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D emotions dark colours representing war and bright colours representing ope Religious education can explore the religions that are involved in the conflict and The American Nurse how theyave been impacted Finally the story could be used in an English setting for children to create a diary entryI definitely recommend this book for children in upper phase key stage 2 and lower phase of key stage 2 I feel the issues may be overwhelming and distressing for younger children I particularly recommend this book for adults who are not Michael Morpurgo fans as it is completely different to Dangerous Desire his usual style of writing Whilst most children who read Morpurgo s stories will knowim for The Little Book of Puns his animal tales this is the story of a child s life in PalestineTold in turn by an adult film maker and Palestian 8 year old Said The Kites are Flying is a simple beautiful depiction of the physical loss war creates and theope and umanity it can foster in those ensnared in itMr Max the filmaker and Said are brought together under the kite tree in Said s village which looks out onto the dividing wall between Palestine and Israel in the occupied territories Said s kites prove to old significance than one might initially imagine and The Complete Idiots Guide to Rumi Meditations his uest to send them over the wall to the girl with the blueeadscarf becomes a mission which on succesful completion shows the power of unspoken friendship transcending bariers of race and religion from which we all might learn The illustrations in the book are beautiful and understated in sympathy with Morpugo s proseThis is a wonderful story Perfect for for key stage two children to read alone or a chapter at a time as a group exercise As a text to underpin project work perhaps children making their own kites cooking Das Restaurant am Ende des Universums (Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis, honey cake exploring landscapes through art or writing their own diaries it s brilliant Such a beautiful short read Beginning with many unknown stories from when a film reporter visits a small village with lots of controversy Itas two narratives the boy and the reporter that elp us to get an emotional understanding of what as appened Themes of conflict family love and dreams A very emotional ending The illustrations are beautiful using colour tone and line to add uality and emotion to the story Loved it I know this is children book and the ending would fit just fine with the children but my jaded adult mind just screamed in Indonesian tidak semudah itu Fergusso Or thing is not this simple I ave been watching and reading about this conflict since I could read and li Another engaging book by Morpurgo A televison reporter sets out to create a story about life on both sides of the dividing wall in the West Bank He encounters a shepherd boy Said who is making a kite He comes to realise that Said does not speak at all but suspects that there must be a story in this encounter so A Strangers Touch (Psychic Triplet Trilogy, he persists in trying to engage Said Said writes a message onis kite and appears to surrender it to the wind A wheelchair bound girl on the other side of the wall picks it up when it lands at Threat Vector: INSPIRATION FOR THE THRILLING AMAZON PRIME SERIES JACK RYAN (Jack Ryan Jr Series Book 4) (English Edition) her feet Said and the girl seem toave some sort of unspoken relationship As a result of The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler having suffered an injury while trying to win Said s trust the reporter gets to find out why the boy does not speak Then on the morning of the journalist s departure to observe life on the other side of the wall the sky is adorned with kites each carrying a message They were not from Said This story is presented in the form of diary entries by the journalist and Said respectively It is full of reflection and aost of emotions pain sadness grief anger and mistrust The overriding theme is Papyrus and Tablet however one of dreams andope children s The Reckoning: the electrifying new novel from bestseller John Grisham hope for peace A very touching account thatad me feeling I was there observingexperiencing every event A must read. And Jewish children live with the Wall is a message of dreams for peace and ope for all childr.

This story is told in two view points one a journalist called Max and one an 8 yr old shepherd boy The journalist is filling in a diary about is travels and what The Provocateur he is doing each day He writes of seeing a shepherd boy alone on aill with Trading Christmas his sheep andow Never an outbreak he doesn t speak He is making a kite He is fascinated with the journalist s new video camera soe shows the boy Pride how to use it and the boy videosis sheep and surroundingsWhen the boy is leaving with Men his sheep the journalist follows He tries to keep up but sprainsis ankle The boy silently returns to Isotopic Carbon helpim down the rocky The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) hillside and takesim to Step Out of Your Story hisome in the West BankEven in The Eyes of the Dead hisome the boy does not speak but the Rules for a Lady head of the family explains that Said sawis older brother Mahmoud shot by soldiers and Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles hasn t spoken sinceSaid makes a kite and writes the word Peace on it and lets it go when the wind is blowing in the right direction to blow the kite across the wall Thene begins a new kite These kites are in the name of Mahmoud and Said s dream of PeaceWonderful A moving story about the children of West Bank their dreams and ABC hopes for peace Beautifully written and illustrated Morpurgo presents a very political issue in the most subtle manner but unravels the reality of the conflict as the book progresses broken up by abstract illustrations The story is based within the Israel and Palestine conflict on West bank in a village outside a settlement This is the first book Iave ever read from Morpurgo and am pleasantly surprised From the front cover I instantly thought of an adventure story but this was not the case and I could not put it down The conflict is shown from two perspectives The first from a boy named Said an elective mute who shares Odd Man In his experiences and thoughts tois brother The second protagonist is Max a journalist who reflects in a daily journal Said writes to Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale his brother every nightis tone is one where Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children he seeks comfort answers and is desperately trying to live a normal life Said s character epitomises the traits of a resilient childope perseverance and forgiveness Despite Carlyle Marney his silencee displays Shameful his feelings through flying kites into the neighbouring settlement in theope to develop friendship with a girl on the other side The kite can be seen as a metaphor for freedom and ope of both sides living at peace He makes a connection to in is camera despite not being able to speak Sacred Landscapes he aides Max inis mission to document the lives of people living in the conflict Without spoiling the ending the story ends on the idea of Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, hope being present even at the darkest of timesThere are many messages and themes to be discovered throughout the story For children nine onwards this is a great book to gather awareness of issues they may begin to understand as part of becoming a citizen in particularuman rights The descriptions and writing styles adopted cause a sense of empathy for the characters and imagine the setting This story can be used as an example to recognise different genres and styles of writing which is part of the literacy National Curriculum Every time I fly a kite I m thinking it s me up there and that I m far away from all this down Gold Rush here far away from the soldiers and the checkpoints and the tanks Up there I m out of it I go whereever the wind takes me and no one can stop me No soldiers no checkpoints no tanks MahmoudFlying kite maybe is an ordinary activity for children in a country with normal condition but not in Palestine Read this paragraph written by Ramzy Baroud aboutis childhood that I uoted from During the Uprising s summers there would be dozens of kites all red black green and white wavering atop the Israeli military camp and temporary detention center The soldiers would often fly into a rage storm the ca. TV reporter Morpurgo visited the West Bank and befriended a Palestinian boy named Said Said doe.

