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Ly spoil a good curryPS Today might be a good day to appreciate Rogan Gosh especially if you too look like that cover after your Holi celebrations Happy Holi 12 stars ROGAN GOSH is basically everything I wanted THE INCAL to be psychedelic mind expanding hurtling through multiple levels of reality at once Although nowhere near as well known Milligan McCarthy surpass Jodorowsky Moebius on almost every ront crafting a dizzyingly complex Mastering Gephi Network Visualization feat of simultaneous storytelling and myth making that s also radically distilled into 60 pages I m looking at a 1984 comic called Strange Days that Iound while moving some boxes I remember thinking when I bought this in high school it was the best comic book I had ever seen and expressed every idea I had had up to that point but in a way I could never hope to achieve I think I am having a similiar experience just looking at the cover of Rogan Gosh Who in the hell is Brendan McCarthy and why don t I know about him Maybe Milligan knew what was going on but I think not too many other did not Maybe I should have taken some drugs to understand this but that is way too much effort The Canadian Regime for a comicJust crap this was Most of the comic is incomprehensible the result of intertwining 67 different stories and trying toit them all into 50 pages of comic I was promised Indian sci Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space fi and Karmanauts but most of the ideas end up unrealised All colour theory is thrown out the window and the psychedelic style is alluding to the acid house era of the early 90 s What a lovely era to remember. Ing and the mysterious House of Smoke In short the world of Rogan Gosh A psychedelic journey toind enlightenment truth and the inest Indian cuisine US Editio.

Incarnations of a uture Karmanaut called Rogan Gosh And then the of the whole psychedelic adventures unfoldThat or the whole thing is a dream by a rejected lover who drinks and cuts his wrist and hallucinates ever closer to deathOr it might all be real and Rudayard Kipling might really have been a orm that Soma Swami the ultimate villain who tries to keep us all veiled in Maya took to trick Rogan Gosh into destroying himself and he pre incarnated as the two characters and all their adventures are realThe text too lows between several narrative voices including Rudyard Kipling and an unnamed dying youth representing the voice of bleak rational existentialism in the Un Cadeau pour ma Femme face of the uninflected void Blending their stories like the spices of the Curry that inspired them they dress it up and serve itorth or your dining pleasureGot all that Now remove all the Ors and replace them with Ands Yup Rogan Gosh is supposed to be an experimental story where it is not a EitherOr world but a world were dreams and reality are all happening at the same time one inside the other creating each otherThe concept is good and the presentation is mind blowing But I wish they had given it the definition it deserved instead of making this such a ree Shadow Bound flowing story with no ends or resolutions and absolutely no structure The art work seemed slovenly at times and completely random at other timesDon t worry about all the plot details I covered here they were not even half of the possibilities and they were not spoilers You can t real. Aurant and ruins everything Propelled into auturistic India Dean and Raju encounter exotic Hindu deities sex magic weird reincarnation opium dens Rudyard Kipl.

Rogan Gosh The Acid Masala Curry ComicRogan Gosh is designed to be as incomprehensible to the reader as the original dish must have been Mapapansin Kaya? for Milligan and McCarthy The name comesrom rogan josh a spicy Indian curry dish rich in chillies and dangerously red in appearanceAs Grant Morrison says Rogan Gosh was a product of the new psychedelic period of the nineties The Buntus Foclora focus turningrom outer concerns to inner ones along with the presence in many of the artist s lives of the new psychedelic drugsIt was also supposed to be inspired by the Amar Chitra Katha tradition of story telling This was the reason I decided to take a look at it The cover was a weird blue half god half acidhead with an assortment of images that assaulted my good sense But I decided to be Life at the End of thevTunnel forgiving and carried on Theirst page of the comic convinced me that I will not only read this but also love it no matter how much of a hallucinogenic trip it might be McCarthy had reprocessed the lush painted look of the Amar Chitra Katha comic books テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] from India and also imbued them with a sort of deranged other worldliness that was impossible to resist That tanned man with the mustache you see in the crowd is Rudyard Kipling himself one of the possible contendersor the lead character in this book where dream world meets reality shakes hands and sleep togetherRudyard Kipling goes into a drug house in search Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники for truth after some serious accident involving his servant and then lapses into a euphoric dream in which he dreams of two characters who are pre. Dean Cripps is a regular guy who just wants to order a nice hot curryrom waiter Raju Dhawan until Kali goddess of death rips through the Star of the East rest.

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