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I will admit I came to this book as a fan of the for the first season at least uite enjoyable show almost negligibly based on this character No surprise then that I was isappointed But I intend to revisit the series at a later Blue Skies and Gunfire date attempt to approach it on its own merits and see what it holds Christopher Chance the Human Target When your life is on the line and you need someone to take your place and handle the threat Chance is the man to call A master ofisguise Chance completely takes on the appearance and persona of his client while on the caseThis collects the Human Target mini series from DC s Vertigo imprint Vertigo had gained a reputation of taking older lesser known DC properties and adulting them up making the stories mature The Human Target mini series is one of those It is certainly a well handled storyline and clearly sets things up either for a second mini or a regular monthly seriesThis would also be the inspiration for the Fox series of the same name with Mark Valley in the role of Chris Chance This is Milligan s take on. If your life is in anger call Christopher Chance A silky smooth master of impersonation Chance is an assassin's worst nightmar.


T is by any stretch normal Once again his penchant for plunging eep into character psychology and interrelationship pays offIt certainly shouldn t surprise us to see a theme of lost self identity in a book about a man who lives the lives of others but Milligan s take is fresh and filled with those little surprising bits of verisimilitude that mark him as the preeminent literary voice in comics even in a less mind bending storyUnfortunately Milligan oesn t expand much upon these themes in later volumes as the series unfolds we tend to get of the same It s unusual to see a Milligan who isn t pushing his own boundaries but perhaps he felt limited by the setting or it could be his way of writing a simpler accessible seriesBiukovic s art is solid and evocative and it s a certain shame to have lost his talent so young His replacement by Pulido in the next volumes is a big loss for the series as the soft light colors and blocky cartoonish characters are hardly a good match for an introspective hard boiled spy story My Suggested Reading In Comics. Ng an African American minister with a price on his head leaves Chance caught between a relentless hit man and a bloody gang wa.

The classic DC character Human Target a private investigator and bodyguard who is able to completely take on another s appearance and personality The plotting and concept reads like a Hollywood thriller but Milligan gives the story a arker psychological bent Unfortunately the length of the story Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, doesn t give him the space to properly flesh out the central conceptespite it being such an integral part of the story s themes Milligan never takes the time to show how the Human Target intuits a client s personality how they Born Fighting disassociate themselves from their own identity or how they change their appearance so convincingly it s just sort of assumed that all these things happen The writing is strong as is the art but it sifficult to take the story s concept seriously when it is sketched so vaguely I ve come to expect a lot from Milligan over the years and while this isn t his best series the opening arc is strong This is the least bizarre story I ve read from him it s mostly an action packed if rather Dr. Simon Forman dark spy story though thatoesn t mean E a man who can assume the identity of anyone marked for eath and take out the assassins with brutal precision But impersonati.

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