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Punky Adanna is no longer enlisted to romance her while in Red Skies At Night a very ominate Brett almost risks his position to be with the smart enginewoman TeaneBoth stories I enjoyed and highly recommend45 star. E his eyes Teane was one of his best workers which wouldn’t have been a problem if she wasn’t also one of the sexiest women he’d ever encountered He’d always played by the rules and thus kept it professional even when his body and libido emanded otherwis.

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Get eal for these two books mind you they were short I very much enjoy read them anyway I like chain of command red skies at night only because i Scandalous (Playing with Fire don t appreciate the snitching on the heroine and hero to me it se. Chain of CommandHer enlistment up Adanna Ingles is about to start her life anew From the firstay he boarded Ian had been watching Adanna There was no way that he could touch but oh how he wanted to After spending the last eighteen months being tempted she was

Em like unnecessary spitefulness for the couple Two stories two hot Alpha military men going out on the limb to be with unsuspecting lady lovesIn Chain of Command a confident serviceman Ian waits patiently until Eing Brute Force (Nick Stone, discharged Finally he would be able to let her know how he really feel how he has always feltRed Skies At NightTeane McGowan wasamn good at her job An engineman in the United States Navy she worked hard in a male ominated rate Brett Olden could not believ.

Shara is well let's just say touched Born a Marine brat Shara is a Navy Veteran with a pathological love for men in uniform chocolate and heroes that are maybe a touch psychotic With over seventy five books in her backlog Shara has no intention of slowing down any time soon She's definitely not safe for work or the kids or you know what She's just not safe Also writes as Allie Blocker