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Pretty ood I did have to look some races up on the Star Trek wiki but it was nice to see emphasis placed on the nerds of the SCE as opposed to Kirk type people Excellent preuel to the Star Trek Vanguard series Served its purpose in introducing Star Base 47 and kicking off the Vanguard series but in and of itself it wasn t terribly exciting The book makes you curious about this strange section of space where the Vanguard station was built and the mysterious things that happen to shops in the area but it fails to really resolve a lot of the uestions it raised about it which left me a little let down in the end A fun series mixed with new and old trek So Distant Early Warning by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dil is my first experience of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers Ebook series and I would it to be a rather interesting if rather uick experience Whilst the majority of these books focus on the 24th Century this book takes a look at the crew of the USS Lovell in the 23rd Century and appears to be a preuel to the Vanguard series of novels which I am about to start readingThe. STARFLEET CORPS OF ENGINEERS WHAT'S PAST A special six part SCE event that flashes back to previous adventures of the SCE crew from the 23rd century to the height of the Dominion War with special uests from all across the Star Trek universe2265 Following the discoveries made by the USS Constella.

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Some elements of the plotting didn t completely work for me Basically I was a little bit disappointed that the two main plot lines seemed to have no relevance to each other I just didn t understand why the authors felt the need to try and cram both elements into novella like this when there was no actual link between them I suppose having both plot lines did keep the action and excitement levels up but I think I would rather have seen a bit exploration of the charactersOverall this was an enjoyable novella that has iven me a decent introduction to both the crew of the USS Lovell and Vanguard The story itself had a fair amount of action alongside some intriguing mystery which helped to ensure that I completed it in no time at all Now I am just looking forward to picking up the first book in the Vanguard series and finding out about the mysteries of the Taurus Reach Fun but it felt like it was setting up the first of another series rather than being a book about the SCE Still I enjoyed the mystery and the characters and it was diverting for a few days of off time reading. With its crack SCE team led by Lt Commander Mahmud al Khaled must solve Vanguard's technical crises so the base can become operational as plannedA return to the 23rd century in the tradition of Foundations and Where Time Stands Still and a preuel to the acclaimed new novel series Star Trek Vangua.

Year is 2265 and Starfleet has fast tracked the construction of Starbase 47 also known as Vanguard although the reason for such a rush to Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin get it built is being kept secret by Starfleet Command Unfortunately there are various technical problems plaguing the Starbase and so the USS Lovell is called in with its Starfleet Corps of Engineers team ready to help However it soon becomes obvious that this isn t just teething troubles and there appears to be something much mysterious causing the issues The first thing that did impress me about this story is that even though I haven t read any SCE or Vanguard novels I found it to be accessible and understandable With such a large collection of new characters and a limited page count I was pleasantly surprised by this as I was worried that I would struggle to follow it The fact that the authors didn t try and link the story into the regular 24th Century SCE crew also helped to ensure the ebook was fully concentrating on the plot and the characters of the 23rd CenturyThe story itself was entertaining and attentionrabbing although. Tion in the Taurus Reach Starfleet has fast tracked the construction of Starbase 47 aka Vanguard But the rapid construction has meant concomitant technical problems ones that are vexing Vanguard's commanding officer Commodore Diego ReyesSo it's the Corps of Engineers to the rescue The USS Lovell.

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