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This is a funny book for newly independent readers to enjoy especially if they love animals Only a few words per page and lots of enjoyable colour illustrations and with a simple but entertaining storyline about Max Spaniel s adventures as a chef Very funny and good book This book is about a dog that thinks e is not a dog Goethean Science he is a chief He is very busy trying to make pizza s and it gets a little out ofand He as is friend along the way and e elps im This book shows children that things can get tough and crazy but at the end of the day you can still ave fun with it This second Max Spaniel book offers mayhem and fun with a pizza theme Max is not a dog The Einstein Theory of Relativity he is a chef He andis cat friend How to Negotiate Your First Job have a restaurant where they serve pizzas When one customer refuses the special and orders chili insteade is given a scarf at and mittens When another orders a ot dog a panting dog with a fan is served Trouble arrives by bus with an order of 100 pizzas with everything Max cannot make pizzas that fast and ends up with a mess instead Luckily great pizza is only a phone call away Even better Max got to enjoy the pizza tooCatrow successfully mixes very simple beginner reader words with pictured filled with funny details and merriment The jokes are classic and there are some that only those looking at the pictures will find Catrow s watercolor illustrations ooze giggles and laughs as well as pizza sauce and cheese They add another dimensio. A ysterical lunchtime adventure from Bestselling authorillustrator David CatrowDavid Catrow's loveable

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Le at the diner where e works with The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore his feline pal He pushes the special of the day pizza pie butas no takers When chili is ordered Max delivers a scarf a Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber hot dog order is filled with a panting dog and a fan Finally a busload of people order 100 pizzas with everything to go and the chef is unable to deliver Dog and catop on a tandem bike and New Exploration head to the local pizza shop returning loaded with steamingot pies In the end the customers leave The Shaping of Western Civilization happy and the two friends can finally sit down for a satisfying and well deserved lunch break Catrow s watercolor illustrations are exuberant and clever full ofumorous details that kids will love to discover The typeface and sentence lengths suggest a low level early reader but the absence of clear picture clues makes this best for shared reading practice Heather Acerro Allen County Public Library Fort Wayne IN Copyright 2010 Reed Business Information This is the second in the series I ave not read the first but I look forward to reading it with kids in the Kindergarten where I volunteer next spring Although not an I can read I m sure lots of kids will decode it and I think they will love the umor of chili dogs The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles hot dogs and the rush to Joe s for thead tossed leaning towers of pizza I ll see ow long it takes to get Dinosaur Hunt from the public library Slightly less funny than Dinosaur Hunt and Best in Show contrary to what I expected but still a good read Fantastic illustrations. His very own diner New readers will laugh out load as Max's pizza pie special creates one wacky lunchtime.

The book I m reading is Funny LunchIf you like fiction you will like this bookThis book is about a dog that makes pizzasThis is a fiction book because dogs don t make pizzasHe goes around and asks if anyone wants the pizza of the dayEveryone says noI think the author wrote this book to entertainI would recommend this because it is funnyYou can find this fiction in the library Morgan Max is not a dog ok yes e is still a dog but in this adventure The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, he is also a great chef Same silly characters you can always expect from David Catrow Makes for a fun book to share with your little ones I wish there were Max Spaniel books As far as I know this is the second of only two This easy reader is fun and since it s catrow you know the illustrations are amazing and doalf the work of telling the story This time Max is a great chef Hat and all His speciality is Pizza But order a Valentino hot dog I dare you I think children will find this comical Horn Book Spring 2011Inis second story dog Max Spaniel becomes a great chef but when a tour bus driver orders one undred pizzas with everything Max knows e s in over Shunned hisead The Craving (Willow Creek, humorous text with numerous puns is easy to read Zany exuberant watercolor illustrations expand the story showing Max s chaotic kitchen and pizza problems School Library Journal July 1 2010K Gr 2 This second installment in the early reader series is laugh out loud silly Max comes from a long line of chefs and embraces the ro. Paniel is back Readers will dine with delight as Chef Max serves up oneysterical meal after another at.

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David Catrow's favorite subject in school was math Why Well Mr Hirsch's class was where Catrow did some of his best drawings Catrow's zany illustrations have illuminated over 30 books for kids and his editorial cartoons are syndicated in than 900 newspapers in the US and Canada Not bad for someone who started out as a pre med major at Kent State and later worked as a paramedic for te