Lynda Harris: The Secret Heresy of Hieronymus Bosch

He Dutch Revolt Regardless this author skips a lot of steps that I felt were necessary she chooses to leave a lot of etails out that you may only know if you studied Northern Renaissance Art or the history of art in general and Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors does not thoroughly explain throughout the book I knew that because I couldn t find this book in my enormous university library system that it probably wasn t well received as a serious piece of scholarship but Iidn t think it would be as bad as it was And to think this woman has a MA from the Courtauld Institute Interesting views on the paintings of Bosch It will be fun to compare these views on his symbolism with the orthodoxcatholicdevotia moderna ones It s a serious piece of scholarship unpretentiously written although she uses the word baffle a few too many timesthat s made me like Bosch even It s also made me realise we ll never know His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, definitively what the paintings mean but thisoes give insights into the images If I was a fan of esoteric Christian sects in the Middle Ages it would have been even revealing. EsThis copiously illustrated study reveals that while Bosch was carrying out commissions for his wealthy Catholic patrons he was all the while coding his own inner heretical convictions in the hidden meanings in his paintings as a record for posterity of the beliefs of his threatened religious se.

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An interesting interpretation of an Old Master Unfortunately it Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? doesn t seem as though the authoress researched Catharism with the same fervor as sheid the subject of the work Given the fact that there is not a lot of recorded information on Bosch s personal life of course the entire work is speculative but good since it raises uestions than it answers In any event whether the man was the J.M. Coetzee depraved lunatic so many make him out to be or not what weo know of him is his work and by my estimation Bosch stands among the top three or four finest known painters ever to come out of Holland This is a responsible well researched and very original book and a Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women deceptively easy read While the idea that Bosch was a Cathar is certainly novel his bizarre symbols are analysed in greatetail here and by the end of it Harris had me convinced that their oddities correspond much better with Cathar than with Catholic The Club of Angels doctrines I went looking for this book after reading about it in Richard Smoley s Forbidden Faith the Secret History of Gnosticism Scholars of The bizarre and fantastic paintings of the Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch have puzzled and intrigued their viewers for centuries Following years of researches that have taken her to every corner of Europe Lynda Harris offers surprising new insights into Bosch'setailed and cryptic visual fantasie.

Nostic religions will know Smoley as a respected expert on the subject and his high opinion of this book should certainly be taken seriously It s true that the evidence Harris presents is mainly circumstantial but I agree with Smoley that the most powerful argument for Bosch s secret heresy comes from the symbolism in his paintings Thoroughly recommended for anyone who is prepared to think outside the box This work is bogus The author makes the claim that Bosch s work was influenced by a secret Cathar heretical beliefs which appear through various symbols in his works However these symbols are also traditional Christian iconography and she has no personal Blue Skies and Gunfire documents to prove that her theory is somewhat true Whenoing art historical analysis you can t solely rely on the imagery of the painting to match up with a piece of writing ie the Secret Book and connect the two solely on that There is no proof of the presence of Catharism in Bosch s town or anywhere near it and in fact Brabant has been known for its presence of Catholicism even Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women during S Drawing on a wide variety of new sources sheeciphers Bosch's symbolism as the hidden expression of his heretical religious beliefs She argues that Bosch belonged to the Cathar faith a Manichean religious heresy that was persecuted and riven underground by the Catholic church in the Middle Ag.