Frank Stitt: Frank Stitt's Southern Table Recipes and Gracious Traditions from Highlands Bar and Grill

Ing informative and fun to read I have read mine from cover to cover and loved every bit The food ranges from simple to somewhat sophisticated however the irections are written with such clarity that even a novice can turn out a lovely meal But the stories about the food and the bar and grill are Miss Shumway Waves a Wand delightful This is one of my very favorite foodcookbooks and my friends and family members have received uite a few tasty meals courtesy of this book Some might find it odd to read a cookbook but this iselicious in every way For those of us living in the south great updates on traditions This is about taking southern food and elevating it to art The cornbread is out of this world who a thunk cornbread could be This gets a Brett s Food Choice Award Ditto what my sister said The stories included in this cookbook remind me of how wonderful it is to have grown up in the South and to have a family that likes to connect over a meal. Read and Pickled Shrimp to the inspired Slow Roasted Black Grouper with Ham and Pumpkin Pirlau and Pork Loin with Corn Pudding and Grilled Eggplant Desserts such as Bourbon Panna Cotta and Sweet Potato Tart with Coconut Crust and Pecan Streusel elevate the best of the South for cooks everywhe.

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Great recipes by an even greater chef I love regional cookbooks and this one is a worthy contender Page 223The Roast Pork Loin Stuffed with Rosemary Bacon and Onions Wow Cooked this a couple of times and it has gotten rave reviews each time You can prepare some of it the ay before if you are having a brunch Fun to peruse The book wasn t intriguing enough to inspire me to cook any of the recipes However I would be interested in visiting the author s Birmingham restaurant In other words it On His Majestys Service didn t make me want to cook but itid make me want to eat Delicious recipes We love the poached egg saladlots of steps and the spicy baked oysters Always a pleasure to support a local talent More interesting than his recipes are his comments about the overall race relations in the South and his influence on them They seem a little idealized I got an autographed copy for my mother from the Alabama Booksmith but who knows if she will ev. SEBA Award Winner SIBA Award Winner R W Apple Jr of The New York Times credits third generation Alabamian Frank Stitt with turning Birmingham into a sophisticated easygoing showplace of enticing southern accented cooking His southern peers think his cooking may have a profound sense of place.

Er make anything in the cookbook I have only eaten at this restaurant once on prom night When my Different Class date who is now a Maronnite priest asked if he could take me there my mother was shocked I had never heard of the place I just said it sounded good to me It was sooo good We sat in the front window me in my pink strapless promress and him in his tux Years later I would walk past the restaurant every The Essential Good Food Guide day on myaily after work walk up and Textbook of Wisdom down Highland I really need to eat there again especially since it was listed as one of the top five restaurants in the nationBut Iigressthis cookbook is really good Frank Stitt tells us about the history of his restaurant how he got started and his cooking philosophy Basically he believes in using the freshest locally grown produce out there preferably organic I should probably try one of these recipes myself I have no excuse seeing as my library owns two copies Mmmmm This cookbook is inspir. Than any of theirs His food is rustic and homey but sophisticated in method Now Alabama's favorite son has written a long awaited cookbook that features his enticing Provençal influenced southern food More than 150 recipes range from the traditional Spicy Green Tomato and Peach Relish Spoonb.