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A luminous rose Surface poem meditation on connection withlace forever having changed my own relationship the mountain Adnan nevertheless veers a bit over into the overly suggestive and vague at times Tam is no killer mountain I always thought that dreaming was the honor of the human species the logic of dreams is superior to the one we exercise while awake In dreams the mind at last finds its courage it dares what we do not dare I t also creates from nightmares to fantastic calculation and it Orange 5 (オレンジ, perceives reality beyond our fuzzy interpretations in dream we swim and fly and we are not surprisedtoerceive is to be the movement not the object Up there the open but filled mouth of the volcano speaks back to the sky a tale of ast disorder The fire has left for its own origins it returned to the sun. Literary Nonfiction JOURNEY TO MOUNT TAMALPAIS is an essay on Nature Art and the relationship between them Highly original in both content and literary struc.

The mountain remains in blue silence in urple desertion in agony and nobody knows The ocean is launching its brilliant waves against the asphalt black walls of the mountain and in the night of this ocean I am finding the freshness of dispersed springs Harbors catch fire at the edge of the sea Everything at last is upside down The skies are confused with blackness and the water is green like eyes which are cruel and opened on smoke I feel trapped in this universe and think of what an anti universe could mean which is still a universe there is no way out To be the light over there breaking the clouds alone in the cool winds The Scot peaceful over the waves knowing the mountain and the ocean furiouslyossessed by its love for water Drown and do not drown the mountain is as solid as a fog as translucent. Ture it rovides a new outlook on the importance of Nature as an element of thinking; one of the major works on the spirit of lace in contemporary literatur.

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As the undertow as The Greatest Victory possessed as the ocean but its travelling is silent and formal and the ocean is aure voyage I Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, picked up this slender book of musings and various monochrome watercolors of Mount Tamalpais on the recommendation of the excellent enewsletter Brain Pickings Highly recommended itself I found some of the writing a bit oohy oohy and I tend to go into a negative high alert when whiteeople start talking about American Indian spirituality in a lumped together sort of way But such issues are not a huge roadblock to the rest of her content which is casual and flowing and often Fates Monolith (MacLomain, poetic I found it aeaceful read with beautiful ink wash images of Mount Tam which I first climbed in 1975 I bought a new copy very nice at Powell s Books online It was originally ublished in 1986 Meditative. EThis book is illustrated with 17 drawings by the authorAn enlightening journey for those who love the mountain and for those who love Etel Adnan Wendell Ber.

Etel Adnan was born in Beirut Lebanon in 1925 She studied philosophy at the Sorbonne UC Berkeley and at Harvard and taught at Dominican College in San Rafael California from 1958–1972 In solidarity with the Algerian War of Independence 1954–1962 Adnan began to resist the political implications of writing in French and became a painter Then through her participation in the movement a