless gangsters dedicatedawmen gorgeous gun molls and bloodthirsty vigilantes in the course of his work for True Detective Mystery magazine Whether he's writing about bank robbers or the Black Hand the KKK or rum running or hot young awmen and cold blooded killers and their sexy sidekicks Tony views other people's troubles as than just bread and butter; they provide an adrenaline charged kick to his own ife as well as vicarious thrills for eager readersEl Leonard hits his target with The Hot Kid an unforgettable tale of high adventure where the crooks are out to prove that crime really can pay and where federal marshals trade high risks for ow salary to bring these wanted felons in dead or alive.

Is Carl Webster a very cool gun totting US Marshal At the time when Carl makes his first arrest he addresses the accused with if I have to draw my weapon I will shoot to kill This one iner will follow Carl for the rest of his The Ring Of The Dove life and make him one of the most celebratedawmen of his dayThis is just such a great read Think about Bonny and Clyde meets the Untouchables and you The Lost Literature of Medieval England ll get the picture The book is full of richly drawn character good and bad alike As with every book I ve read by El Leonard dialogue is king and the humour is dark If you haven t dipped your toe into the El Leonard pond yet this would be a great place to startHighly recommended Sad that it takes a man s death to get me to finally read one of his booksAnd man have I missed outEl Leonard writes the sort of straight forward workmanike prose that is a pleasure to read You won t get much in the way of poetic flourishes or A Curse of Kings long meditations on human psyche But his characters are rounded off believably and they are plenty colorful I m a Leonard noob but if The Hot Kid is typical of his work then this is the sort of story driven stuff Il be returning to again and again Who doesn t Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, love a cracking good tale that doesn t dawdle than necessaryThis one s set in the Depression era midwest The time of the speakeasy When bank robbersike Dillinger Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby faced Nelson were folk heroes We the readers follow Carl Webster a new deputy marshall and one cool cucumber This crack shot is a Im a Narwhal lawman through and through yet he remainsikable even if his motives are part revenge based and you re Madame Timide left to wonder if he doesn tike the Girl, Woman, Other limelight just aittle too much I d recently read a similar story set at about the same time by Clive Cussler Cussler s characters come off as caricatures compared to Leonard s Cussler s work feels forced his females sterotypes For all the macho posturing going on in The Hot Kid Leonard still manages to ground it all in reality You believe you ve met his characters Whereas you re sure you ve seen Cussler s in a painting at a yard sale June 13 1927 Carlos Huntington Webster was in Oklahoma City wearing a dark blue suit of clothes no vest and a panama hat with the brim curved on his eyes just right being sworn in as a deputy United States marshal This was while Charles Lindbergh was being honored in New York City tons of ticker tape dumped on The Lone Eagle for flying across the Atlantic Ocean by himself page 36Leonard s The Hot Kid seemed A South African Night like an uneasy mix between the two genres that are normally part of the author s expertise He first gained notice for penning many pulp western short stories andor novels during the 50 s and thenater established his name with a string of excellent Bismillah Soup low key crime dramas such as Mr Majestyk and 52 Pick Up during the 70 s So in theory a bookike this which also part historical fiction as notorious real पिंजर life bank robbers Pretty Boy Floyd Bonnie Clyde and John Dillinger are featured characters or are oft mentioned in the narrative should be a slam dunkHowever after the first 100 pages the story about a young but savvy and sharpshootin federalawman working the Oklahoma boomtowns during the end of Prohibition and start of the Great Depression becomes sort of bland with some rambling plot threads and an increasing number of supporting characters that can strain the attention span Leonard was always good with showing the stupidity of petty criminals their bad decisions and uirky obsessiveness and that s on full display here but ultimately the book felt Venous Catheters like a short story uncomfortably stretched to novelength Spring is here and baseball season is in full swing so maybe that s why The Hot Kid reminded me of a company softball game one where the fielders bring their own booze onto the field It s not that El Leonard is a bush The Marines E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek, leaguer or that his scenic but overly talkative Depression era cops and robbers tale isn t good but it never puts down its beer I was pining for some playoff type intensity but aw shucks the novel does boast its allures Published in 2005 it slips fictional public enemies into the headlines along with Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger and Anna Sage and is splashy sexy and often fun and that s just about good enoughHere s my scouting report on the novel Opening sentenceparagraph Carlos Webster was fifteen the day he witnessed the robbery and killing at Deering s drugstore This was in the fall of 1921 in Okmulgee Oklahoma Leonard not only wastes not and knows how to spin a good yarn but unlike many of his peers favors touch football over full contact or skull smacking Though violent at turns there s no meanness or bloodsport in this novel which centers on a young Okie named Carlos Huntington Webster whose racially charged encounter with a bank robber as a boyeads him to a career as a manhunter with the US marshals during a period where bandits were celebrities often strolling in and out of custody as easily as an overnight guest at a motor court I m on the fence as to whether the playful approach sets the book apart or commits it to forgettable fluff Webster s background is plum colorful Cheyenne on his father Virgil s side Cuban on his Android Studio Application Development late mother s side his parents meeting during the Spanish American War His given name is a tribute to his maternal grandfather and Carlos wears itike a dare K Emmet Long has sought justice His keen mind and sharpshooter's eye uickly build him a hot reputation in the US Marshals Service especially after he declares If I have to pull my weapon I'll shoot to kill and proves he has what it takes to back up his claimJack Belmont has big dreams His goal is to join the ranks of America's most feared criminals to replace John Dillinger as Public Enemy No 1 This young outlaw has all the instincts of a cold blooded killer plus a powerful thirst for glory He's got a Å Skrive Jus til Eksamen long way to go to join the ranks of Baby Face Nelson Pretty Boy Floyd Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker and Machine Gun Kelly but he's off to a good enough start that Webster is hot on his trailLouly Brown started with nothing but she wasn't about to settle for that Her first claim to fame came when her cousin married Charley Pretty Boy Floyd Later running off with ex con Joe Young added spice to herife But she was smart enough to see that helping Carl Webster put a stop to Joe's crime spree.

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