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Am I at the end yet Aww that was a sweet ending now I have to read the next The end I kept out all the eye rolling I did because there was a ot I won t be in a rush to read the next but I will eventually get around to reading some from this series I did find some of the other warriors to be interesting Yay This was such a fun read Just for the record though you need to be in the right frame of mind to really enjoy this book If you are expecting anything with even a touch of realitywell you re just out of The Mistletoe Melody (A Brookhollow Story, luck Atlantis Rising is a grade A Guilty Pleasure so unless you are willing to set aside the tendency to roll you eyes you probably won t enjoy it Embrace the Cheese Review posted on Got FictionOriginal reviewwatch this video by Grout for Atlantis Rising It s from Alyssa Day s website and it s an original songvideo filmed just this summerLOVED IT both the book and the video ReviewThis series is being re released and holy molyook at that new cover I Sid and Sam ll give you a moment I read this years and years agoike 2009 maybe It s been a while When I was offered the chance to review it of course I said yes Re reading a favorite is never a choreI ve always Screwball loved her Warriors of Poseidon series It s uniue which during the mid 00s was hard to findThis book opens with High Prince Conlan entering Atlantis for the first time in over seven years He d been captured and tortured in a demon realm and he s just been released He isn tnormal yet But there s no chance to recover Poseidon s Trident was stolen by one of their own and they need to get it back ASAP He joins with his seven best warriors and they head to the surfaceThe vampires have come out to the world and are insinuating themselves into politics and worldeader positions Humans have a curfew and Riley Dawson is out past curfew after having a hell of a day Sitting on the beach trying to get her mind to settle down she notices three vampires coming her way Riley is an empath and she s projecting her emotions oud and clear without realizing it Normally it wouldn t be a big deal but Conlan can pick up her feelings and as he surfaces from the water he abandons his task and goes straight to herRiley doesn t understand this connection she has with Conlan but she s willing to explore it But before they can enjoy their inst ust fun vampires and battles get in the way And after one of those battles she finds out that her sister is the The Outlaw Jesse James leader of the human rebellion because not everyone is happy with how the vampires took over after they came out Meanwhile they still need to find the trident and figure out why the vampire goddesset Conlan goWhat I Up All Night loved about this book was that it doesn t feelike it s bogged down with world building or First Book in the Series Syndrome I also enjoy Alyssa Day s sense of humor It has the old school band of brothers feel that I sometimes miss now This book has all the hallmarks of the heyday of PNR A tortured hero the warrior group of men who keep humanity safe and the women who keep their butts in The Spiral Dance line I enjoyed it and I m glad it s getting re releasedI think when I first read it I gave it a 4 but I ve reread it several times over the years and I just feel that any book I enjoy than once gets bumped up to a 5Review copy provided courtesy of the author 3 Read with my smutoving The Erotic Mind ladies from MacHalo Freaks group This is an old school Paranormal Romance which I probably would have rated higher had I read it 10 years ago when it was written So many of the typical components of a PNR have became predictable and taken for granted now when at the time were new and unexpected However this is still a fun well written story and I appreciate theittle things that make it uniue The Atlantian Prince meets an empathic human girl next door sparks fly and insta Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, lust is born Paranormal creatures have come out in the human world and the potential power battles and influence issues that arise become the background to theirove story We are also introduced to a bunch of hot confident full of testosterone Atlantian warriors who I am sure are being set up for the following books as potential It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty love interests Not something extraordinary but a pleasant read to spend an afternoon with Have a pleasant reading experience. Ieve Poseidon's stolen trident Yet something else has possessed Conlan the intimate emotions and desires of a human Irresistibly drawn to the uncanny beauty Conlan soon shares than his mind But in the midst of a battle to reclaim Poseidon's power howong can a forbidden Here With Me (Together loveast between two different souls from two different worl.

