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Esponse to his first resonated with me because I m a chicken I have 3 helix arrings but ars are one thing other body parts not so much It was a cute story about a relationship which took a PA to push it over into the personal from the professionalRing of Pleasure by Mike Shade Giles has been patient for the 6 weeks it took Marshall s PA to heal But today marks 6 weeks and he s chomping at the bit for some action when Marshall pretends to be oblivious After that it s one long sex scene or series I suppose of them xperiencing all there is about a PA It s a cute story of an Love for Imperfect Things existing couple but I got the feeling they are a couple from another story Sometimes I just get the feeling that their back story has been written somewhere a vibe I guess but maybe not You certainly don t need to know tonjoy itFiddler in the Buff by Lee Benoit This is a story of Preston and. To see Sam's PA up close and personal In Mike Shade's Ring of Pleasure Giles has waited patiently for Marshall's new piercing to heal When they pass the six week mark and Marshall seems oblivious Giles has to wonder if he's ver going to get to feel that ring inside him In Lee Benoit's.

Poking Holes by Heidi Champa 3 starsRing of Pleasure by Mike Shade 3 starsFiddler in the Buff Epiphany 6 by Lee Benoit 4 stars 1st story Poking Holes by Heidi Champa was great I loved it Ms Champa can write a short story I think it is very difficult to write a short story and to get the reader invested in the character but Heidi does it I will definitely be searching for stories by her In fact I would love to read a long story involving Sam and Derek 5 stars2nd story Ring of Pleasure by Poking Holes by Heide Champa Sam has been piercing Derek for a while since he first came in for a tongue piercing and fainted He asks tons of uestions but Sam thinks he s cute He s finally come in for a PA and asks to see Sam s up close and personal He then gets it done and they or less start dating I think this was my favourite It talked about the process and I think Derek s How hot is a Prince Albert piercing The PA Toy Box shows us just how amazing it can beIn Poking Holes by Heidi Champa body piercer Sam finally gets the chance to give his favorite customer Derek the Prince Albert he's been talking about for months Before the moment of truth Derek wants.

His sub Paolo Preston comes home to find a naked violinist in his spare room Seems he s been asked to house the guy while their dom friend decides whether to take him on Meanwhile Preston got a PA as a surprise for Paolo The violinist is a total ass who comes on to both Paolo and Preston and only wants to be a sub for their friend because he has connections in the music world Paolo finally gets pissed that Zaz thinks being a sub is a game and xplains how it works and convinces Preston that sex with a condom to protect the piercing would still be hot but having a pierced Taking Instruction (Taboo, ear I can tell you it will still hurt like hell LOL I ve read other stories about Preston and Paolo and it s one of the few Ds lifestyle couples I reallynjoy as there is Language and Linguistics emphasis on themotional connection than the whips and chains aspect of it So for fans of the couple it will be a fun visit. Fiddler in the Buff Preston springs for a penis piercing for Paulo's birthday Before he can share the surprise the retired Dom and his singing sub find themselves with an unexpected house guest Is the newcomer just a flirtatious diva or do his come ons spell danger for Paulo and Preston.

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