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Es and a deftly handled angle f lost love that is surprisingly poignantIt s not a faultless book There are several glaring text errors which are always disappointing And while the action is mostly a blast a prolonged swordfight near the end didn t work for me Cómo ligar con esa chica que tanto te gusta y a la que le gusta otro on the page and I ended up skimming until I found its conclusionI was also slightly disappointed when we left McDonaldland behind It s a fascinating idea Here the smiley brightly coloured facadef a fast food environment that masks the disillusionment Death Threat or brainwashingf its automaton workforce now infects every walk f life The pportunities aren t wasted whether they be light hearted fun r deeper social commentary and I would ve loved to have seen this concept explored furtherBut the matriarchal wasteland itself is a fresh and exciting vision and there s considered gender politics at play it s not just cheap thrills for the boys This author always manages to blend twisted bizarro japery with substanceDespite its minor flaws Warrior Wolf Women f the Wasteland is ne f Carlton Mellick III s stronger works The conclusion is unpredictable but without resorting to contrived twists and nicely seals a subversive intelligent and entertaining read Carlton Mellick has made his writing career as Porter Rockwell: A Biography onef the pillars Satire of the bizarro community To some he s already a legend But with his newest book it s easy to see that Mellick is still evolving as a storyteller It seems he s no longer content to putn a weird spectacle so he s pushing himself into new territories Warrior Wolf Women is Deflower the Boss onef his longest books and strangely enough it s not very genre heavy The post apocalyptic Road Warrior theme isn t so prevalent in Warrior Wolf Women This isn t a simple adventure Hebrew magic amulets of barbarism in a blighted future In fact almost halff the story takes place in McDonaldland a mega city walled ff from th My first Mellick book Was uite enjoyable and entertaining Looking forward to the next ne Awesome book definitely deserved the award that it won Hope his follow up Barbarian Beast Bitches Being There of the Badlands is just as funEverything about this was so uniue what a wonderful imagination this author has I won t be able to look at a dogr cheeseburger again without thinking I hope Carlton Mellick isn t prophetic His artwork included in this book was pretty sweet too Pop culture horror action pasted together by the mind هذه بلادنا: الجواء of Bizarro founder Mellick does a wonderful trick with McDonald s everyones favorite uik meal A world where woman change into wolves after to much under the covers with the husband Where you cannly eat McDonald s food any thing else is illegal Want some laughs and action check this Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom out Mellick won the Wonderland award for this book and for good reason This ranks among Mellick s very best work in mypinion It features fully realized characters ver the top violence an engaging storyline and truly riginal villains and situationsThe basic idea is that McDonald s Corporation rules the world Everyone is Morbidly Obese and living this way for so long has had negative effects n the people f McDonaldLand They mutate randomly and the women have a big problem with sex See when they have sex they mutate into Wolves Not all at Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith oncef course but little by little This is not a spoiler as you can get most f that from the blurb n the back This description however comes nowhere near explaining the joy and wonder that is this truly weird wonderful book So much fun to read I was sad when it was v. Ives completely ignorant to the savagery that takes place beyond the walls They are content and happy blindly following the rules f the fascist fast food corporation that acts as their government But when Daniel Togg a four armed bootlegger from the dark side f town is cast ut The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of the walled city he soon learns why the statef the utside world has been kept secret The wasteland is a chaotic battleground filled with giant wolves mutant men and an army f furry biker women who are slowly tra.

Daniel Togg led a fairly placid life within McDonaldland working for The Blessed McDonald s Corporation like everyone else that s left in this post post apocalyptic world Togg s doing kay working his mindless gig making illegal fire water ut f ketchup packets until he discovers he is ne Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of the many men folk who seems to be mutating extra limbs The femalesf McDonaldland are gradually turning into wolves becoming wolf like as the women become sexually active Unfortunately for both groups the mutations Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of the men and the sexualityf the women are seen as a threat to the stability and purity f McDonaldland So ut into the harsh and unforgiving environs f the Wasteland they go Besides trying to avoid all f the apartment building sized alpha wolves the mutated men The Stringbean Murders outlanders and the hyper violent women wolf warriors spend their time trying to survive by hitting the McDonald s supply runs and fighting amongst themselves Until the day comes when all three groups come together for a Wasteland armegeddon and all the wonderfully written bloody visceral violence Warrior Wolf Womenf the Wasteland is CM3 s longest book since Satan Burger and arguably أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع onef his best I enjoyed the hell ut f it CM3 is The Sporty Game onef the founding members and current stalwart American Yakuza II of the Bizarro genre uprising uprising sounds much cooler than movement don t ya think CM3 is a very prolific writer with 26 books under his belt in less than a decade and holds great relevence to the Bizarro genre and scene as a whole And he is a very gracious nice guy Meeting his Royal Chop ness in person can be uite intimidating He s a big dude CM3 seems as if he could and would crush your skull withne Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of his huge mitts with no effort than it would be for him to suash an aluminum pop can He s uiet too I don t know how someone that displaces so much air can ninja his way so uietly but he does Coupled with his darkly garbed uniform CM3 would make a than passable James Bond type villian But he s not CM3 is just a writer Onef the best Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise on the planet Thank Gods This wonderfully titled book comes courtesyf Avant Punk an imprint Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of the trusty bizarro kings Eraserhead PressThe tale begins in McDonaldland a futuristic dystopia in which the fast food corporation has absolute power and bland conformity is king We meetur hero Daniel Togg a bored machine Blood Love operator who brews illegal alcohol and soon finds himself banished Beyond the towering city walls he finds a dangerous wasteland populated by female biker werewolves genetic mutants andther renegade fringes f societyAs the story progresses we discover that the city has terrible secrets regarding the rigins and history f the wolf women Daniel is captured by a heavily armed faction named Warriors f the Wild not realising that his loyalties will soon be testedThe post apocalyptic wasteland has been rightly compared to The Road Warrior There s modified vehicles plenty f weapons action explosions tribal atrocity and gruesome deaths We come to meet many f the individual wolf women each presented with lascivious artwork courtesy f the author but there is depth to the characters too My favourites included the cool and pragmatic Slayer and the twin axe wielding dog snouted Talon a very powerful but sensible alpha female who is ne f the warrior chiefs And I ll never forget the psychotic and terrifyingly childish Pippi whom I grew to love and loathe in eual measuresAs well as the violence there are some guiltily arousing wolfish sex scen. Road Warrior Werewolves versus McDonaldland Mutantspost apocalyptic fiction has never been uite like this They call themselves the Warriors their enemies call them the Bitches They are a gang f man eating motorcycle riding war hungry werewolf women and they are the rulers DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of the wasteland A century after the fallf civilization nly ne city remains standing It is a self contained utopian society protected by a three hundred foot high steel wall The citizens f this city live safe peaceful

