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Of my favourites of this author s books I liked the characters and their growth through the story and the theme of being true to ourself The subplot of the ghosts and their story had several parallels to the present day story and I liked the way it all came together One to add to the wish list Enjoyed the main character s growth Great going home journey Lots of food for thought This was a pretty slow moving tale about a 40 Marcus Garvey year old man who suffers a car accident and is forced to move to his childhood home to recover from his injuries While there he is forced to face his beliefs his prejudices and the possibility that life has to offer than what he once thought it did I thought the story was very well written but can t say it made me go wow This one didn t work for me Frankly I thought the story was all over the placeIt started good became boring rather soon then unbelievable and finally uite weirdI liked the beginning Burke s reluctance to go back to his home town that he had left as uickly as possible after graduating school his realization that he doesn t really like his friends or his life I was definitely hookedSadly things got boring once Burke arrived in Vermont There was no development to his relationship with his father almost until the end of the book and except for one scene where all truths came out it was uite uneventfulThen nearly everyone in this small town in Vermont was gay Obviously I have no way of knowing what the likelihood of that is but it seems unbelievable to me Anyway I tried to get over it and enjoy the interactions between the characters but that didn t happen either simply because I found all characters including Burke to be uninteresting I found Sam particularly boring every second line in his conversations with Burke was a uote from a book and eventually that got very annoying I must say there were some interesting parts at this point of the story Burke got involved with 20ears old Will and seeing how he clung to that unsatisfying relationship if it could be called a relationship and tried to persuade himself that it could possibly work out was a strong moment as Burke knew he had reached his lowest pointAnd then the final chapters well without giving much away I ll just say things got very weird If the whole Destiny thing and its rituals were supposed to be something that would finally set Burke free from his inhibitions and help him find a way to commit to a relationship I just couldn t see it do that Initially I was interested in the mystery of the letters and the photographs but I couldn t see how this sub plot related to Burke s story It felt like it was there just to fill the pages In the end I thought this could have been a much better story if the characters and their relations were better developed and explored instead of so much time being devoted to the mystery Just so good as the other ones I am home the last sentence in this book And so am I To feel good To enjoy Uncomplicated I love this author and The Road Home is exactly HOW I prefer my romance books to be The plot is much than just a description of the love hate relationship between the MCs with a healthy dose of sex scenes Burke Crenshaw lives in Boston and works as a freelance photographer He is single because he doesn t do relationships well he s allergic to a country life and the worst possible scenario for him would be spending than 24 hours under one roof with his father They have never been too close with each other and since the death of Burke s mother their relationship has become even complicated But unfortunately as sometimes happens in life a car accident leaves the worst case happen Burke HAS to spend 6 weeks at the house of his father far away from the civilisation in a small town in Vermont because of the injuries one broken leg and one broken arm he is completely dependent on external help And his father s house was the last choice but the only one possible he is left withAnd how it happens in our romance bookssighthe worst case turns into the best what could happen to our city dweller The Road Home is a wonderful novel of COMING HOME not only in physical meaning To find FRIENDLY ENEMIES yourself to understand what things are the most important and significant inour life to find inner peace new friends and maybea new love And maybeto start to liveI also enjoyed the mystery part in this book the mystiue of an old farmhouse and the secret behind the old photographs that Burke coincidentally came across during his time in Vermont His research is a thrilling parallel story in the story though I don t want to say too much Just read itHighly recommended My first of Michael Thomas Ford but for sure not the las. Of librarian Sam Guffrey he begins to research a 125 ear old mystery that seems to be reaching into the present day The Burke delves into the past the he's forced to confront the person he has become the choices he made and those he avoided his ideas of what it takes to be a successful gay man his feelings about his mother's death and the suppressed tension that simmers between himself and his father Compelling frankly funny and often wise The Road Home is the story of one man's coming to terms with who he is what he wants out of life and where he belongs and the complex surprising path that finally takes him the.

