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Gular uickly put him in his place nd gave Kari to Dom named Dan for safekeeping Thus Dan became Kari s teacher nd brought forward her inner submissive Everything seemed to be fine nd dandy only Dan himself was full of his own demons that made him behave with the same level of jerky ness toward Kari s Buck s Fortunately he was the hero of the story so Kari often overlooked his behavior She did keep thinking being submissive is wrong she was brought up in Lila, the Divine Game a strict Catholic family so often that by he time I was done with half of the book it started getting on my nerves Believe it or not I liked the first book of the series It felt like very mild nd gentle introduction into BDSM with sympathetic characters The second book showed sharp drop in uality in my opinion I could not care bout Dan Jabberwocky and his inner demons I did not like histtitude toward Kari Dom or not I got bored with Kari trying to figure out if what she was doing was right or wrong By the end of the book I had to exercise serious hold on my willpower because I was Lonesome Melodies: The Lives and Music of the Stanley Brothers afraid if I see Dan calling Kari little sub one time I would go ballistic I said the first book had very mildnd tasteful BDSM scenes I found one of two here to be somewhat uestionable The most ironic part happened Les pirates almostt the end of the book so consider everything I wrote from this point to the end of. S become Blue-Blooded Vamp and what dark citadel he's made of his heartDuring their three nights together the teacher will learn to submitcan she teach the master to lovePublisher’s Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language nd situations some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse BDSM theme nd content includingnot limited to bondage caning restraint spanking tethering exhibitionism voyeuris.

Is the public sharing nd humiliation Those spect of the books don t sit well with me Also this series lacks the strong romantic element that is prevalent in Ms Sinclair s book The Dom s Dungeon Problem Solving with C++: The Object of Programming and in her Mountain Masters series For me personally I prefer my erotica to have romance than is in this series Overll I like this book I didn t love it Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials and I probably won t read itgain but I like it enough to recommend it I have so high expectation for Miss Sinclair After New Headway Video Intermediate Level: Teacher Book all she is one of my favorite for BDSM romance theme Now her books mostly highlight BDSM sexnd minimum on the story In this book Miss Sinclair wrote foreward on the beginning of the book warning her readers to be safe on BDSM world I found this book is lacking of steam nd innovation It feels like the story Herbal Constituents and the BDSM element is copy from the previous book Repeating overnd over L'Appel de l'Orient again Im bit disappointed Spiritual Resurrection Training (Sura Academy Teachings) actually With lack of story depth I surely expecting hot sexs sibstitute 3 stars A mild mannered school teacher Kari suspected she was Changed into Her Pussy a submissive in BDSM senses she never had ny pleasure from ordinary sex Thus when her boyfriend Buck offered to take her to beginner BDSM class in club Shadowlands she went The Real World of Fairies, Revised Edition: A First-Person Account along with his idea The moment they came to the club Buck began behaving like jerk thinking this is what real Dom should do but the club s re. Everything he sks for There is nothing she can hide from him Not her passionor her loveStill mourning the death of his wife Master Dan You Can Have an Amazing Memory: Learn Life-Changing Techniques and Tips from the Memory Maestro avoids getting involved with womennd he never takes American Beauty a sub twice But this modest little beginner is such sweetie one night is far from enough As he plumbs her responses taking her ever deeper into the world of BDSM the gentle submissive begins to show him how barren his life ha.

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Again the book didn t have much of Supernatural Sleep (Lyon Fox Mysteries a plot just sex kinkier sexnd sex A Street in Bronzeville again Nevertheless this book hadll the good traits that the first one in the series had Master Dan Hot dark thoughtful nd little tortured to make good mix powerful Master Dan is wet dream com true Since the death of his wife he s been changing partners like socks until he meets Kari Kari Kari is school teacher nd The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet a closet subnd she is The European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy: Central Issues . . . Key Players Strategic Outreach Roundtable and Conference Report about to have her world rocked by very sexy Dom Again Kari was very likable A bit self conscious nd raised by nunsliterally she is bit worried of the world she is getting into but she can t seem to stop herselfI didn t like the couple Pilgrim in the Ruins: A Life of Walker Percy as muchs Jessica nd Z but I still coulsn t put the book down BUT if you re looking for sth much meaningful than some exotic sex this isn t the book for you 3 12 stars Dark Citadel is the second book in Cherise Sinclair s Masters of the Shadowland series I liked this book than the first but not s much He Followed Me Home as I d hoped I did love the chemistry respectnd understanding that developed between Master Dan Past Lives Present Stories and Kari My heart melted with how tender Master Dan could be in reassuringnd nurturing Kari s submissive side I wanted to smack him though when his guilt nd nger over his wife s death flared up turning him cold nd unfeeling What I didn t care for that seems common in this series. Series Masters of the Shadowlands; Previous Book Club ShadowlandsGenre BDSM Erotic ContemporaryAfter Kari breaks up with her date during Beginner's Night t Club Shadowlands she's given the option to continue with n experienced dominant Despite her steamy fantasies bout BDSM the inexperienced schoolteacher plans to simply observe Yet under the unyielding hands of Master Dan she not only participates but gives him.