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Take n sleep paralysis SP Mr Proud writes about and uotes extensively from a plethora f different authors with various pinions regarding SP directly Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings or non directly from the paranormal to the religious to the scientific He pulls together those views inrder to create his wn hypotheses and to point ut that research clearly needs to be done regarding SP I felt the nly drawback f the book was that the author did not discuss his wn SP experiences further and in depth If you have ever suffered from sleep paralysis google it then Read this Book I loved the straightforward frank and humble manner in which he described his experiences with SP The many case studies presented within the book resonated deeply with my wn sleep paralysis attacks and I found my thoughts and beliefs about the possible paranormal aspect f SP profoundly changed after reading this book Before reading this I had very little knowledge f sleep paralysis A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) or SP It certainly gave me some food for thought The author draws some Geist disturbancesut f body experiences mediumship spirit possession and succubi and incubi encounters Drawing n the work f Colin Wilson Joe Fisher Stan Gooch Whitley Strieber Robert Monroe Dion Fortune and a number f ther paranormal experts Proud lucidly demonstrates that many sleep paralysis experiences involve genuine contact.

What a wonderful bookAs a sleep paralysis suferer myself and having increasing attacks n October13 I came to this book and for some reason I thought I would find techniues to ver come SP r at least to get some control ver itInstead what I found was a deep analysis f the phenomena and much information that I could possibly imagine Louis Proud made a big research n ther phenomenas and studies to find a link between that and SP That enabled him to dig for answers that we all are looking forDuring the reading my attacks started to get better and now I feel much confident about itAt the end I kind f became greatful for my SP because if it weren t about it I wouldn t have learnt all I did from this book and I have now an interest to go even deeperI m excited to discover about this whole world that pened up to me This author always does thorough research and considers his topic very carefully I like the way he examines something from multiple angles and as many sources as possible An interesting. Since his late teens Louis Proud has suffered from chronic sleep paralysis and has undergone hundreds f such episodes many f them terrifying but ultimately transformational and eye The Age of Treachery opening These experiences he believes allow access to the spirit realm and could well hold the key to a whole hostf paranormal phenomena including polter.

Nteresting and convincing parallels between SP states ghosts poltergeists mediumship channelling some types f mental illness ut The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of body experiences and even UFO abduction I don t know if it convinced mef anything different from what I already believed The author talks about lower astral beings as malevolent and portrays them as untrustworthy liars that give no meaningful information to the living You can call them whatever you like as far as I m concerned they are demons The main thing I came away with from this book is the knowledge that I do not want to explore the astral realm and I pray I never experience an SP attack I enjoyed this book and the author s deeper look into different paranormal ideas based Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite off the researchf Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) other writers So it comes acrossf a historical account f people in history who have shared their experiences and theories n the supernatural There were plenty When a Man Loves a Woman of parts that freaked meut and I must say that my perception f things beyond the eye has definitely changed. And communication with incorporeal entities some f them parasitic and potentially dangerous In this comprehensive Keep From Falling open minded explorationf the sleep paralysis phenomenon filled with fascinating descriptions Catalogue the Insanity of hiswn experiences as well as those f thers no stone is left unturned as Proud attempts to get to the bottom f the myster.

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