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Fun and enjoyable as he thought And maybe rural living isn t as uncultured and boring as he remembered and assumedI have always found myself drawn to Ford s books He creates characters and situations that just seem to feel and ring true He explores life as a gay man in a realistic way I also like how he doesn t focus in on only perfect looking guys or guys who are oung They are just regular guys making their way in the world It is a world I feel like I could inhabit and interact with the people who are the primary and secondary characters This is only the second book I read by Michael Thomas Ford but I think he is uite the master in writing story of modern gay men who would like to be traditionalist and conservative but in the positive meaning of these words Burke is apparently a successful man living an enviable life in Boston as a professional photographer he has everything he dreamed about when he was growing in a small town in Vermont and he would do everything to not having to renounce to it But when a car accident forces him to face the reality that he actually has no one who really cares for him if not his family it s there in that small town in Vermont that he goes back As a teen Burke was not a repressed or problematic kid but a bit reclusive and not at ease to express his feelings but that was a normal attitude in his family than his fear of rejection For a reason or the other he has never done a real coming out to his family and friends that or less applied the don t ask don t tell rule everyone knew but no one admitted Rather than facing it Burke preferred to erase everything his family his And a Bottle of Rum youth his friends the man living in Boston is a different one someone who has no connection with that life When he comes back home to Burke is like entering an unknown universe even if nothing has changed he doesn t recognize the environment his own childhood room is something stranger he doesn t even remember the books he probably coveted so manyear ago like a very used Gordon Merrick s novel When he meets Will the 20 Crochet years old son of his childhood best friend Mars Burke is not able to split the old Mars with theoung Will Mars who was Burke first experience with sex even if it was not something Mars wanted to even acknowledge I think that for him was simply another way to get off is now someone completely different and for that reason between them there is not really any reunion they barely speak to each other But with Will everything is different above all when Burke finds out the kid is interesting in him than his dad s old best friend At first I thought Burke was projecting in Will his father that he was trying to live with the kid the unreuited love he was not able to fulfil with Mars But then I read something different Burke was projecting in Will the teenager he was the one who wanted out from the small town to finally live an openly and happy gay life Burke was and still is reflecting his family s attitude on the small town since in his family no one was willing to understand was Burke really was and it was not only the gay thing also his career and dreams Burke automatically thought the small town was the same and a life there meant for sure a life in denial As soon as Burke is able to understand that it was not a rejection but a lack of communication he also starts to see the small town in a different way not only that he also finds people who can be really good friends and maybe an unexpected happily ever after There is an historical subplot regarding two men living during the Civil War it s not really something that changes completely the feeling of the story that is still a contemporary one but a nice addition the only thing that I can see as a parallel between now and then is that those men were able to accomplish something the modern day Burke is not able to living comfortable with themselves even in a place and time that was all other than accepting Searching info about them to Burke is almost to prove that they were not happy that something happened a tragedy Burke will be able to understand and accept that only life got between them only when he is able to accept that no one is against him and his happiness if not himself Last nice note is the figure of the old gay man living an happy but somewhat sad old age with a whole lot of good memories of his past life this is a figure that I have already find in Looking for It and it s so real and well described that I think it s the representation of someone in the author s real life or at least someone he would be glad to exist It s probably the hope of any modern man gay or not to arrive to an old age without regretting Playhouse your past This was one. Acks Meeting Will Janks is an unexpected complication Will is the twentyear old son of Burke's high school best friend Mars After what transpired between them one summer long ago Burke had hoped he and Mars might become than friends but Mars has always pretended that night never happened Will in contrast makes no secret of his interest in Burke who can't resist his attraction to the handsome oung man The burgeoning relationship draws Burke out of himself and into the community he left behind Exploring local history he discovers an intriguing series of letters from a Civil War soldier to his fiancé With the help.

