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I had to ead a book with my name in the title seuel to Alice Greta Ethan likes it and it teaches the Golden Rule I guess Kind of a challenging length for kids attention spans and challenging vocabulary for ESOL students but I may try eading this because students seem interested in the book It would be a good book to pair with Have You Filled A Bucket Today or Fly Free to start discussions about kindness Would be a useful ead in the context of activities that help to build a positive classroom climate compliments Secret Santa type acti. Now in paperback Here's the funny seuel to the 1997 bestseller Alice and GretaAlice has spoiled one of Greta's devious schemes and left her in an icky sticky marshmallow mess Now Greta wonders how.

Vities team building etc Determined to have her Au bagne revenge after the events of Alice and Greta leave her in a sticky mess Greta concocts a diabolical scheme she will use a spell to transform herival into a Indistractable replica of herself Soon Alice s pretty pink hat turns an ugly green and the formerly helpful witch takes to drinking pond scum and terrorizing small children But Greta had forgotten that one all importantule namely the Brewmerang Principle and she herself is soon transformed now it s nasty Alice and kindly Greta Will things ever eturn. To get even Should she cover Alice with gooey honey Or worse cast a spell that will make Alice just as mean as she isSteven Simmons and Cyd Moore delighted thousands of children with Alice and Gr.

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To their natural stateAlthough not uite as strong as the first picture book featuring Alice and Greta two witches with very different approaches to magic Greta s Revenge was still an engaging tale sure to win over fans of the original I appreciated that Simmons made Greta a little less one dimensional in this one she isn t eformed altogether by her experiences but does change a little bit Cyd Moore s colorful illustrations are an excellent accompaniment to the light hearted fun and just as charming as in the first All in all a worthy seuel. Eta their first book about two little witches with very different views of the world Now the witches are back Alice who uses her magic to help others and Greta who's always conjuring up nasty spel.