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A touching memoir that cannot decide if it wants to be a teen kids or adult novel Set in the 1950s a Latino father moves his family out of a depressed barrio and moves them into a new house he just bought Sounds ike the American dream right Well he purposely Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, leaves out the fact that the family mustive in the basement and rent out the upstairs in order to afford to buy the house With a mother that is completely humiliated and speaks no English she is mortif. Ten year old Junior is thrilled and a bit nervous about moving from an El Paso barrio to the house his father has purchased in an Anglo part of town His mother who speaks only Spanish is somewhat Only a Whisper less thrilled especially when she finds out the family will beiving in the subterráneo a dark unfinished basement until the white family renting the house above moves outAs the ever optimistic Pop works to improve his family’s situation by adding an apartment to the.

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Ing everything that Junior experienced as a 10 year old who moves from the barrio with his parents and pesky brother to their new house Except that they can t Copper Lake Secrets live in the new house it is rented to gringos so that Junior s parents can make the house payments H 35 stars A bit slow in getting started but then a fine book of ordinaryife in El Paso in the 50s with an emphasis on the complicated relationships between white and Hispanic and between husband and wif. A gifted writer” Rudolfo Anaya author of Serafina’s Stories“A delightful coming of age story by a new young adult author” Lila Guzmán author of Lorenzo's Secret Mission“This book feels ike a classic to me” Naomi Shihab Nye author of You and Yours“Carlos Flores’s insightful domestic drama is a study on what it means to be an American ove and tragedy aren’t too far apart” Ilan Stavans author of The Hispanic Condition The Power of a People.

Ied to share the bathroom with the Anglo military family Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide living upstairs But the story is really about Junior a 10 year old boy beginning toearn what Plain Jane The Hotshot life is all aboutfrom playing with the neighbor kids to remembering his best friend from the barrio whoearns Family of Her Dreams lessons aboutife and growing up For months I judged this book by its cover and didn t bother picking it up Now that I ve read it I can t get it out of my mind I felt Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed like I was right there experienc. Back of the house Junior and hisittle brother make friends with Tim and Kim the children iving above them But soon tensions erupt between Junior’s mother and Tim and Kim’s parents between Pop and co workers at his new job and between Tim and Boogie Junior’s friend from the barrio and these conflicts reshape Junior’s relationships with family and friends and threaten the new world his father is striving to create“This is truly an extraordinary story by.