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Racters That being said I did like the book and found I liked the interactions between the main characters All and All the book is worth reading but a uick and short read I guess what I don t like as much about this authur is she writes with a formal usage of the english language It s not bad I ust have always preferred the down to earth and everyday speech like in the Larissa Ione series Demonica This is a really great vampire romance anthology I really enjoyed all the books in this set I usually find one or two good stories with a couple of duds but all of these were interesting and enjoyableI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review A 2 ebook with a great vampire storyI love Alexis Morgan so it s no surprise that I love her vampires I asked her if she set this in the near future because I noticed words like transport used instead of car and she told me it s a slightly different reality So New Eire is a different world ust FYI Other than that it s an action packed short storydon t see too many of those The lust factor is there The love happened a bit too uickly for my taste but it was a uick lusty adventurous short story about vampires and humans fighting over a worthless piece of land while an unexpected enemy betrays them all. Half breed like him as a loverBut when Miranda's family is attacked Ambrose is the only person she can trust And with an unknown enemy uniting them the real danger may be their explosive passio.

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Uick read Lots of action Fast paced Strong leading male character I like the world she created she is able to keep humor laced within that s always a big draw for me This was a good book I know its ust me but I wish they delved into background for each of the characters But that is Some Writer! just my personal opinion I think this was a book I couldn t put down the second I read it To say this story was fast paced was an understatement It was such a uick read I didn t even have the time to fully grasp the events in this book There wasn t much of a foreplay in the story It was as straight as it got my imagination wasn t even stimulated The characters wereust suddenly into some kind of one disaster after another and then bam end of story miranda and ambrose have a chemistry they both have denied for so long but its about to change thanks to s greedy person such a great read i loved the many different stories Took a bit to figure out the back story but otherwise I enjoyed it It all takes place in a close but alternate world with humans vampires and hybrid chancellors living and working somewhat harmoniously together Ambrose is a hybrid and as one of the best negotiators has to deal with a conflict of land between a human family and a vampire clanWhen things get dangerous he ends up As a Chancellor a vampire human hybrid Ambrose O'Brien is used to handling tough negotiations between the human and vampire clans of New Eire except when the challenging and sexy vampire heires.

N the run with Miranda the head of the vampire clan and things get hot and heavyFootnote 1 The situation at the beginning with Ambrose is a good example of why you shouldn t The Texans Baby (Texas Rodeo Barons, jump to conclusions He s veryudgmentalFave scenes the explosive kiss and getting the knife A very short story that wasn t so interesting as it seemed The dialougue between Miranda and Ambrose were sometimes so cheesy that I couldn t stand it It was such a turn off that I The LPN-to-RN Bridge just wanted to get it over with this story Youust got right away to the point without any further prolonging of the attraction between them My head didn t have time to catch up to their chemistry so it lost some of it s excitementFast paced and kind of predictable There wasn t anytime to let the reader get a grasp of these different events that happened in the story and before you get to know the characters the story have come to it s end There aren t so many authors out there who can write a good short novel The Vampire s Desire is not an exceptionNothing that I will recommend to fans that are into the vampire genre This book was like a novella since it was so short With that kind of shortness you really can t spend a lot of time building the tension or relationship with your main characters and there is virtually no time for sub cha. S Miranda Connor is involved Though Ambrose longs to find out if she's as fiesty in the bedroom as she is at the bargaining table it's unthinkable that an upper class vampire would ever take

Alexis Morgan grew up near St Louis and received a BA in English from the University of Missouri St Louis She and her husband have made the Pacific Northwest their home for than thirty years where she launched her career as a writer She is published in paranormal romance fantasy romance American West historicals and most recently contemporary romances with her new Snowberry Creek s