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There was just something about the book cover art and title that made me want to read Deva Fagan s Circus Galacticus I ve known three eople who Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work previously worked in circuses which always fascinated me How cool it would be to have an intergalactic circus Creatures from every galaxy coming to your hometown WooHoo After reading it I can truthfully say this is going to appeal toeople of all ages After all hasn t everyone wanted to run away and join the circus at some Jazz Ukulele point You don t have to be a scifi or fantasy fan to enjoy this one Read the rest of my review at Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus How about a galaxy traveling circus complete with your very own Doctor Who like Ringmaster and spaceship Soundsretty awesome right While you sadly may not be able to do that in real life Deva Fagan s Circus Galacticus takes the reader on a voyage through the stars Okay so maybe reading instead of experiencing those adventures isn t uite as fun but it s still a grand ride to hop on while I impatiently wait for my very own Doctor to show up and whisk me away to galaxies unknown and unimaginedMeet the Earther Beatrix Trix Ling miserable Taiwanese American teen Beatrix Trix Ling is an orphan who is sent to Bleeker Academy a boarding school as a charity case Trix is struggling to find her Off 13 place not only at Bleeker but just in the world at large Conflicts with school bullies as in her trying to defend herself lead her into a heap of disciplinary action scenarios with the school admin When the Circus Galacticus comes to town and the ringmaster conveniently known just as Ringmaster offers her the chance to join the crew it seems like a nice little escape from her social hell That is until she comes to find out that she s just signed onto an intergalactic circus That s right this roadshow hits up the whole galaxy and then some Trix comes to find that her new gig surprisingly holds answers to the mysteries of her own origin story What s the deal with the meteorite herarents left her this hunk of rock that came with enigmatic instructions to guard it with her life I was six years old the first time I really saw the stars They hung sharp as broken glass in the desert sky I jumped trying to reach them they looked so close I begged my dad to hoist me up on his shoulders but even he wasn t tall enough God I can still feel that ache I d never wanted anything that bad Dad smiled and tried to make me laugh away my tears But Mom understood She held me so tight I can almost feel her arms even now nine years later I think. Rebel Champion gymnast Intergalactic travelerTrix can deal with being an orphan charity case at a snotty boarding school She can hold her own when everyone else tells her not to dream big dreams She can even fight back against the mysterious stranger in a silver mask wh.

She was crying too You ll reach them someday Beatrix she said I Amata Means Beloved promise Then she spun me around until my head swam with stars That s all I have left of my folks now The stars and the rock Trix also gets caught up in intergalacticolitics the battle between the MANDATE and the TINKERS the Mandate being those in ower who determines rules and regulations for the whole universe They want to keep status uo through strict order and conformity Meanwhile Tinkers are those on the outskirts the social outcasts who advocate for diversity culture full of color and variety of all kinds artistic expression all that is beautiful and wild in life Nyl one of the main characters from Team Mandate likes to argue his stance that there are dire conseuences that come with allowing eople to have differences within society wars religious Juice persecution crime etc The battle between these two groups began generations ago In what is now aost war era though the intensity of the battle has lessened some the descendents from both sides of the original war still uietly fume The reign of the Mandate has been replaced with the Core Governance Different name same desire for conformity But Core Governance maintains that they don t support either faction Mandate or Tinkers their main goal is just to establish and maintain laws for the betterment of society in general Very PC of them A note for teachers or homeschooling arents the whole lot conflict regarding the divisive beliefs of the Mandate vs the Tinkers serves as nice social commentary for today s world Gudrun problems The way author Deva Fagan handles these hot button ideas is admirable not overly in the reader s face orreachy just simply entertaining examples to get discussions going among middle grade readers Something else for educators to note there are a few instances of very mild cursing within this story Attentive readers may also notice the subtle ways Fagan recreates Trix s Earth Mob Mistress problems throughout variousoints of her space travels Just one example the school bully Della and the Stud in the Stacks prickly Headmistress Primwell vs the ship bully Sirra and therickly ship instructor Miss 3 This gives readers some food for thought not only can you not escape your Choosing to Survive problems by running away but also the importance of learning to adapt to life s obstacles You have to work on your ownersonal growth not wait for others to changeThis is a Robin Hood perfect read for lovers of middle grade fiction Star Trek adventures Dr Who humor and Firefly as there are elements of all of that in here In fact Nola the mechanic on the Big. O tries to steal the meteorite herarents trusted her to rotectBut her life is about to change forever The Circus Galacticus has come to town bringing acts to amaze delight and terrify And now the dazzling but enigmatic young Ringmaster has offered Trix the chance to.

Deva Fagan ☆ 2 Review

Top ship very much reminded me of Kaylee the mechanic from Firefly I was hesitating for a long time over giving this book 2 or 3 stars and finally decided on two for a couple of reasonsFirst the characters they were interesting and mys Circus Galacticus by Deva Fagan was a cute middle grade read It was about an orphaned girl named Trix living at a boarding school of sorts and wasn t anything special Then we learn that her deceased arents left her a weird space rock and someone is after it When a being in a breathing mask and sunglasses appears in her room one night and she fends him off Trix wakes up the next morning her hair suddenly having gone The Vavasour Macbeth pink She thinks she may be able to find answers at the Circus Galacticus which is in town and Trix was the only one to see secret writing on theoster She falls through a mirror and her world gets turned upside down and Trix realizes that maybe she is better than she believed herself to beI enjoyed reading this book but it didn t hold anything special for me The Blueprint (English Edition) personally I liked the idea of the Circus hopping from galaxy to galaxy toerform and that there was someone who was constantly after Trix over what seemed like nothing I really wanted to know about the Mandate and how they made it so that each race of alien or being all looked the same and why I wanted to know of the Crisis of the Strauss Divided politics of the story and the rivalry between the Mandate and the Tinkers I understand that it s a middle grade book and the readers this story is geared towardsrobably wouldn t The Master Masons of Chartres pick those things out but as an adult reading it it s what I wanted to knowI also wanted to know about the circus itself as it seemed like it had a lot hidden things that were eluded to but never explained I also wanted to know about the Ringmaster and his role in everything because I felt like the loose explanation that the only thing keeping him alive was his connection to the Circus It would have been interesting to see into his life I also wanted to know about Trix s mother beingart of the Mandate before she took off to Earth and met Trix s father It would have been satisfying to me if the ending had been Trix stuck with the Mandate like she was being held VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) prisoner by her own descendants I felt like a lot happened in the end of the story that was rushed and could have been theart of a second bookI would be interested to see if there was going to be to this world although I m not sure it would be something I would seek out to continue It is a book I would consider keeping for my own children some day to read and enjoy. Be a Road House - The Novel part of itSoon Trix discovers an entire universe full of deadly enemies andotential friends not to mention space leeches ancient alien artifacts and exploding chocolate desserts And she just might unravel the secrets of her own ast;if she can survive long enough.

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