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Int surely still lingered somehow behind the ellow brick and gothic windows Yearnings of late Victorian housemaids boredom of the aunts cloistered in the schoolroom the despondency of governesses Great grandmother s busy pursuit of an appropriate and well ordered life the heady breeze of the aunts resolution to determine their own futures Friends relations students And faintest of all the alien flavour of remote half understood things known only to great grandmother The shadows of another world and another time There s this chest in their attic the Aunts keep everything with something their father brought back from an expedition in New Guinea It s a piece of wood It has a picture on it It s art it s a anthropomorphized know it all It s black red and Direct Use of the Sun’s Energy yellow Stripes and war paint and forgotten ancient They want it back in her dreams Every night Clare visits the edges of forests The edges of people circles and intent She knows it is a dream and wakes up only remembering that she dreamed Clare is reading one of her great grandfather s books on New Guinea The book is uoted in the start of every chapter I loved this She s concerned that they can t remember why they needed things like the tamburans Tamburans aren t really shields but they are the belief that their fathers and grandfathers protect them from the mysteries of the world They no longer make them because they can t remember why they needed them I don t know if the tamburan or the spirits of the New Guineans is communicating with Clare in her dreams It s the fear of forgetting herself like they did that gets to me It could be an obvious connection look at these guys They were overtaken by the outside But where would they be Killing each other People need people people are just people Yesterday is history an hour ago is history I loved that Clare could sit there and live all of how it could be beyond the making connections part How canou forget it it isn t ever just The Definition of Icing (Dallas Demons, you Could be a slab of wood or it could be mystery that followsou with its eyes I loved how she s thinking about them just like she s thinking about stories from her Aunts They tell her stuff like why the butcher is such a creep During the war and rations people would put up with any humiliation to get a choice piece Visiting the New Guinea collection in the museum Clare meets a new friend John John is from Uganda and in England to study He becomes part of her life like Maureen Maybe he won t always be there I think he ll have to go back to the family he misses Clare feels like he had always been there This is what made Norham so special I think It was a great idea to haunt Clare with the shield I loved that the Paris Kanonen--The Paris Guns (Wilhelmgeschutze) and Project Harp yellow black and red are vivid than the similar pieces in the museum They are vivid each time she dares to think about it But the symbolism aside the concentrating it s the every day in spite that works so well Clare goes touring London with John on one of those days she feels like she doesn t know what to do with time I forget which Aunt had the idea to get out of herself this way I loved them for it anyway They go to the zoo Clare thinks it is awful and odd how the Orang seems to see in all directions at once But the elephant she likes best The people aren t laughing John says that people aren t laughing because they think the monkeys are funny John also laughs a lot He laughs when he doesn t think things are funny Sometimes Clare can tell which is which sometimes she can t He has his own way of giving himself away just like Maureen They have their own secrets it s just a way of paying attention to people soou re not the jerk that calls other people fake for how they have to live inside and outside themselves Anyway Lively has a light touch this way that I appreciated a lot She has a name Samantha and was born in captivity I didn t like that Clare preferred the elephant for reaching out with her trunk I think it s like the conversations John and Clare have about how some people are comfortable with the expected and how Memoirs of Hecate County you can forget how to not live that way Things like people not coming right out and asking if Clare can remember her parents I wanted to be in the book and talk to Clare about the orangs and the elephants really What ifou met them in the wild took away the people and their reactions that don t have anything to do with how they are their own animal alone What if Three Barnyard Tales you saw them on different days When a bad day felt like it would never end Maybe their best friend in the neighboring exhibit was hibernating and maybe Sighs I really loved The House in Norham Gardens I didn t like that the pacing sped up in the end when Clare finally knows what she already knew to tell Liz thatou need the rattling in A Short History of Ireland, 1500-2000 your head She really already knew she would have to memorize her Aunts for one day too That she wouldn t forget why she needed them like the New Guineas forgot why they needed their magical ancestors But really I think I just didn t want the book to end and that s all The pacing was so perfect scary faces in blank wallpaper and snow suares it s exactly like a Saturday of doing nothing and a London trip of forgettingourself and dreams If an Elephant Went to School you can t remember and people giving themselves away It s never justou A self consciousness kind of time obsession behind the wallsI bought this book not too long ago in one of my I m going to stockpile books for a day I feel bad and that book will take the place of the edges It really did do that There s nothing that beats that I wonder how her great grandfather wrote in his paper on New Guinea that they were forced to walk in rivers with alligators in them Really alligators Since when are there gators in New Guine. 