This is my first MTF ever having picked it up on a whim And what a delightful wonderful novel it is One of those great reading experiences that leaves ou grinning from ear to ear and with a spring in Desire and Deceive your step for days afterwardsSexy sassy funny sad and wise The writing is deceptively simple but Ford has a real ear for dialogue and the uirks that make disparate characters tick Lucy Sam and Gaither are particularly well delineated as are the three bearsA 40 something gay man is in a car accident and returns home to his father s care after being away from home for 20ears There he meets a grown up guy he had a brief dalliance with while in high school and is uite shocked when the guy s 20 something son comes onto himIt is refreshing to find an author that addresses the problems and crises of confidence and virility and ego that middle aged gay men face particularly in a modern gay culture so fixated on body image 35 starsI was absolutely in love with the general tone of this book the whole narrative flowed like a dream The characters were complex and flawed and their relationships were even so Burke was not an easy person to like but he wasn t a horrible man he was just lost and desperately needed to get his life in order even when he thought he had it all That aspect of the book was wonderfully done and I loved the ending and how far Burke had gottenThe book did try to cover too many topics though and that made it a little less enjoyable There was the historical mystery part that never got solved the pagan rituals that were just wtf Will s storyline that just abruptly ended without any resolution Burke and his father s less than stellar relationship Sam s bipolar disorder that came out of nowhere it was just too much ground to cover and I couldn t connect with some of it And I can t believe I m complaining about this but every character was gay aside from Burke s father and his childhood friend Was it just a coincidence that Burke only came in contact with random people who happened to be gay Was it because the author tried to make him see how he could change his life for the better like them Eh it wasn t a big deal but it came off a bit forced after a whileAnyway the book was still great and had amazing lines and some scenes were exceptionally well written I m definitely looking into books from the author in the near future Burke Crenshaw is about to see everything in his life change and it all starts on his 40th birthday After the party he is driving home when he swerves to avoid an animal and ends up in an accident that leaves him with a broken arm and leg He is a successful photographer living in Boston The challenge is that he is currently single and his injuries mean that he will be unable to care for himself As a result he is going to have to head back to his family s home in rural Vermont There is very little that he dreads as muchHis dad is an investment broker but Burke always think of him as a local farmer They do not have the best of relationships His dad is a traditional gruff guy full of masculinity His dad accepts Burke being gay but they have never spoken about it Burke does have a better relationship with is dad s girlfriend Lucy She doesn t live with Burke s dad but she is definitely willing to help play the nursemaid and confidentThat proves interesting when she introduces Burke to a book her first husband who died Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, years earlier from complications from Alzheimer s had written The book explores the role Vermonters plaid in the Civil War The story is told largely through letters and photographs Burke finds himself drawn into the book and particularly into the mysterious background of one particular manBurke is also finding being home to be a bit challenging He left because it always felt too uite and unwelcoming to someone who was gay It was nice to reconnecting with his former high school best friend but even this takes on an interesting twist when he meet s his friend s son Will Will and Burke find themselves forming a budding relationship This freaks Burke out considering their difference in ages It also bothers him because Will seems less willing to be open about his sexualityBurke also forms an interesting friendship with Sam who is the librarian at the library in a nearby town Sam is definitely not like Burke s usual friends in Boston They are all part of the same scene and seem to focus on relationships and other gossip Sam is different and he is a little intriguingOver the course of the weeks Burke stays in Vermont he finds himself evolving and changing He starts to reconsider what he wants out of life and where he sees himself having a home Being an ubranite may not have been as. Bestselling author Michael Thomas Ford demonstrates once again why he is the master of portraying the contemporary gay experience in this moving beautifully told story of love family and finding one's place in the worldWhen a car accident leaves photographer Burke Crenshaw in need of temporary full time care he finds himself back in the one place no fortyear old chooses to be his childhood bedroom There in the Vermont home where he grew up Burke begins the long process of recuperation and watches as his widowed father finds happiness in a new relationship that's a constant reminder of everything Burke wants and

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Michael Thomas Ford is the author of than fifty books for both young readers and adults in genres ranging from humor to horror literary fiction to nonfiction As a writer for young adults he is the author of the popular Circle of Three series writing as Isobel Bird; nonfiction books about spirituality Paths of Faith the AIDS crisis Voices of AIDS and the gay community The World