Ian Whybrow: Harry and the Dinosaurs Have a Happy Birthday

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S You could also a discussion about the relationship they may have with their siblings and how they eel about Harrys sister Personally I dont think shes very nice but suppose it could be a typical big sister. O make the party treats Mum invites Mr Oakley over and he is very surprised when he arrives; in act everyone agrees that it's the best birthday party ever.

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Ly sister The colours and pictures are nice as well I would recommand this book or year 3 class The Longevity Diet for the able reader who is sucure in their phonics as the text can be uite difficult with all the dinosaurs name. But Harryinds out that it's the dinosaurs' one hundred millionth birthday too Harry decides to throw a surprise birthday party and soon even Sam helps

Harry wants to go to a party with his sister but he cant go becaus eits only or girls So he decides to have a party to celebrate his dinosaurs birthday A lovely story about a boy and his toys but not so love. Harry and his dinosaurs love birthday parties so Harry's disappointed when big sister Sam says she's going to one alone Not only is it Mr Oakley's birthday.