Alyssa Day s debut has muscular to die for underwater warriors galore but all the action happens on Double Deception (Code Name: Danger land There is so much going on in this book with vampires trying to take over the world a priest from the underwater stealing a statue for no reason and Wow I knew I wouldike this series but never this much I couldn t put this book down and it is a first book in a series which are never this good I can t wait to see how I feel about the rest of themI Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, loved the topic This warriors from Atlantis were hot as hell The characters were all amazing with great and strong personalities The heroine had a very entertaining personality she made meaugh too many times I Grave Tattoo loved to read about a brotherhood of warriors again I had no idea how much I missed this the companionship between so many characters and the hopes to get to know them all betterThis was an amazing read and I can t wait to read My only problem was that I would haveiked it better if it had a deeper plot Also their enemies were too easily beaten IMHO But there were many great moments Loved it Couldn t finish this book It is just Georgia and the Tycoon like every other paranormal romance We have the muscle bound warrior with special powers that is part of some kind of brotherhood that protects humanity from some threat or another Of course he comes across hisife mate who is inevitably in some sort of danger and takes her back to their safehouse or compound to keep her safe and have sex He is super jealous and possessive and growls a Churchills Trial lot There was just NOTHING new or interesting or original so it was pretty boring If you haven t read many of this genere then you may try it but if you are already well auainted then I suggest skipping this one OMG this was the best book ever it made meaugh made me cry filled my heart full of joy aroused me sexually and my wonderful husband payed for it LOLThe story wraps around Conlan the high prince of Atlantis and the emphath Riley who is blessed with a mind A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries link that only Atlanteans have been able to access for thousands of yearsThe characters in this story are awsome and very humorous and of course the badass warriors The story is full of adventure in their persuit of getting the Trident back that was stolen and killing all the evil vampires They even team up with the shape shifters with the help of Riley s sister uinnThe story ends great and Colan ends up the King of Atlantis with his new bride and ueen who by the way happens to be a decendent of Poseidon Sea God I don t want to ruin the surprise of which decendent she is so you will have to read the book to find out Also Riley finds out that she is pregnant with Colan s child What a happy ending I absolutelyoved it I can t wait to read the next book Atlantis Awakening Woo Hoo Alyssa Day has certainly caught my attention with an empathic Riley Dawson and a hot group of Poseidon s warriors that are on a treasure hunt of sorts I know I m all tingly and ready to go Lakeside Redemption lolHer grief called to him It would not be denied He must go to herThe mental telepathic dialogue had me cracking up so I put a smile on my face and prepared myself for a fun sexy read I mean she s an empath and he s a high prince the first of Poseidon s warriors so what could possibly go wrong You re not going to drink my blood or rip my arms off are you Because my day has really sucked and I m so not up for that she saidBarrabas a powerful vampire felt the disturbance caused by their meeting Oh man so cool Water warriors and blood sucking Vampires What could I want I am hooked and happyEverything Conlan does is for Atlantis so denying his overwhelming desire for Riley who is not only a forbidden human but also an empathiterally brought him to his knees Conlan and his warriors were tasked with protecting the humans from shapeshifters and vampires and were clearly from the Land of HunkI am feeling upbeat having fun sharing Conlan and Riley s internal dialogue and In Pursuit of a Princess lovin every minute of it And now we find out why they are above groundPoseidon s Trident has been stolen Conlan couldose his kingdom if they don t recover it You re not a vampire because you ve got a heartbeat she said Are you a shapeshifter What kind of furry are you going to get He aughed I m not going to turn furry br. Eleven thousand years ago before the seas swallowed the Atlanteans Poseidon assigned a few chosen warriors to act as sentinels for humans in the new world There was only one rule desiring them was forbidden But rules were made to be brokenWhen she callsRiley Dawson is than a dedicated Virginia Beach social worker She's blessed with.

