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Ually part of the enjoyment In fact one of my criticisms of the volume s that the reader who s nterested The Witches of Eastwick (Eastwick in such materials given no hints for further reading nor any significant Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Study Guide indication of where the volume s authors have themselves found these talesA further disappointments that not all of the eighteen tales are accompanied by downloadable mp3 audio tracks The front cover Gospođa (Suzana indicates that the volumencludes free audio download while the back cover does EGGcellent Joke Book include the accuratenformation that the downloads are only of six chapters The aural component of language learning Stealing Midnight (Beneath the Veil, is significant and so this struck me as a somewhat stingy provisionThe translation and the vocabulary lists whichnclude all significant vocabulary The Poison Squad items will be used according to the proficiency of the reader but they are theref neededIn sum this Dragons Oath (Northbane Shifters, is a very competently produced volume of stories which will serve well those endeavouring tomprove their skills Theres No Place Like D-Wing in Spanish as a foreign language and will be all thenteresting to readers who enjoy the cultural content conveyed by these eighteen brief legends. 00 years of Spanish history These tales will Hatch Bright! introduce you to an array of characters as dynamic and colorful as the country that gave birth to them Moors kings nobles rogues and pirates are among those who will make these pages come alive for you As you read these stories side by side you will be not only fine tuning your language skills but also gainingnsight nto the rich cultural heritage of the Spanish people.

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I wish the authors would use English translations true to the original Spanish I was disappointed to reach the end of this collection of stories which had given me pleasant reading over a couple of weeksThe Spanish s according to the estimation shown on the back cover of ntermediate standard I don t have access to Spanish speakers to converse with but have been reading Spanish for a couple of years and wanted something to maintain my proficiency So each day I ve been reading one story there are eighteen stories altogether The stories are set out with a layout that s all but exactly the same throughout for each story there s an attractive black and white drawing on a left hand page with ntroductory Dancing With The Devil informationn English and Spanish on the next right hand page followed by the story Tell Me Everything itself set out with English and Spanish on facing pages Almost all of the stories are two pagesn length that Parental Guidance (Ice Knights, is two pages of Spanish along with two pages of English translation This was andeal format for me giving me a reading of a few minutes before I closed my day and for those who need to Dive Die Zeit, die uns bleibt into the tales of Spainn Spanish and The Complete Adventures of the Borrowers in EnglishIn Stories from SpainHistorias de Espana we've placed the Spanish and English stories side by side lado a lado so you can practice andmprove your reading skills Claiming Cullen in your new language while enjoying the support of your native language This way you'll avoid thenconvenience of constantly having to look up unfamiliar words and expressions n a dictionary Read as.

Esort to the translation and vocabulary helps I would magine that the stories are short enough not to be overwhelming But students of Spanish with greater proficiency may find the texts too short and Titanium Mike Saves the Day insufficiently challengingThe content of the stories will also affect a reader s response The books preface states that The eighteen legends aren chronological order and cover a period of than a thousand years from the eighth century to the end of the eighteenth In one story a pirate who breaks his leg The Daughters of Cain (Inspector Morse, is left on ansland by his companions when he San Angelo Showdown (Blood Bond, is unable to get back to their boat discovered byslanders he If Looks Could Kill is taken to the village mayor who treats him with kindness and has a beautiful daughter In another a haughty lady steals a rosary from a chapel bringing upon herself an unforeseen conseuence Of course at something like two pages for each story literary depths not a consideration As to the content the reader to whom such tales are uninteresting had better look to Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse improve their Spanish elsewhere In my own case learning something of a cultural heritage I know little of was act. Much as you can understand and then look to the facing page for help As you read you can check your comprehension by comparing the two versions of the story You'll also find a bilingual vocabulary list at the end of the book so you'll have a handy reference for new wordsStories from SpainHistorias de Espana allows you to explore Spain's rich history Itncluded 18 well known Spanish legends that chronicle almost 10.

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