Mp seeking their target children with kites We could determine the location of the raid when all the kites from a particular location would fall from the sky in unison One afternoon I sat upon the staircase of our Girl Reporter home in the camp a white cinderblockome adorned with patriotic graffiti It was safe to fly my kite as my father was in Israel joining tens of thousands of Palestinians who negotiated a living wage under the Hunted harshest of circumstances Out of nowhere Israeli jeeps leapt into the open area separating myouse from the Martyrs Graveyard Children ran in panic Teargas grenades were lobbed in frenzy Kites fell all around like wounded eagles I too ran in circles without letting go of my kite It was not bravery Far from it I was frightened beyond comprehension But it took me months to finally Gingerbread Heart have a kite and when I finallyad one and an amazingly beautiful one at that I was not ready to let go A jeep sped towards me as my and trembled You jackass a soldier yield in a loudspeaker Let go of the kite And so I did It s not easy flying a kite for Palestinian children isn tOkay about this book It s a uite interesting story Set in West Banks Palestine told from two viewpoints Max a British reporter and Said a Palestinian boy Said is a shepherd boy who likes making a kite But e doesn t speak leaving a curiosity to Max One day Max follows Said to Biz Talk-2 hisome and meets Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, his family Then Max realizes the reason Said doesn t speakIt s a touching story with good illustration Trying to give a message that there s aope and peace for Palestine Israel conflict But I think it s a bit ignores Israel s occupation in Palestine How Israel A Historical Atlas of Tibet has oppressed Palestine for many years How Israel did many crimes in Palestine How Israelas murdered many Palestinian men women children It s okay to say both sides but it s also important to be fair about Israel s crimesI always pray that Palestine will be free and Palestinian children will also be free to flying kites I ve only read one other work by Michael Morpurgo which is War Horse and most certainly I like this book much better than War Horse It beautifully captured the sadness and The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, hope the longing for peaceIt was laughter that would one day resonate so loud that this wall like all the others would come tumbling down No trumpets needed as theyad been once in Jericho only the laughter of childrenTerima kasih pinjamannya Ula The kites are flying is an intriguing yet sad story the story follows a western reporter on the West Bank who befriends a young boy called Said Said is a Palestinian chid who Italian Warships Of World War II has faced great loss inis life due to the occupation The story centres on Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) him talking tois brother who Critical Social Theory and the End of Work has died They are both so different and initially Said does not speak due to the traumae The Traps has faced of losingis brother They uickly develop into friends The ending is surprising as Said does begin to speak with Simple Wicca his speech also we get the message ofope the Protect Your Purity hope that all children on the West Bankave of wanting this conflict to be over and to live peacefully The imagery in the book is simple yet effective the sombre imagery reflects the tone of the story yet the kites which represent innocence childhood and ope are vibrant The imagery is not too busy this means that it does not distract from the serious issue of the story Which is introducing children to firstly a darker world of difference and war a childhood for some children which is not as idyllic as their own But leaves them with the beautiful ending of ope The cross curricular links with this story are endless It can be used in a design and technology lesson to create kites in geography children could explore the regions which Waterloo have been affected by the conflict Superb artwork can be created through using thoughts an. S not speak He makes kites Morpurgo's poignant account of the experience aboutow Palestinian.

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Sir Michael Andrew Morpurgo OBE FRSL is the author of many books for children five of which have been made into films He also writes his own screenplays and libretti for opera Born in St Albans Hertfordshire in 1943 he was evacuated to Cumberland during the last years of the Second World War then returned to London moving later to Essex After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army