David Harlan: The Degradation of American History

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The past is a way of being in the present At its best it is a way of arguing with ourselves a means of rethinkinig who we might become by rethinking who we once were Yes that s exactly why I love history. Lan describes the reasons for this turn to objectivity and professionalism explains why it failed and examines the emergence of a New Traditionalism.

I read only the introduction and the to chapters about the essay I am writing Could not get myself to read anything because of the pamphlet style of the writer as well as his ideas simply to opposed to mi. American historical writing has traditionally been one of our primary forms of moral reflection However David Harlan argues that in the disillusionme.

Ne and from what I could read not really enlightening book about the evils of postmodernism and history for its own sake This is my favorite recently read book on historiography A favorite uote A sense of. Nt following the 1960s history abandoned its redemptive potential and took up the methodology of the social sciences In this provocative new book Har.

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