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In American history I was not familiar with While the US wars at sea were never as long and involved as British there still were some interesting events and this trilogy examines a few during the US Revolutionary WarThe second in the trilogy Maddest Idea deals with the protagonist Isaac Biddlecomb coming to terms with being a part of the Revolution and becoming a full war time sea captain There are some events that are a bit nlikely his crew learns to be experts and work together a bit too swiftly but overall it is exciting and clearly writ. As well as their recommendation for the man to lead to the mission Captain Isaac Biddlecomb But the plan is a trap set by a traitor among the patriots and one from which even Biddlecomb cannot escape With treachery threatening the revolution Washington dispatches.

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Ten by someone familiar with the seaBy this time so many sea novels have come out that its not easy to present the reader with something new or surprising about combat at sail but Nelson manages to pull it off several times again Isaac isn t so much a man like Hornblower who seems to know everything about sailing far better than any others but he s like James Bond who makes the right response in a flash to the slightest opportunity and turns that to his advantageOverall entertaining and laced with interesting historical events and personages. His aide de camp Major Edward Fitzgerald to hunt the turncoat down Meanwhile Biddlecomb must rely on native cunning and seamanship to free his men and his ship and to bring to the army near Boston the gunpowder that is the lifeblood of the nascent fight for libert.

Similar to the first book enjoyable historical fiction if a little over dramatic in the descriptions of the character s emotions I liked it Great historical fiction about navy warfare during the Revolutionary War Second book in the trilogy Not as much fun as the first book A sea faring novel about the Revolutionary War with extremely accurate and authentic nautical renderings The sixth book read of this author An exciting page turner The Biddlecomb character is like a Dirk Pitt of the 18th century A pretty solid story about some events. Late summer 1775 General George Washington discovers that his cache of gunpowder has dwindled to a mere nine shots per man Desperate he adopts the plan designed by a group of Rhode Island patriots send a ship to Bermuda to capture British powder known to be there.

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James L Nelson 1962 is an American historical nautical novelist He was born in Lewiston Maine In 1980 Nelson graduated from Lewiston High School Nelson attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for two years and then transferred to UCLA with the ambition of becoming a film director Nelson his wife Lisa and their daughter Betsy lived for two years in Steubenville Ohio while