Carole Stott: The Greatest Intergalactic Guide to Space Everby the Brainwaves

Lustrations and plenty of facts I think some younger readers would find this book pretty enjoyable For me I got a little lost it reads a lot like a comic book and I have never been able to figu. E science to you in fabulously fun and funny text Stars galaxies black holes nebulae as.

This is another book we used for summer school I only liked it three stars worth but several of my students would have given it a five star rating I am sure This is a fun fun book Adorable il. More delightful fun with the Brainwaves This time they blast off into space to bring th.

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Re out where I am supposed to read next There is a LOT going on in all the pages and so agian I think ids or comic fans will like it but for me it was too busy The information was good though. Teroids and are discussed in clear text meant to engage and entertain readers of all ag.

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Carole Stott has written than 20 books on astronomy and space and is a feature writer for the UK magazine Astronomy Now Carole authored Kingfisher’s popular I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other uestions About Space and The Best Ever Book of Astronomy Before turning to full time writing she was curator and then head of the Greenwich Royal Observatory