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Eat airy tea coffee hot water and anything imported or made by slave labor In keeping with their vegan ideals no animal products were to be used at all including manure for fertilizer and no animals put in harness The experiment lasted less than a year This book is an account of some of the colorful characters involved in the community along with letters and excerpts from After the Rubicon diaries Unfortunately itoes not give an account of Fruitlands A Prescription for Murder during theownhill slide as Bronson Alcott estroyed the pages from his families iaries that Accounting for Taste describe that part of the venture if other accounts exist Sears who wrote this in 1914id not have access to them Fruitlands was a sincere if oomed attempt self reliant idealism but Sears kept it alive both in this book and by creating the Fruitlands museum If you re in the Boston area it s worth a side trip As Mr Lane claimed in a letter the prospect truly is sublime. Museum tells the story of this famous encounter of transcendental philosophy with the realities of the New England soil and climate and the vagaries of human nature Louisa May Alcott's classic satire based on her father's experiment Transcendental Wild Oats completes the picture of a noble failu.

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Bronson Alcott is a fascinating person He and the circle in which he moved make interesting reading In 1843 Transcendentalist philosopher Bronson Alcott and his British associate Charles Lane founded a utopia community in Harvard Massachusetts Fruitlands is best remembered as a failure humorously satirized by novelist Louisa May Alcott later in her life The community was a radical manifestation of popular experiments in associative living that aspired to o away with abuses to animals and the corrupting influences of property and An Audience of Artists devote life to individual self improvement as a means to reforming the world Sears the woman responsible for preserving the Fruitlands farmhouse compiles valuable primary sources Her account notably includes the insightful perspectives of Charles Lane and two of the Alcott children as well as Loui Revealingesciption of the Fruitlands experiments Particularly enjoye. In June of 1843 Bronson Alcott and Charles Lane both reformers involved in the Transcendentalist movement founded Fruitlands in an attempt to strengthen their spirituality through self reliant simple living Joinmed by their families and about a ozen other individuals the Con Sociate family as th.

D the chapters which focussed on Father Hecker and other members of the community A recent move to the Fruitlands area prompted this read There is much to learn beyond this book but it was helpful in understanding the era A new Little Women movie by Columbia pictures was being filmed uring OctoberNovember 2018 at this location and the town center which brought much excitement to the town and a renewed interest in the Alcotts Transcendalism and an environmental philosophy Written in period language is not a barrier Certainly a visit to the museum is a bonus and the Alcott s house hosts events to learn Check out Fruitlands Museum in Harvard if you are visiting the ConcordLexingtonBoston area Transcendentalists Bronson Alcott and Charles Lane started a utopian community he named Fruitlands as the basis of the The History of Cartography, Volume 3 diet was to be fruit Their spiritual life was to be enhanced by simple living free of Ey called themselves was to bring about a new Eden by cultivating a mystical and scetic way of life in a rural retreat Compiling in their own words from lettersiaries and books and from the comments of friends and associates such as Emerson and Thoreau Clara Endicott Sears founder of Fruitlands.