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Ust keep getting into fights all the time ou know it s going to be a great story when all these stars align rightBesides the fact that these two had some pretty explosive and hysterical fights I loved the gender switching that Child did in this book Besides the obvious swap with the names Mike has two sisters Sam and Jo they are also owners of Marconi Construction which they run with their father This heroine also is a little worldly than many heroine of late She s been around the block but not in a bad way Lucas is also a different kind of hero Although they have some epic verbal sparring Lucas is a thinker at heart He s a research scientist and is actually uite cerebra 35 starsTo the author and editor may I suggest a original title something uniue to meet the story andor charactersI would read others in this series Mike Marconi s turn She had plans for the land that Lucas Gallagher bought and has built his house on Now she can t st In the second installment of Maureen Child s Marconi Sisters Trilogy after AND THEN CAME YOU the story focuses on the oungest sister Mike Michaila Marconi All ready reeling from the fact that her dream property was bought by someone else Mike has insinuated herself into the owner s life by changing the way things are constructed in his house and dropping by constantly to make helpful suggestions For Lucas Gallagher the owner of the property Mike still considers her own Mike is a thorn in his side She s bossy demanding and somehow gets him to make changes on his own house that he never even considered Added to that is the mutual sexual attraction that seems to ignite sparks whenever she s around and the whole situation is a messy one I loved this second installment of the series Mike s wild past comes back to haunt her Lucas s brother Justin is barging back into his life and the secondary characters truly make this book enjoyable As Lucas and Mike fight to discover if they have the kind of sparks that can last a lifetime lives are changed forever for each and every member of the Marconi family and their added friends and community members I can t wait to get started on the final book in the series TURN MY WORLD UPSIDE DOWN which centers on oldest sister Jo. Doesn't understand what Lucas is talking about half the time but she knows exactly what he's feeling And while criticizing his complete lack of architectural ability and remaking the house he's trying to build Mike finds herself slipping into Lucas Gallagher's life She wakes him up and he shakes her up the two of them are complete opposites and nothing can keep them apart Until Lucas's brother Justin comes home to

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E is saving money to buy her dream property when suddenly someone else comes along and buys it My problems with the beginning of the book was precisely because I couldn t understand Mike and Lucas s relationship If he was the new owner why did she keep changing his orders for the house and why didn t he do something about it They supposedly had a business relationship only and it s not very sound for business if ou keep thwarting the one who is paying Undercover Pregnancy you no matter how muchou think ou have better ideasOnce I got past that meaning once I felt they had than just a business relationship I was OK with how they dealt with each other I could totally see how Mike was good for LucasBut they both have events from their past who threaten to shadow their lives and their relationship Once again I enjoyed how they supported each other and helped each other processing what was happening I think the final twist was unnecessary as I could totally get a HEA without it but it also didn t bother me so all is wellThis is only my second Maureen Child book but I find that I really like her writing style and that she portrays the relationships in a very realistic way I can t wait to get my hands on the third book of this series and I m thinking I must check out the rest of her back listGrade 45 Originally posted on SarahsbookshelfcomI get a little excited sometimes when I find new authors especially ones with a big backlist This kind of glorious discovery doesn t happen as often as I think it should but I feel very grateful nonetheless Maureen Child is the latest author to make this special list I m a fan of mass market paperback series and although this story is an oldie it s definitely a goodieThis story is actually the second book of the Marconi sisters series We are introduced to Michaela Mike Marconi who is driving her current client nuts with her complete disregard for his specifications or previous architectural plans Mike s got her own ideas for Lucas s home Lucas Gallagher is a research scientist attempting to build his dream home in the small town of Chandler CA Never one to get emotional or worked up Mike drives Lucas nuts Her incessant changes and general presence drive him crazy and these two En it means everything he's failed His ounger brother the family's 'golden child' is dying of cancer and Lucas despite his brilliance can't help him In Chandler he tries to hide from the world he knows Mike tried running away from her problems when she was a kid When her mother lay dying Mike ran When her world crumbled Mike hid And she's learned that the only way to win is to stand our ground and keep trying She.

What do ou do when a woman takes over the construction of With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) your house Fall in love with her of course Mike had mastered the art of running and hiding Lucas on the other hand is a novice in the field Individually they re lost Together they learn how to face adversities Rating warm as a wool sweater It was fun to continue the story of the Marconi family I felt like this character Mike was very familiar I finally figured out that she must have been in the Candellano trilogy which I read severalears ago There was a little surprise at the end of this book I can t wait to see how that turns out in the 3rd book of the trilogy Master plumber Michaela Marconi has been driving Lucas Gallaher nuts Every time he turns around she s in his house messing with his design for his house and the worst thing about it is she s always right Mike doesn t do long term relationships but Lucas has gotten under her skin Part of it is his house It should have been her house She had coveted that land and had planned a dream house His house Sometimes striking sparks is the best way to get a flame This book has hot sex lots of humor plenty of sweetness and a tight grip on family Although 2nd in a trilogy it stands comfortably by itself Definitely worth reading From the start I liked this story much better than And Then Came You I enjoyed the chemistry between Lucas and Mike I enjoyed that she was always seemed to be invading his space They had heated disagreements and then suddenly the story got heated in a very different direction And I mean heated This was Mike and Lucas s story but there were also a lot of interactions from Jo and Sam Mike s sisters as was as the Candellano family prior series set in the same town as this series but not so much interaction that it took away from the story I d say this was Good I don t know if I d read it again but I wasn t disappointed by this story at all It was definitely worth the time to read A few ears ago I read the first one in this series and really enjoyed it Recently I had the opportunity of grabbing book number two and I couldn t let it pass I am happy to report that I did enjoy it although I was a bit worried in the beginningMike is the oungest Marconi sister Sh. Lucas Gallagher is the geek who bought the land Michaela Mike Marconi wanted for her dream house She thinks he's infuriating annoying and totally rude Yet he gets to her than any other man ever has But though Lucas may be a scientist he's the rock star of scientists His inventions have made him millions his research is reshaping the study of medicine and he holds patents for numerous technological marvels But now wh.

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