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This book was probably trying to tie up a lot of the loose ends and I thank Brenda Joyce for that but it seemed rush and too convenientAnd then there was Francesca and Calder For the record I ve always been a fan of Bragg and not so much of Calder I ve never been at ease with Francesca with Calder simply because I don t understand that attraction to dark brooding and violent men Butthey love each other and I m glad that this storyline ad a conclusion and they eloped I was tired of the back and forth between Artful her and Calder and Bragg BUT I was emotionally torn because of Bragg Iad oped e would find love again with is wife but e didn t Then I عصير الرماد hoped thatis wife would be killed off and Francesca could be with Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, him That didn tappen So at the endit s yet another cliff The Legacy (The Restoration Series, hanger What is going toappen with Bragg Not to mention some of the other peripheral characters like Maggie and Evan All in all one story was fulfilled but so many weren t I Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) hope that there is another book to wrap them ALL upmaybe books that follow the traditional romance book series vein in that they are all stand alone books thatave actual endings I liked this book enough to give it four or five stars BUT I am so emotionally conflicted about the entire thing I bumped it down to three Disappointed by this conclusion I just finished reading Deadly Vows by Brenda JoyceAfter waiting 5 years for a wrap up we finally get one for Francesca Rick Bragg and Calder Hart This last book is as entertaining as all the others that came before itOn Celine heromepage Joyce says there may be others to follow in the series she never uite wraps up all the loose ends that any to follow will depend on Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, how the sales go on this one This leaves me uite conflicted While Iope there will be others in the Deadly Series I resent the implication that Ballet Shoes her readers are responsible for any further books It was the publisher who pulled the plug after all and Ms Joyce ever anxious to geter royalty fee to pay for Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, her expensiveorse obby who willingly went along with the idea I can t elp it I Cheri Red have to write what they tell me to write Maybe we should mention Connie Brockway s solution to coersive publishers and that she could earn money by going the self pub route via and eBooksETA typos and link Deadly Vows Hn Iave read the whole serie back to back and I loved it but this book just doesn t belong It felt like the work of a gost writer Hart was thrown under the bus HartFrancesca didn t Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page have the spark they used to they acted out of character and their story turned in circles through the whole book I m fairly certain the writerad a change of Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, heart about RickLeighAnn that s not where they wereeaded in the previous books Not that I care about Rick s Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition happiness the change was just too palpable to ignoreThe mystery bored me and was almost predictableIf it was a stand alone It wouldave been OK I wouldn t Aladdin have looked at the autor twice though but as a part of a serie it was way too disjointed So for those who started out with this one know that it doesn t reflect the serie at all it s way better than this. Ordid streets of Manhattan Francesca is on theunt for answers; who is the perverse sociopath responsible for stealing the scandalous portrait How can she regain Daddy Must Die her place in Calder’seart And is their passionate love affair well and truly ov.

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This story takes place about three weeks after the previous novel Deadly Kisses ends It s June 1902 twenty one year old Fran and Calder s wedding day and Francesca receives shocking information That information leads Francesca on the The Message Glorious hunt for the missing portrait For Francesca it s a race against time to find the persons responsible for trying to ruiner It s very O Cérebro de Broca hard to not give spoilers so I ll just say that I was very entertained by all the characters and couldn t wait to find out who was behind the theft What I liked best about this paticular book is that Francesca is the one smack dab in the middle ofer own mystery There is another crime to solve within this story too and Francesca and the gang do not disappointIn this novel Calder s violent temper comes out He s also jealous and insecure than ever I don t like is personality in this novelPoor Leigh Anne Rick s wife continues This was easy and fairly pleasant to read because I m still fond of the characters and enjoy the crazy Nancy Drew melodrama of Francesca s life And it was a relief to see things mostly wrapped up except for one character that certainly does not get the appy ending Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales he or she deserves But the repetition of the language the shallowness of the plot and the characters the go nowhere back and forth of the conversations all added up to a pretty unsatisfying book I felt like I d read it all before especially when Hart got onis igh orse about Francesca being too good for ROMANTIC TAKEOVER him again It was interesting whene was urt and umiliated by Keeper