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S it s a case of culture and publishers caring and wanting to display it You want a powerful image of an independent intelligent real teenager then Clare Mayfield could be one of them uite possibly the best book I will read all ear with a wonderful main character two forgetful aunts an old house and absolutely faultless time slips While idly reading sections of the book Four British Fantasists Place and Culture in the Children s Fantasies of Penelope Lively Alan Garner Diana Wynne Jones and Susan Cooper by Charles Butler I became intrigued with his account of Penelope Lively s interest in how layers of peoples and ages appear in the landscape and of interpreting the past through examination of these layers Butler calls this applied archeology Here is Butler s comment on Lively s The House in Norham GardensThe sense of the past s irrecoverability permeates Penelope Lively s work although the solutions she offers are partial and often concerned with acuiring the wisdom to cope with the inexorability of time than with successfully opposing its march Clare in The House in Norham Gardens for example is well aware that her frail and aged aunts will die uite soonClare can do no than pay them the fragile tribute Clare her hands in the pockets of her school coat her face stinging from the cold moved slowly round the church staring at one inscription after another giving her attention to the whole chronicle of wood merchants burghers and benefactors of the poor of husbands and fathers wives mothers and children She felt an obligation to listen It would be nice she thought to be a person living in this place and sit every Sunday beside these names especially if maybe they were the same as our own name or people Marcus Garvey you knew You would feel settled ifou were a person who did thatClare is fourteen She dreams of the summer when the snow is blank Her friend from school Liz wishes she could be nineteen already They are lying back on Liz s bed having done so all the Saturday Clare had spent the week pining for this Saturday despite that she doesn t do anything when it is there or at least Liz accuses her of not doing anything I think there s something to be said for doing nothing on a Saturday Clare knows better says that Liz would go crazy not knowing what happened between fourteen and nineteen She needs all of that in between rattling in her head I loved that Clare knew this about Liz but inside it takes than uiet acceptance to feel at home in her FRIENDLY ENEMIES young skin It is still winter still indoors time running away and time not doing anything at all Clare has lived with her great aunts Susan and Anne since she was nine Her parents died when she was six and she hasn t let go of the memories of them she had or of the earlyears of family who lived like strangers Holidays with cousins who speak in code The six Amok year olds smile at her in condescension Not one of them Clare wonders about how they cope in the outside world of unfamilial languages Aunt Anne is eighty one Aunt Susan is seventy eight They are vague about today andesterdays of decades past are closer to them Their lease for their great house with the ecclesiastical windows and porches in Norham Gardens is up in fifteen And a Bottle of Rum years Heads together trying to manage the money they don t have housekeeper Mrs Hedges she s a friend to them The heads in the clouds don t pay her much if at all so it can only be friendship that she takes care of them as she does lets in reality too much considering the house not a problem Clare can t admit to herself that the Aunts who with greater freuency cannot do what they once could will not be around in fifteenears Another night that one of them stays in bed Blame the cold Clare is impatient for right now Crochet yet estranged from any visions of a future self Schools and other well meaning relatives want her to think of tomorrow Theouth magazines of the day haunt her with their promises of brand new transformations Wear this shampoo smile with these Playhouse young men whileou are still oung enough to do so I loved the uiet pacing in the fear of change If ou came out and admitted that Desire and Deceive you were afraid of how old the Aunts are Liz is always telling her to go some place with her When she s cycling with the other kids she s free The school days are euphoria and despair Forgetour today in the history on the chalkboard I think my very favorite part is when their boarder Maureen says to Claire It s never just Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, you Clare is marveling that she had thought it was just her That only she had to run home to make sure that home was still there as she left it Maureen is thirty works in an office makes disparaging remarks about herself usually her weight She always lets the truth slip in offhand remarks How she isn t so very jealous about herounger and prettier friend getting married and she is not It s a worrying always in the back of her mind I don t know if she did it on purpose or not but I liked Maureen a lot There s something comforting about people who are always themselves like the Aunts but Maureen has this way of giving herself away that s just as good She is right that nothing is ever just Household Gods you Someone has always felt that same way asou had I liked everybody in this book a lot Like during the school production of Macbeth when the audience extra Clare ruins the scene by talking about seeing Banuo s ghost They ve already forgotten it when she goes back to school That was great Norham Gardens is so perfect for stuff like that For being happy in today real miseries small ones for being worried and how Clare could have thought it was just her Another set of thoughts and experiences and attitudes had joined all the others whose misty impr. 