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Sons but her parents as well Marin has fin A Redeeming TaleAnother refreshing novel to uench the soul Jacuelin Thomas novels always move me It s amazing how much of an answer I find for myself within her novels This was definitely a tear jerker I wept for Marin I wept for Warner and their children throughout this novel It truly was an uphill battle for Marin and she lost alot but in the end I do believe she was redeemed Throughout all the trials and tribulation she put Warner through I believe she did love him and never meant to hurt him I however think she just didn t love herself enough to totally accept that despite her faults and short comings Warner loved her unconditionally as did God But in the end I believe she finally came to learn to lean on God and hear His voice and heed His word I think she finally realized that God loved her despite her sins and I think she finally understood the true meaning of unconditional love by the letter she wrote to her husband on his birthday It was such a moving letter She was willing to love him enough to let him go because she new that despite how much he loved her he was still hurting and struggling with all the horrible things she had done Warner was definitely a man of God not many if any would have stood by their wife or taken her back after all the evil things she had done to him Despite all the humiliation and gossip he held to God s Word and would only listen to Him And as you can see a few times he fell short and had to fall to his nees and pray and ask God s forgiveness for his weaknesses it just went to show that even being a man of the cloth he was just a man and sometimes fell short too This was just a deeply inspiring story. E explores the rewards of Redemption as a woman's desperate choices threaten to destroy

I haven t read a book in awhile that made me tear up A very nice story of love faith and the will to follow the path that God has set for you I wasn t expecting the end but it showed how life throws you curveballs when you least expect them and how you deal with them shows a lot about your character and faith Honestly I had to pick this book up 3 times to attempt to read it each time it ended up back on the shelf The beginning was so incredibly dry I had this book over a year before I could actually bring myself to finish it But once the story gets rolling and you learn about Marin and her troubles you get sucked I did at least The ending really pulled my heart strings I won t ruin it for those who haven t read it but it was unexpected Very good book if you can get past the extremely dry beginning The book was pretty good It took me 3 days to finish it The only thing I wanted to now about was the relationship between Marin and her mom I was hoping to see Marin and her mother actually have a heart to heart conversation about how they feel about each other especially her mother because of how she treated her I wanted to now why she was so negative towards her own daughter Instead they just let it go without apologizing nor find any solutionsOverall it was a great book to read and I learned a lot from it I read this book years ago and still remember how it took me on a journey the power of redemption Very simply written A good storyline But the writing was too simple and I couldn t enjoy the journey because it was just simple for me I didn t like the ending It was just too unrealistic I would have liked to see her develop the characters particularly the husband who is the main The new novel from the masterful national bestselling author of Defining Moments Jacuelin.

Haracter I don t feel like I got to now him well As a Christian I didn t like the fact that the judgmental stereotypical church people never learned to be loving and accepting Another novel stressing the importance of following God s plan for our lives A minister and a hollywood actress what a mismatch Dispite the minister father s disagreement witht he marriage at first and all the other obvious obstacles love prevails Jacuelin Thomas show how easy it is to get caught up in everyday life full of temptations and evils Marin goes though a deadly downward spiral after their marriage and hits rock bottom that only through God s redemptive powers can she be set free Truly gutwrenching This book was so awesome I literally cried my eyes out when I finished reading This was a definite page turner I had to now what Marin the main character would do next The lesson to be learned from this book You can t be happy with anyone else or make them happy until you are happy with yourself One of the worst books I ve ever read I have never read a book where I had been thinking about how it could be better I felt no emotions other than anger at Marin She was being stupid and really unrealistic in some parts Some characters were horribly underdevelopedI enjoyed only the surprise ending The epilogue then ruined that If I had a choice I would go back in time and NOT have read this Marin was a woman who allowed her career to destroy her life She s married to a very prominent preacher and they were living the life but her desire for for her acting career causes her to take a chance and use cocaine Now she s spiraled out of control and too ashamed to go back home to not only her husband and their two. Thomas has embraced the power of love and forgiveness in her award winning novels Now sh.

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Jacuelin Thomas is an award winning best selling author with 80 titles published Her books have garnered several awards including two EMMA awards the Romance In Color Reviewers Award Readers Choice Award and the Atlanta Choice Award in the Religious & Spiritual category Jacuelin was a 2005 honoree at the Houston Black Film Festival for the movie adaptation of her novel Hidden Blessings S