Er Mellick has a real talent for storytelling You have to read this book if you like any f the following things happiness interesting things being alive reading breathing McDonald s Protesting McDonald s evolution Civil rights, tool of communist deception or life in general I will spend the restf my life looking for books like this ne and I am sad at the knowledge that there simply ARE NO BOOKS LIKE THIS ONERead it read it read it Outstanding fun mayhem filled book I m so glad there s a seuel D Is McDonalds aware f this book How does the author avoid getting sued Very cleverly written and I laughed Cutthroat outloud a few times First bookf 2016 I can say that I love Bizarro fiction so imaginative so funny so crazy and interestingI am being impressed by this writer he is amazing What to say about the ideas that he develops in this book BRILLIANTview spoilerIn McDonaldland you can An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims only eat the food from McDonalds women can not have sex because they turn into wolfs and that is why there is a groupf womenwolfs in the Wasteland The Claiming of the Shrew outside the city because they are expelled Besides some men are becoming mutants becausef the food hide spoiler In a post apocalyptic world the McDonalds Corporation picked up the pieces and rebuild civilization in its wn demented image People live and work in a red and yellow city state eating McDonald s three meals a day When Daniel Togg s two extra arms are discovered he s cast ut into the wastelands where he is uickly captured by the wolf women Will Daniel ever be able to return to McDonaldland And will he want to if he gets the chanceWow If I wasn t already a fan f Carlton Mellick III before this book I sure would be now There are so many things I want to mention but I m afraid f spoiling too muchWWWW is a post apocalyptic tale about a fascist city state controlled by the McDonald s corp although it s a lot than that It s a tale about conformity male dominance fear f female sexuality corporate evil lost love and much much The world building in WWWW is the best in any Bizarro book I ve read so far Living in McDonaldland seems horrible in a whimsical kind f way Imagine living in a world where you have to work two shifts a day eating Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return only McDonalds and everything is shadesf red and yellow Throw in Fry Guy policemen and it just gets worse The world Dead Inside outside McDonaldland is pretty brutal but almost seems preferable to that kindf existenceDue to generations f eating McDonald s three meals a day mankind has undergone some changes Women slowly change into wolves with each rgasm and men undergo mutations as well The source The Taste of Spruce Gum of the mutations are eventually revealednce Daniel spends some time in the WastelandsThe Wolves were interesting characters particularly Pippi Grandma Nova and Talon The whole plotline f Daniel and Nova slowly getting back together was what sold the book for me The big Mad Max style battles didn t hurt either The swapping f gender roles She Stoops to Conquer once Daniel is taken in by the wolves was anotherf my favorite aspects Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile of the storyWhat else should I mention I guess I ll say that if you find the current incarnationf the Burger King to be super creepy you probably won t find Mayor McCheese Orb or the Hamburglar to be very loveable after reading thisI can t recommend Warrior Wolf Womenf the Wasteland enough It s not just a great Bizarro book it s a great book Period It s also the most accessible The Dandy and Lady Penelope of Carlton Mellick III s books I ve read so far If you re looking to give either Bizarror CMIII a try you could do a lot worse than this. Nsforming into animals Trapped n the wrong side f a war zone Daniel Togg makes new friends and new enemies while uncovering the mysteries Multi-Family Therapy of the people living in the wasteland and how they came to be there Including 45 illustrations by the author Warrior Wolf Womenf the Wasteland is an epic bizarro tale National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of dehumanization gender separation consumption and violent sexual awakenings A fast paced post apocalyptic adventure in the veinf The Road Warrior featuring a very uniue werewolf mytholo.

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Carlton Mellick III July 2 1977 Phoenix Arizona is an American author currently residing in Portland Oregon He calls his style of writing avant punk and is currently one of the leading authors in the recent 'Bizarro' movement in underground literaturecitation needed with Steve Aylett Chris Genoa and D Harlan WilsonMellick's work has been described as a combination of trashy schlock