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S a range of emotions rom sympathy when a The Greek Bosss Demand filthy young orphan to disgust and hatred when he starts his murderous uestEven tough the chilling horrors of Grenouille s actions are painted in such realistic tones the novel on the whole never really got under my skin as I thought it would it s good in places but pretentious in others and summing up the central character he was just too two dimensionalor my liking Not the sort of book I would normally read so at least it was a break rom the normAlthough I am still a long way off wondering around in grandpa slippers I elt this novel was maybe intended or a younger audienceForget the ish guts cow hide boiled puppy and dead virgins I will stick to the mint lavender bergamot sandalwood and tonka bean of Jean Paul Gaultier A lightly scented 35 Because sometimes you just have to read about an 17th century perfumer who may or may not be the Anti Christ and goes on a killing spree before starting aa giant omnisexual uckfest and being voluntarily cannabilized Ah literature That s why I read you the class The class In 18th Century France a baby is born who lacks any scent He does however have a deep and strong survival urge Although he is treated as a pariah by many or his condition he possesses a parallel condition a heightened sensitivity to aroma It is his uest to experience life through smell and he does so He is also a cold hearted sociopath who seizes opportunities where he can to advance his particular desires It ends badly What She Saw / Operation Reunion for him but that is a good thing The author This is a very interesting book I was rapt Until I was done it was an unhappy thing to have to put it down unfinished due to interruptions like work sleep and eating Thankfully I was able to complete it Perfume is an odd story perhaps but also very interesting providing some payload in depictions of 18th Century Europe and information about aroma in general and perfumery in particular Much recommended but notor all tastes This book was different and brilliant The story of an orphaned boy born without a scent but with an incredibly refined sense of smell the book drags a bit in parts but the ends justify the means in ways than oneAll things considered the book is a valentine to the beauty elegance and power of smell A truly underrated sense Susk Perfume The Story Of A Murderer is simply one of the greatest horror novels ever written Taking place in 18th century France it begins with an infant born with one difference rom the rest of the world Jean Baptiste Grenouille is born with the ability to smell anything and everything in the world around him Although not a novel of the supernatural as commonly defined in a sense it is because his ability can only be defined as that of supernature While not being the most prolific author Patrick S skind has made his permanent mark not only in horror and gothic iction but in the circles of high literature as well More a modern descendant of Edgar Allan Poe or Robert Louis Stevenson and other great gothic writers of that period than to most writers working today Perfume is a uniue The Dark Duke fresh story of mystery suspense and madness For those of you tired of books you can see right through anticipating where the storyline is going and how it s going to end this is the bookor you I can t imagine anyone A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy figuring out the ending or even trying to because you wil be so caught up in the book you will savour every page and description until the end It s really hard toind good modern gothic Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls fiction horror or otherwise that s done with a literate touchrom someone that conveys the The Soul Of A Thief feeling of actually being there inside a rich period piece setting A book no one with literate reading interests should miss Though different it will appeal to readers of newer masters of horror Thomas Ligotti Patrick McGrath Laird Barron and Matt Cardin And to older masters Edgar Allan Poe Robert Louis Stevenson Arthur Machen MR James Edith Wharton Nathaniel Hawthorne Henry James Sheridan Le Fanu and Bram Stoker I do like the cover to the modern version of this book but if you are a true book connoisseur like me track down the 1987 September edition 1st paperback printing by Pocket Books with the shiny red embossed lettering on a red black book It s justantastic and reminds me of a combination of the artwork Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights for theilm Amadeus 1984 the infamous murderer Jack The Ripper and to The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde My highest of all recommendations. Mixing Secret Baby, Surprise Parents flowers herbs and oils But his uest to create the ultimate perfume leads him to commit a series of brutal murders until no woman caneel safe as his inal horrifying secret is reveal.

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T of it From the very beginning I did not like the author s writing style and should have known then that this book just wouldn t be or meThis book is set in the mid 1700 s France and centers around a horrid man who has no redeeming ualities other than the The New Baby fact that he has likely the most perfect sense of smell in the history of mankind But he uses this skillor selfish and evil purposes and we get to come along Wild Streak for the story of his life if you could call it thatThe premise of the story seemed interesting enough and of course the title tells us that there is going to be murder so that always makesor interesting reading But I just P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, found it to be extremely boring and tiresomeThe author obviously did his research relating to all things perfume the methods involved in it s creation both chemically and artistically and the importance of it s purpose in that point in history But he goes overboard with list after exhaustive list of ingredients or steps within a process or varieties to beound He can t help but describe every minute detail not just of perfume but of the landscape or the people I love descriptive writing I truly do but I do also like to have an exciting plot to keep me involved By the time he Say Youll Stay And Marry Me finished describing a scene Iorgot why we were thereThis book lulled me to sleep and caused me to welcome distractions rather than turning the page so it took me a lot longer than a book of this length normally would I know that it is loved by many and was recommended to me by several whose opinions I value But this one just didn t cut it Even when the action picked up in the last 50 pages or so it became extremely bizarre and made me wonder what the heck the point was exactly Due to a bit of a cold lately I couldn t smell the cinnamon sprinkled on my Frothy Coffee nor the aromas of Rafaellos Mistress fresh croissants walking past the patisserie or the preparation of an evening meal consisting of mussels cooked in garlic butter I love these smells they are just as important to me as taste damn this cold if only I had the nose of Jean Baptiste Grenouille having a cold wouldn t have made any difference I could smell theresh The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, fish marketsrom a mile away No interest though in hunting virgins Rascal for their scent thank God S skind s novel which I didn t even realise has been so popular is Set in 18th century France and tells the grim story of one Jean Baptiste Grenouille a physically and emotionally abused orphan who is blessed with a supernatural gift the great sense of smell Hisrenzied obsession Another Day of Life for odours guides him in a ghastly perverse way to searchor the lost origin of his identity A genius of aroma Grenouille himself lacks a personal odor signifying an absence of individual identity but never mind he can just go about stealing that of others As he discovers his olfactory virtuosity he becomes increasingly obsessed with inventing new What Would You Like? fragrances particularly his own which he attempts to create artificially by extracting and blending the corporeal scents of young virginal women he murders His great hope is to create the ideal perfume that will give him the magical essence of identity He despises the rest of mankind but still is solely driven by a desireor the attention and affection of others he wants to be top dog the hell with everybody else At the moment of his crowning glory however Grenouille knows that the aura of identity created by his magic perfume is an illusion and that it has been hate rather than love that drove him to become a genius of perfuming After this epiphany Grenouille goes barking mad and surrenders himself to a gory Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, finaleThis book was good I enjoyed itor the most part but or me it wasn t great as viewed by a lot of others The plot is uniue and skilfully done not only in Grenouille s characterization but also because S skind has done his homework on 18th century France and the science behind perfume He describes Grenouille and his actions with a detached demeanor thereby heightening the horrific nature of Grenouille s actions by not commenting on that nature this leads to the problem though of very little coverage in Grenouille s despair as he realises that everything he did was in vain and ultimately unsatisfying to both him and me as the reader And the repetitive prose and unfocused paragraphs had me skimming the odd page here and there I can see why it has had big appeal because on the surface the premise is so startlingly different so kudos there and he get. Nto a dark and sinister young man who although he has no scent of his own possesses an incomparable sense of smell He apprentices himself to a perfumer and uickly masters the ancient art of.