Ave one I am nothing you know Conlan knows that empaths don t exist yet here s Riley He also knows that the soul meld doesn t exist yet how to explain the sparks between themWell Alyssa you drew me in kept me riveted to the pages worrying and fretting aughing and smiling never etting me go The action kept the story flowing as I devoured the words The world created was full of wonder and I am so happy to have been able to visit Atlantis and meet all these fabulous characters that escaped from the mind of Alyssa DayI voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Atlantis Rising by Alyssa DayWoo Hoo Alyssa Day has certainly caught my attention with an empathic Riley Dawson and a hot group of Poseidon s warriors that are on a treasure hunt of sorts I know I m all tingly and ready to go olHer grief called to him It would not be denied He must got to herThe mental telepathic dialogue had me cracking up so I put a smile on my fa Riley Dawson has had a bad day at work a really bad day so she seeks solace as she always has in sitting on the beach and watching the ocean Just to be attacked by vampires and then saved by a man Conlan who claims he is from the Dark Awakening lost city of Atlantis The attraction between the two of them is instant and all consuming however they also have other problems Posiedons Trident has been stolen and they must get it before itands in undead hands otherwise as the crazy people with placards say The End is NighI am so undecided on this book I think I want to Hawks Way (Hawks Way like it alot then I actually do So to make it easier I am going to compose a Pros and Consist Pro I Family Men liked the idea of it that Atalantis hadn t beenost merely hidden to protect itself from vampires and shapeshifters I also Creative Participation liked the band of seven warriors that protect the prince Conlan our hero and I assume characters for the next books you get toearn new things about each of the characters through both Riley and Conlan s eyes and it has me Sabina Spielrein looking forward to all their booksIt was also well written and easy to read very similar in style to Sherrilyn Kenyon with short paragraphs and short melodramatic sentences Thiseant to the intensity if the Cognitive Radio Networks love story between Conlan and Riley who very uickly fall inove and although they haven t known eachother the ove and passion between them doesn t feel forced or out of place Infact the steamy scenes in this book were great the book wasn t overloaded with them but when they did finally get down and dirty it was HOT Cons This book was very short Under 300 pages which is how I managed to whizz through it in under 24 hours This means that although the basic outline of the world was there it didn t seem to go into any depth with the world building I had no sense of Atlantis at all which wasn t such a big problem in this book as it was set on and but I was curious and it never appeased my curiousity However I hope in the next book this will be addressedAlthough I mentioned the writing in the Pros Out of This World list I must also mention it in the Consist aswell I don t mind Alyssa Day s style of writing but it isn t my favourite and isn t something I could read for too The Time It Never Rained long without it driving me mad What also annoyed me was her over use of the phrase Kick some ass it was just aittle thing but really how many times can people say that Surely there are other ways to phrase itI also found the main characters a bit flat especially Conlan he seems to have come straight from the factory of hot and tortured hero without any distinguishing characteritics being added However I am hoping this doesn t continue in to the rest of the series as the other characters seem to be alot rounded even though they were only secondary in this very short book In Conclusion I The Child of the Soul and Other Stories liked this book I have the next three and I amooking forward to reading them although I seem to have Cons then Pros I did enjoy it and although this series hasn t had the greatest start it was a good basis and I am hoping that this series gets better as it goes on ok I am going to shuck the normal review and just post my thoughts on how I felt while reading this bookdid I miss something is this the first book re reads the front cover really oh come on puts down book shut up and have sex already this sex scene sucks Justice is hot. A mind ink that only Atlanteans have been able to access for thousands of years Being an empath may explain her wistful connection to the roiling waves of the ocean the sanctuary it provides and the sexual urges that seem to emanate from fathoms belowHe will comeConlan the High Prince of Atlantis has surfaced on a mission to retr.

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Alyssa Day is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author with than a million books sold including the Vampire Motorcycle Club Warriors of Poseidon and Cardinal Witches paranormal romance series and the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries paranormal mystery series Throughout her seventeen year writing career she has won many awards for her fiction which include Romance Writers of America’s pres