of the Light herNote that there are many spoilers for previous books so if you care about the mystery aspects at all you ll want to read them in order They re really soap opera than mystery though First off I m writing this review to spread the word about this Deadly Series so it covers my thoughts on all 9 books I owe my romance reading comeback to Brenda Joyce I took a break from reading romance in the early 90 s for a few years I picked up a Brenda Joyce novel in about 1995 and I ve been on reading romance frenzy since This Deadly series actuallyas everything that I Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, hate in a romance novel BUT IT WORKS SO WELL in these books There is a love triangleate misunderstanding between HH really The Homing hate and TSTL Heroine totallyate Brenda Joyce The Women of Easter has made it work so well that I ve read these books twice The who done it in each book is actually a non event in my opinion But I really didn t read this series for the mystery The characters are what brings readers back for each book Francesca is an amateur private eye who s always getting kidnapped shot at and other dastardly stuff She usually runs off oner own and is ether saved by Rick Bragg or Why Are You So Scared? hisalf brother Calder Hart So much stuff The Power of One happens through out this series that you just can t wait to read the next book In the first book you come to love police commissioner Rick Bragg but wait untilis brother Calder Hart is introduced Wow The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, hands downe is one of my FAVORITE He Who Dares heroes ever written He s so alpha strong damaged sexyot angry etc etc I would read this series again and again just to read about. On the morning of The Thing About December her wedding to Calder Hart amateur sleuth Francesca Cahill is lured away to a private viewing of the one thing that can destroyer whole family a nude painting of er Her desperate uest to find the indecent portrait and preserv.

Hart If you are looking for something different in istorical romance I would take a look at this series One word of caution the first book is kind of frustrating and I almost didn t pick up the second book Someone is introduced at the end of the first book and it made me continue So glad I did because now I t have a series that I will cherish and reread and recommend to all of my reading friends Francesca is eagerly anticipatinger wedding to Calder Hart when she receives a note inviting er to an art gallery The nude picture of er commissioned by Calder and then stolen Stand Up and Fight has resurfaced Its existence being made public would cause a great scandal She thinks sheas time to recover it before the wedding but instead is locked in the gallery and misses er wedding Calder is emba A beautiful sui generis series Brenda Joyce as saved the best for last Delicious Deadly Vows is the perfect ending The Deadly Series also known as the Francesca Cahill Series is a gem I began reading the series in 2001 and was blown away from the very beginning If anyone would of told me that I would be reading a Now Is the Hour historical novel set in New York City in 1902 I wouldave been dubious It is now one of my all time favorites Deadly Vows continues the uniue sleuthing series with intelligent dialogue in depth characters and page oozing sensuality Brenda Joyce s second to none writing style draws us into this uniue world rich with Londons Glory (Bryant May, history and intrigue Deadly Vows gave us back our beloved Hart Calder Hart is all that is dark moody and sexy asell We feel Jingle Bells his love for Francesca with each ofis penetrating stares Brenda s descriptions of Hart leave us ungry I m a chump I read these books when they first came out starting in 2001 and was obsessed Then nothing I grew out of Brenda Joyce s wrting and moved on to other things And now there s a new one And I bought it Because I m sentimental and I still remember the old ones Nothing ad changed Not the writing style not the increasingly dull story The characters Troys haven t grown the plotasn t esculatedI want my 8 bucks back Boo Let me just say I am soooo torn about this book that I don t know if I loved it or Knights Templar in Britain hated it Iave waited for years YEARS for this book to come out I followed this series and was just completely frustrated when it ended without a thorough conclusion Then I Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, hear that finally it is going toopefully Nature Cure have an endingI tore through this book I enjoyed reading this book But it also emotionally exhausted me Let me first say that I used to like Francesca a lot but in this book she just got on my nerves How stupid can you be oh I ll just pop over and retrieve my stolen portrait and still make it to my wedding on time Right And if I don t my fiance an extremely unpredictable man will just forgive me even though I jiltedim at the alter Right So I say to Francescayou need to use that brain of yours and The Bookshop on the Corner have some common senseThe mystery with the portrait was only so so It seemed peripheral to the love triangle between Calder Francesca Bragg I thought it was not the strongest mystery and there couldave been to it. E The Fixer (The Fixer, her family’s reputation leadser into a dangerous thief’s trap with no way to escape until it’s too late Her wedding is ruined and so is the trust and love that Calder once felt for erThen the damning painting goes missingScouring the