John Burnside: The Hunt in the Forest

Ishing There is a real uality of beauty in Burnside s imagery and I very much enjoyed the way in which nature and animality looped each of the poems togetherI shall leave you with an extract from Abridged a section in An Essay Concerning Light the second pared downto essentials a clouded bazaara boy on his way to churchin the midsummer heatand someone in the kitchen eatingpomegranates while the wakeful deadwandered away through side streetsand dusty suareswith all they could carry. T Concerned with love and mourning with what we discover and what remains hidden – with learning how to follow the trail through the forest and find the way home – above all these poems are about the uest knowing that whatever we bring back from the hunt it is always hard won and never fully our

Poetry seen from within the perspective of the hunt in the forest words are creatures under the scrutiny of silence 35This is an atmospheric beautiful yet grounded and rather raw collection Time weaves itself through the majority of these poems how it is continuously going by without us being able to stop it That we can not hold time or catch time it is bouncing away to forever Burnside mentions mid afternoon in many poems as if it is a no man s land a none time There is also th. In these poems of hunting and predation Burnside explores our most deep rooted and primeval pursuits romantic love memory selfhood grief the recollection of the dead Yet ust as we seek so are we sought out at any moment we may slide into loss or be gathered in by some otherworldly light; at any momen.

E sense of things that are Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) just out of reach that we cannot touch or change like Time A sense that some things are the way they are and it is what you do after or with it that counts Everything is balancing on the cusp of forever KOBOBOOKS Liked it even better than All One Breath Seemed to be trying so hard to be clever that it missed out on having much heart The Hunt in the Forest is an incredibly short collection of poetry running toust 52 pages but its depth is uite aston. T the angel of the annunciation may seek us out and demand some astonishing transformation Even in the pursuit of love or in the exercise of memory we fall into snares and become entangled in veils; ust as we are always on the point of discovery so we are always a hair’s breadth away from being los.

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John Burnside is the author of nine collections of poetry and five works of fiction Burnside has achieved wide critical acclaim winning the Whitbread Poetry Award in 2000 for The Asylum Dance which was also shortlisted for the Forward and T S Eliot prizes Born in Scotland he moved away in 1965 returning to settle there in 1995 In the intervening period he worked as a factory hand a labour