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14 ear old orphan Clare lives with two elderly great aunts in a large house in North Oxford in the mid 1970s Her great grandfather the aunts father was a Victorian explorer who brought artefacts back for museums some of which are still in the attic giving Clare strange dreams The aunts are stuck in the 1930s the house in Victorian times and the artefacts are older still and Clare who is mostly refreshingly angst free has to find her own way in all this and build her own lifeI loved this but it is probably partly because Clare is close to my own age so I remember being that age at that time and I know all the places she goes to including having been inside one house in Norham Gardens they are still there although I don t suppose many if any are single family homes any I m not sure if teenagers these days or ever would love it It isn t the exciting adventure one might expect from some of the blurbs about ghosts and ancestral shields It s a coming of age book with a level headed main character in unusual but privileged circumstances 35 StarsI had mixed feelings about this book As it s not heavy on plot I struggled to get into it but found I enjoyed it as I went along Great descriptions throughout though especially about streets in Oxford and explorations in the Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museums I especially like this paragraph from the beginning of the first chapter Belbroughton Road Linton Road Bardwell Road The houses there are uite normal They are ordinary sizes and have ordinary chimneys and roofs and gardens with laburnum and flowering cherry Park Town As ou go south they are growing Getting higher and odder By the time ou get to Norham Gardens they have tottered over the edge into madness these are not houses but flights of fancy They are three stories high and disguise themselves as churches They have ecclesiastical porches instead of front doors and round normal windows or pointed gothic ones neatly grouped in threes with flaring brick to set them off They reek of hymns and the Empire Mafeking and the Khyber Pass Mr Gladstone and Our Dear ueen They have nineteen rooms and half a dozen chimneys and iron fire escapes A bomb couldn t blow them up and the privet in their gardens has survived two World Wars People live in these houses It s a long time since I read this book so long that I m not even going to make my usual inaccurate stab at a guess That doesn t matter I remember this book glowingly searingly this is a wonderful bookWhy The writing It s been so long I couldn t say for sure except that I know I loved it from the first and it s usually the writing that seduces me but I don t think it was the writing that lodged it in my mind It might have been Clare and her aunts of course the idea of a girl growing up normal in a household that would have blown the minds of many of my schoolfriendsIt might have been the counterpoint of their exotic lodger against the grey realities of EnglandIt might have been the story of the tambouran itself woven in so skillfully the little glimpses at each chapter heading gradually taking their place in main narrative the exploration of the somethings lost in progress of the delicate balance between undoubted improvements in health and opportunity and the loss of diversityIt might be that it was one of the first books I read that forced me to recognise the impossibility of a perfectly happy endingOr it could just be that it prompted me to visit the Pitt Rivers Museum which is an entirely worthwhile outcome in its own right The House in Norham Garden was published in 1974 and in many ways it now seems very dated set as it is in an educational landscape of O Levels and Latin translations and taking place against a backdrop in which black people are still something of a novelty in British society Its central character fourteen ear old Clare lives in a huge rambling old Victorian house in North Oxford with her two great aunts who were in their time a pair of blue stockings and who now live as much in the past as in the present Their father Clare s great grandfather was a Victorian anthropologist and the attic is filled with objects he collected during a trip to New Guinea including a beautifully decorated shield known as a tamburan which fulfilled a ritual Very enjoyable readhttpspiningforthewestcouk20200 I d love to give this to a test group of 13 15 The Civil Rights Society year olds in order to discover whether any of them like it or not Maybe there is a sensitive thoughtful girl who would respond to this book but my hunch is that adult readers will like it much than the adolescent audience it was written forPhillip Pullman wrote the intriguing forward to my edition and his comments about time being the invisible character in this book struck me as very apt There is a time travel element to the plot and I still can t decide if it adds anything or not bu Only the second Lively book that I have read everyone s probably read The Ghost of Thomas Kempe andet another author who I am ashamed to have allowed to pass through my literary net Extremely powerful ahead of its time in relation to sensitively tackling the problems of British Imperialism and race Lively sets her story in central Oxford where Clare a oung teenager lives with her elderly aunts Not only is it the absolute clarity in her depiction of everyday life and the people in it or her incredible grasp of language and deftness of dialogue but in Clare she has created a strong independent minded teenage girl whose focus is on knowledge and recognising the strengths in everyone We speak about how the prevalence of girls in literature as independent is on the rise but this book was published in 1974 Perhap. 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Penelope Lively is the author of many prize winning novels and short story collections for both adults and children She has twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize once in 1977 for her first novel The Road to Lichfield and again in 1984 for According to Mark She later won the 1987 Booker Prize for her highly acclaimed novel Moon TigerHer other books include Going Back; Judgement Day; Nex