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Nto mentioning Chinese and Korean variants on Japanese themes does not count they are distinct culturesOverall I iked it and if it had touched on Aliens and delved a Teaspoon and an Open Mind little deeper into Vampires with perhapsess on Vlad I might have given it a 4 as it it deserves a 3 Those A Celtic Miscellany looking for bite sized frights will find them aplenty in this book Originally intended for bedside reading with chapter by chapter dips each night I ended up finishing it in aittle ess than a day Paranormal is or ess a sampler of all things unexplained but what it offers is uite sumptuous and it is told in an elouent direct way that is chilling but the humorous asides come as a welcome relief Essentially it serves as a springboard to whatever areas of the paranormal take your fancy and as that it does a brilliant job I have already noted down uite a few I plan to pursue in future In particular I was most taken with the folklore of Japan which is so unusual and varied not to mention creepy sometimes delightfully so I found myself wishing I had grown up knowing them and fearing them simply because they are to me far imaginative than the superstitions we are accustomed to Take the Rokuri Kubi for example Just your average woman by day hair raising horror by night When the woman sleeps her neck stretches and stretches and stretches until it goes pluck and scuttles away from her body Then her head. Science to psychic phenomena to monsters and weird creatures The Complete Idiot's Guider to the Paranormal focuses on the most interesting.

Without her knowing goes around sucking the blood out of people and animals drinking Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, lamp oil resting itself against a window so as to alarm passerby who will see no body attached to it and generally scaring the hell out of everyone I myself would probably confiscate it and keep it as a petSo give it a go It offers great material for tales around the campfire chances to scare the wits out of your younger sibling and interesting tidbits sure to win the heart of your oddly attractive Goth girlboy next door But most of all if you pick it up and read it with an open mind youl put it down with a sense of wonder and unease The world indeed is a mysterious place Great read if you want to The Culture Code learn the truth to what really goes on not follow silly stuff in the movies and Ghost Hunter goons This book gives you a very good summary of just about everything in the paranormal world There is aot of good info and plenty of places where he injects his personal comments and gives you a good augh Nothing too deep just a good intro to the field and a way to kick off your reading in whatever aspect you re the most fascinated by I didn t read all of this book but rather skimmed through it while a passenger on a driveThe biggest problems with it Syncretism It doesn t openly adopt one specific view on the paranormal but rather tries to accept and even unify the differing beliefs of And bone chilling aspects of the Paranormal the supernatural including Ghosts and spirits Angels demons and spellcasters Unexplained phenome.

This book was a great book I earned about paranormal subjects and things in here that I never even heard of This has got to be one of my favorite books on the paranormal I didn t read the sections on monsters I was mainly interested in the sections on spirits and demons It definitely gave a good starting point for Stolen Magic (Stardust, learning about this subject My main concern isearning to continue with spirit communication without having a problem with troublesome demons This book was somewhat useful in this regard See of my reviews at Bettering Me Up25 stars I was expecting from this but it mostly consisted of one or two short paragraphs on each subject I rounded up to three stars because I did The Billionaire Daddy learn something new even if it wasn t very thorough It could have used detail and explanation in the sections on Vampires no mention of Mercy Brown or Elizabeth B thory and the only fictional vampire mentioned is Dracula they mention the movie Nosferatu but never the name of the vampire Count Orloc Still since the movie was an unauthorized version of Dracula I stand by the fact they only mentioned Dracula Frankly that s just sad Add in a totalack of non European vampires Sad does not begin to cover it and Shape shifters and it had no chapters on Aliens It also is pretty heavily influenced by Japanese culture which is great save that seems to be the only non western culture they delve An otherworldly examination of the unknown that will keep fright fans reading all night From any strange experience that can't be defined by.

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Nathan Robert Brown 1977 present is an author pop culture mythologist and technical writer from Texas currently residing in Florida He received the 2009 Harry Brown Award for 'The Rape of Lilith' Nathan has done extensive research in world mythology folklore urban legends ancient civilizations and world religions and is an expert on trinitiestripartite systems and universal themes in