Edward T. Babinski: Leaving The Fold Testimonies Of Former Fundamentalists

Some for liberal forms f ChristianityI found the book thoughtful and insightful and it was an encouraging read during a confusing time for me I liked that most Have A Good Night, Volume 1 of the writers presented a balanced and sympathetic viewpoint insteadf the bitterness that many ex fundys express I did find that the writing tended to be a little dry and impersonal and the majority f writers were ld men while I would have preferred a mixed demographic None the less it was a useful and interesting read A Studs Terkel ish approach to American Protestant Fundamentalism and those who escaped its grip Essentially this is a collection f former fundies mostly former preachers from ne church When You Lose Your Job or another each giving hiswn story as to why heshe no longer is part f that fold and what they replaced it with in their lives This is not an all must become atheists screed but a collection f articles by various authors who found the fundie viewpoint no longer relevant to their lives Babinski groups the testimonies into those who are now Moderate Evangelical Liberal Isabel the Queen: Life and Times or Ultra Liberal Christians Adherentsf Non Christian Sp This was actually written by a co worker Fantastic Post Office 03 of mine and I had to read it. Churches and left Presenting than two dozen personal journeys this book gives a clear picturef what attrac.

Very good and interesting This author is mentioned in the book uotable Atheists which is itself a large collection Tim Crouch of uotes from notable atheists I m making it a point to read these books to gain insight into Atheism This contains approximately 30 narrativesf people who have leave Christian fundamentalism Some are a little dull some involve personal suabbles r doctrinal fine points but many are heartfelt and document difficult decisionsMost f the people profiled are public figures to some degree Very few Drawing the Human Head of them are average Joes and Janes Excellent collectionf essays by former born again fundamentalist Christians who left their faith for a variety Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics of reasons and who wentn to believe in a variety DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle of things from atheism to liberal Christianity Highly readable and doesn t shy away from asking the tough uestions Recommended for anyone with nagging doubt a thirst for truth and a sense that they re alone in their search within their fundamentalist circles Would have given it 35 stars if that was anption This book presents a collection f essays from a variety f ex fundamentalists who have left that brand f religionsome for atheism r agnosticism and. This riveting new collection Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, offers testimoniesf former fundamentalists who became disillusioned with their.

Out f curiosity Two f the stories reference Bob Jones University a fundamentalist institution in the town I now live in this very interesting book tells the stories in their wn words f men and women who were fundamentalist Christians then left the religion to become something else some became liberal Christians some agnostics someone into the New Age movement and some became atheists While a few Pontius Pilate of the testimonies were a bit dry I really enjoyed reading about these different people s experiences with Christianity as well is why they left I could relate to a lotf what I read Now I am hunting down a lot f the books that were written by the people interviewed for Leaving the Fold and reading them as well This is a great book to read if you re interested in why people leave the Christian religion although I should really say the fundamentalist Christian religion as several f the people in this book still consider themselves to be Christian just Christians Aeralis of a different sort Both believers and nonbelievers should read this book Nonbelievers will find validationf their belief system an believers will understand what leads some people to reject their faith. Ts a person to the fundamentalist faith and what can drive believers away from their religion Photos througho.

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