He possessed the power He held it in his hand A power stronger than the power of money or the power of terror or the power of death the invincible power to command the love of mankind There was only one thing that power could not do it could not make him able to smell himself Perfume is a story about social isolation it s a story about not belonging in the world and the negative effects this can wrought on one s mind It s also a story about obsession a singular pursuit or perfection regardless of the costs Conseuences simply do not matter Friend Foe for Jean He is completely detachedrom reality he lives in his own world of scent invisible to all others Murder means nothing to him because he does not The Longevity Diet fully understand what he is murdering He has noeelings He cannot comprehend what it is to snuff out a life because he is not truly alive himself He is dead inside and numb to all else in his differentness He realized that all his life he had been a nobody to everyone What he now Grassroots Innovation felt was theear of his own oblivion It was as though he did not exist He had withdrawn solely Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh for his own personal pleasure only to be near to himself No longer distracted by anything external he basked in his own existence andound it splendid As such befalls misery Architecture and Utopia for all those that meet him His talent is remarkable and his motivation when roused is unstoppable His singular pursuitor his goal is uncompromising and he will stop at nothing to achieve the most perfect of scents The secret ingredient he has been looking Perfect Cities for comes his way and he cannot rest until he has it Innocence is a mighty hard thing to harvest though it is the missing piece he has been lookingor it will give his perfume the power to inspire love it will be irresistibleHowever as the tale of Icarus taught us those who Prometheus Wired fly too high will burn As such the ending of this is simply perfection The moment captures the heart of the book in one beautifully horrificrenzy of emotions and desire The delivery is masterful I knew it was coming I d seen the ilm many years previously though I don t think the ilm could every uite capture the intensity and euphoric nature of the situation The only reason I have not given this Special Topics in Calamity Physics five stars is because Iound it rambled a little in places I think the story could have been cut back and made tighter and effective though I loved the prose and the plot Jean makes Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks for an interesting character studyor sureYou can connect with me on social media via My Linktree I had a heck of a time thinking who I d recommend this to It won a Fantasy award yet I can t call it Fantasy It s set in a bygone period but it doesn t play with history so it s not Historical Fiction It s about a murder yet it s not terrifying like Horror nor is it a mystery It s just the story of a peculiar boy who became a dangerous and most interesting man He was born without an odor you see and lacking that part of identity became obsessed with smell That identity crisis triggers philosophical religious and morbid chords in the book yet none dominate If anything a dark curiosity dominates it The book has a slightly menacing monotone about it that is almost hypnotic and lays a surreal lens over the brilliant and crisp descriptions Suskind provides Scenes from a Revolution for his world It s an angry dangerous little book that baffled literary critics and inspired Nirvana Read it and label itor yourself I d like to make something very clear with my review of this book I normally don t go overboard with the whole the movie vs the book argument because I m not interested in making people s decisions or them even though I m strongly opinionated about the subject But this is a case where I have to speak out S skind has created here a work of literary art in prose and I take that seriously I admire lots of books but I wouldn t say this about any old novel The movie Perfume makes an utter mockery of this artwork its incredible languag I was predisposed to love this book no matter what I love perfumes The act that this book had blood and murder was just a bonusFor me perfumes and scents are a visceral thing I love perfume I have never been a visual person my memories are composed of layers of scentI remember as a child growing up in Vietnam visiting my elderly neighbor s house and having him give me a cup of black tea infused with jasmine Those jasmines would put the pitiful lit I want my last 2 weeks back I dove into this book expecting a hell of a lot than I dragged ou. Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition of ISBN 10 0375725849In the slums of 18th century Paris a baby is born Jean Baptiste Grenouille clings to life with an iron will growing

From 1968 1974 he studied medieval and modern history in Munich and Aix en Provence In the '80s he worked as a screenwriter for Kir Royal and Monaco Franze among others After spending the 1970s writing what he has characterized as “short unpublished prose pieces and longer un produced screenplays” Patrick Süskind was catapulted to fame in the 1980s by the monodrama Der Kontrabass The Double B