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As I said was intriguing and good I didn t like this one as much as the two preceding novels in the series It felt a little too preachy It was well written but the massage of the book was its sole eason for existence I kept waiting for the story to start but couldn t get into it with the Point hanging over my head In short I wasted precious hours I could have spent Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, reading something else Really a three and a half stars A good story well written with smart and funny bits that I would easilyecommend A dystopian fantasy set in a post global warming Ireland which is complete with a parallel eality fairyland The downside is the heavy handed message Greed is bad and led to global warming and environmental destruction Art is good and farming is pure Issues of how art would exist without other commerce and the creative aspects of science or mercan. UtFollowing on from The New Policeman and The Last of the High Kings The White Horse Trick travels from the now to far distant futures from world's end to world's beginni.

Nd I ead the other two and the post global warming and bleak and dire settingpremise here is sort of weird after the other two though you could see it coming eally I thinkIn the end though I think this was not my favorite of the three I barely emember the first The New Policeman and Au bagne really want to go back ande Indistractable read it I think I might haveead it the summer of Matt and Nika s wedding maybe So could it eally be six years agoI ead the 2nd in the series this fall The Last of the High Kings Alden says it was his favorite and I might agree though I need a ecent ead of the first one to eally be able to say I emember eally loving the first oneThis one gets a little extra fantastical for me at the end though I know that others like that genretake than me so I am okay with it Just something about it sort of distanced me though the overall story. The king of the fairies is not happy about it and when it is evealed that the warlord who is behind the problem is a member of the Liddy family JJ is sent to sort him

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In the third book in the trilogy that started with The New Policeman JJ Liddy s chldren are all grown up It s late in the 21st century and changing weather patterns have devastated Ireland and the est of the world but the focus of the story emains exclusively on Ireland and specifically the area around Kinvara There are few animals little food no exports or contact with the outside world The Liddy boys Aidan and Donal are the local warlords but for very different easons Meanwhile Aengus Og just wants to nip over from Once I got into this book I could hardly put it down Something about the pacing and the suspensemystery got me and I eally wanted to see it through It s sort of about a post global warming world and things are not good at all and so in this way it s like a lot of other ecentcurrent booksIt s the 3rd in a series by this author It is the latter part of the 21st century and dramatic climate change has made life in Ireland almost impossible Meanwhile Tir na n'Og is faced with a efugee problem and.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Kate Thompson is an award winning writer for children and adultsShe has lived in Ireland where many of her books are set since 1981 She is the youngest child of the social historians and peace activists E P Thompson and Dorothy Towers She worked with horses and travelled in India before settling in the w