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Only read Abigail s PartyAfter two films and one play I don t think Mike Leigh is for me This is interesting to study and analyse but that is about it Dated and loses its way in the final third but still has its moments with typically reat Leigh dialogue I watched this on VHS when I was about 13 and had zero idea why people thought it was so After the End good keen toive it a long overdue rewatch soon Abigail s Party is just fucking perfection A funny class. Mike Leigh’s 1970s classic play ‘Abigail’s Party’ focuses on an evening of domestic hell in the uise of a suburban drinks soirée While teenager Abigail parties a few doors away the pretentious Beverly and her estate agent husband Laurence.

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Rfectly that it s totally out of place in any other era And while Alison Steadman has broken free of the character she made her own any other actress will suffer by comparison with her Great though it is I wouldn t recommend anyone putting it on stage in the 21st Century Goose Pimples deserve 5 points tho if you want to study offensive and triggering jokes all the way Read Abigail s Party only with a local play reading roup A funny and clever play. Ly and hilariously exposed‘Goose Pimples’ meanwhile is easily as sharp and uncompromising This time the action focuses on ambitious casino croupier Jackie and Saudi businessman Muhammad who meet – and misunderstand – one another spectacularl.

Based satire It s very traditionally British so kind of hard to et unless you understand the context The main issue with the eponymous play and the following play Goose Pimples is the lack of plot Reading it on your own makes it seem kind of boring watching it definitely brought the humour out some Some things never change A hilarious satire on 1970s nouveau riche attitudes Leigh s play suffers from its own brilliance it satirised the 1970s so pe. Entertain their neighbours – Abigail’s mother Susan ex footballer Tony and his wife Angela But as the alcohol flows tensions in the hosts’ barely functional marriage emerge and their obsessions prejudices and petty competitiveness are ruthless.