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Azing in many waysHere s a list of what this book id to me1 It opened my consciousness to the spiritual being that I am Here is where I found out about the uote I wanted placed under my name in my college yearbook 2 It changed my view on life A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain death and the afterlife3 It increased my faith in God and made me closer to Him and His angels 4 It changed my perspective about ghostssoulsspirits5 It taught me how to pray againThe book came to my life in the right time Thanks to James van Praagh This book was recommend to me by a good friend As I am recovering from an illness she thought this would be a good idea to protect myself from negitive energy I had never read anything by James and really only knew his name After reading this I have a feeling I ll be looking for other books he s wrote to add to my library including this oneOne of the best things about this book is the positive protection and visualizations that he recommendsI haveone a few ghost tours in the past and never thought about what might be out there ready to attach its self to my energy or even follow me home I highly recommend this book to anyone that is thinking about ghost hunting or opening themselves up to the spirit world People who know me find it impossible that I hadn t heard about James Van Praagh prior to picking up this book So I read the book without any preconceived notions or opinions about him Does he really recall paranormal eventsin Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, detailthat happened when he was just 2 years old I found myself rolling my eyes many times I am a very firm believer in the afterlife have had experiences as far back as I can remember THREE years of age lol Much of what I read I felt was really over the top but I can t judge another man s experiences based on my own Overallheld my attention gave me things to think about uick read Go ahead read it Skeptics need not applyGhosts Among Us was the first book in a very long time that I was sorry to see end James Van Praagh is a medium responsible for producing such well known shows as Ghost Whisperer His book Ghosts Among Us explains his understanding of spirits and the spirit world that surrounds us Heiscusses a wide variety of topics ranging from what ghosts are to the afterlife the chakra system and even methods for protection from evil energy and making contact should you ch. Nowledge and inspiration With incredible true ghost stories and surprising The Mommy Makeover details about how ghosts actively participate in our lives Van Praagh challenges us to uestion our perceptions and shows us how we can live fully through understanding the world of spirits Including eerily accurate readings the author'sevelopment as a medium and etailed how to information Ghosts Among Us is an all encompassing guide to the supernatur.

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A uick and enjoyable read if you are interested in this sort of thing of course It s not so much whether I believe everything he has to say about the after life it s that I like to see a view of life from a perspective that is so uniue I A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, don toubt Van Praagh s abilities my own life experience makes this possible for me Also personally I believe life continues It First Blood does make me think just as each of us percieve this life in our own particular way so each of us will see the after life from our own perspectives I have yet to finish this I made it about 34ths of the way At first I was very impressed having not known much about the author It is after all a beautiful message to want to believe in But I think that was my problem it seemed too good to be true Not saying that it is or isn t but simply that it is hard for me to swollow So I looked up the author and was severelyissapointed in what I found and am under the impression that he is a fraud I leave that up to the other readers to find the information for themselves It won t be hard to find there are several tapes of secret recordings of his breaks The Palliser Novels durring readingsAside from my research the other thing I had a hard time with in this book was the fact that he constantly contradicts himself For example at one point in the book he says that when weie we are then given the full knowledge of our lifetimes to judge ourselves and if we completed what we came to learn Later he says that There are no instant all knowing miracles or revelations when we Men And Gods In Mongolia die Um Heoes it some when he Hunter Killer (Pike Logan describes the transitional places that we encounter when weie which is Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, different when he explains what happens when weie Seemingly the same subject has two The Friend Zone different answersAgain maybe I m wrong and that s fine maybe oneay I ll find a source that Flying Scotsman Manual doesn t contradict themselves every few chapters Like I said though it really is a wonderful message and this book would be great for anyone that has recently lost a loved on or is fearful ofeath If nothing else this book would be a light fluffer to get them started in a search for learning material Not a bad little memoir of being a mediumMuch the same as others of the genre but James Van Praagh has a comfortable and entertaining writing styleGood way to fill in a uiet afternoon From an e mail to a friend I pic. Everyone loves a good ghost story Perhaps the human fascination with the supernatural stems from the fact that most of us at some point in our lives have experienced something we couldn't uite explain From a very young age James Van Praagh was aware of a Alpha (Shifters, dimension that most of us cannot see and he hasedicated his life to explaining it to the rest of us Ghosts Among Us takes us on an incredible journey into the spirit world

Ked up a book at the library today called Ghosts Among Us by James I m In Your Living Room Van Praagh For some reason he advises the Dear Reader to consider such mediation tricks as The Cloak of Invisibility and the Rays of Pink Light Because of course some ghosts are bad Very bad And they are easily Whalerider dissuaded by you chanting I m enveloped in pink light to yourself whilst the wallsrip blood the lights flicker Keep in mind that JVP may very well be in your living room at any given moment he s just sporting his Invisible Cloak and living on your Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex dwindling supplies of macaroniReading of JVP s neareath experience was kind of a letdown I mean he got food poisoning from unwashed lettuce on a sandwich from the mall there s a surprise and then caught a glimpse of the hereafter Come ON I have a lot of respect for James Van Praagh His other books offer wonderful meditations insight into the paranormal and postive messages of love and hope But this book just grated on me First of all he tells you that ghosts aren t his expertise He sees them yes but they give him the heebie jeebies As a medium he s into spirits that have passed over whereas ghosts tend to be earthbound stuck here Graphic Design For Everyone due to some kind of negative energy field and boyid he ever have some creepy stories to tell about that He constantly referred to his television show The Ghost Whisperer Get it It s not the Horse Whisperer or the Dog Whisperer Anyway I ve never seen the show but I felt this book was written soley for the purpose of promoting his show and I felt just a little usedIf you re into stories of the paranormal which I am and enjoy his show which I Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, don t you may like this book In the future I hope he sticks to the thing he s good at spreading positive energy A little known fact about meI have always fearedeath especially since having kids I have an irrational fear that I will Sweetland die while they are little and not be able to see them grow up This book has reminded me in an religously unbiased way that God is in control and I will live exactly how long he wants me to This book has eased my mind phenominally and answered uestions for me that religon never could and at the same time strengthens my belief in religon and God A tall order for someone who has had such major uestions about faith throughout my lifetime This book is am. Hat brings to light one of our greatest mysteries what happens to us after weieVan Praagh the New York Times bestselling author and co executive producer of the CBS series The Ghost Whisperer shares his knowledge and life experience about ghosts a subject that can seem to many of us both bizarre and terrifying But when the world beyond is explained fully by an experienced guide ismissal and apprehension can be turned into

His very natural easy going style would lead you to believe that James Van Praagh is chatting with a friend on the telephone not communicating messages from the grave James is a survival evidence medium meaning that he is able to bridge the gap between two planes of existence that of the living and that of the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages I'm